Finding My Lane: Liane V

Name: Liane Valenzuela Hustle: Recording Artist + Social Media Maven Website: Follow: @LoveLianeV When something speaks to your soul, choose to listen. For Liane V, music spoke to her and she listened and acted on it. In high school, her parents owned a DJ company which allowed her the opportunity to join them in […]

beats and brunch la

Creative Advice from West Coast Innovators at Beats and Brunch LA

Tupac Shakur said it best, “Ain’t no coast like the West Coast, let’s show them how we do.” From the weather to the music, the West Coast has it’s own signature style and sound and behind every movement is a group of people committed to the art. This past weekend on Saturday August 8, 2015, […]


Legal Advice For Your Small Business

As an entrepreneur, you must learn to be well-versed in several areas. From researching finances to understanding your audience and exploring the logistics of legal, being knowledgeable and doing your research in various faucets of the business is one of the major responsibilities you have if you want to thrive as an entrepreneur. Here are […]


Finding My Lane: Phoebe Lovatt of The WW Club

Name: Phoebe Lovatt Hustle: Writer | Moderator | Brand Consultant Website: Follow: @PhoebeLovatt | @TheWWClub From London to Los Angeles, Phoebe Lovatt makes sure that anything she puts her energy into is worth talking about. What’s your passion and is it worth talking about? Born and raised in London but now living in Los […]


Finding My Lane: Alero Akuya of Nike

Name: Alero Akuya Hustle: Nike Women Brand Marketing Director Website: Follow: @missharmony Behind every great brand is an amazing group of great people, and with Nike, one of the most innovating brand in sportswear, it’s no surprise that every one in the team is committed to living the mantra, “Just do it.” Meet Alero, the […]


Creative Advice from Industry Innovators at Agenda Emerge

On January 6, 2015, Agenda Show hosted their fourth installment of Agenda Emerge, an event featuring industry innovators. From the surfboard you’re riding on to the sneakers you’re rocking, these industry innovators created their brands through vision, dedication, and hustle. Powered by Group Y and Project Cobalt, Agenda Emerge featured speakers including Shepard Fairey, Founder of Obey; […]


Finding My Lane: Jolie Nguyen of Atrium

Name: Jolie Nguyen Hustle: Marketing Manager at Atrium Website: Follow: @jolieknguyen From starting off as an intern at URB Magazine to coordinating fashion trade show events, Jolie learned on a daily basis that you need to show your worth. In finding her lane, she’s learned that there’s no “secret” to success, it just takes lots […]


Best Advice from the Revolt Music Conference 2014

“You have a one of one dream, but when you wake up in the morning, you need to realize the work that it takes to get there.” Diddy said to crowd of entrepreneurs, students, executives, writers and, most importantly, passion pursuers during the #AskDiddy panel at the Revolt Music Conference. As the co-founder of Revolt TV, Diddy […]