Why a Company Won’t Hire You

We’ve all been turned down jobs. Maybe it had to do with experience. Maybe it just wasn’t a right fit. If those were the reasons,  there probably wasn’t much that could have been done to change the outcome. What if the reasons a job offer never came were things in our control? Maybe our resumes […]


Finding My Lane: Liane V

Name: Liane Valenzuela Hustle: Recording Artist + Social Media Maven Website: Follow: @LoveLianeV When something speaks to your soul, choose to listen. For Liane V, music spoke to her and she listened and acted on it. In high school, her parents owned a DJ company which allowed her the opportunity to join them in […]

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How To Start a Business

Many of you want to start a business. Whatever product or service you want to provide, there are some guidelines you should try and follow, especially in the beginning so a strong foundation is set. There is no point running into any legal trouble or making any marketing mistakes when they can be avoided early. Hustle hard but […]

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Beating Creative Block

We’re hoping you get to utilize that right brain of yours regularly to do some work that requires your creativity. The thing is though, sometimes when you need that creativity most, you can’t find it anywhere. You hit that dead-end and you are stuck. It’s ok, we’ll get through this. Creativity comes and goes, however, […]


7 Questions to End Your Week With

It is healthy for you to regularly reflect on what has happened and how things are going in your career. At the end of the week is a great time to do so. You need to make sure you did all the things you were supposed to, and figure out why if you didn’t. Unplanned […]


5 Startup Mistakes You Can Avoid

It’s important to make mistakes and fail along your career path. They are experiences you learn from. They build your character. They develop into success. However, we’re talking about the unforeseeable mistakes, not the ones you can avoid. Doing your research and getting advice from mentors will guide you around pitfalls experienced by others before. Joshua […]


3 Things You’ll Learn at #DesignLife: Chris Stamp

On Saturday August 22, 2015, our team here at Behind The Hustle will partner with Samsung Studio LA for #DesignLife. Joining us for our panel will be our good friend, Chris Stamp. As the founder of the avantstreet lifestyle brand Stampd, Chris has worked with The Gap, Daniel Arsham, and Puma in addition to being […]


3 Things You’ll Learn at #DesignLife: Spencer Nikosey

On Saturday August 22, 2015, our team here at Behind The Hustle will partner with Samsung Studio LA for #DesignLife. Joining the talented panel, Behind The Hustle brings Spencer Nikosey, industrial designer and owner of KILLSPENCER, to share his expertise in design. Starting from sketching designs for a personal project, he has paved his way […]


3 Things You’ll Learn at #DesignLife: Jason Mayden

On Saturday August 22, 2015, our team here at Behind The Hustle will partner with Samsung Studio LA for #DesignLife. Joining us will be a good friend of the family and also Mark One’s Vice President of Design, Jason Mayden. As the former Senior Global Design Director for Jordan Brand as well as the former […]

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Behind The Hustle x Samsung Present #DesignLife on Aug 22

On Saturday, August 22nd Behind The Hustle and Samsung Studio LA are teaming up to present #DesignLife, a career event that will explore the creative process and business model of design through a career panel & workshop. Moderated by Chris Denson of Innovation Crush, the career panel will have three of today’s top design creatives, Jason Mayden (VP of […]


Habits Of Strategic Thinkers

Think before you act. It’s a simple, yet commonly overlooked principle. Apply to projects at hand as well as to your long term goals. Figure out the necessary steps and avoid all foreseeable mistakes when possible to receive the best results. Have an open mind, get help when need it and learn. Be strategic in your methods […]

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HLZBLZ Internships

Posted on 08.12.15 Company: HLZBLZ Location: Los Angeles, CA Position: E-Commerce + Graphic Design + Marketing + Sales Internships HLZBLZ burst into the street wear scene in 2005 as a fresh face in the fashion industry, filling the void of cutting edge alternative apparel for the bold fashionista. Born in NY but raised in Los […]

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Creative Advice from West Coast Innovators at Beats and Brunch LA

Tupac Shakur said it best, “Ain’t no coast like the West Coast, let’s show them how we do.” From the weather to the music, the West Coast has it’s own signature style and sound and behind every movement is a group of people committed to the art. This past weekend on Saturday August 8, 2015, […]


3 Lessons Learned: Chris Stamp of Stampd

Name: Chris Stamp Hustle: Owner + Creative Director at Stampd Website: Social Handle: @chrisstamp | @stampdla As the founder of the West Coast based, avantstreet lifestyle brand Stampd, Chris Stamp is certainly leaving his imprint on everything that he aims to lay his hands on. From collaborations with The Gap, Daniel Arsham, and Puma to being named as one […]


A Look Inside Samsung Studio LA

It is undeniable that technology has become a big part of our lives. At the same time, our society is heavily consumer-driven and we rarely take the time to think about what we’re actually buying. It’s not until after the purchase do we get the chance to fully experience the product.  The majority of the […]

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How To Build A World-Class Design Portfolio

As great as your work may be, your portfolio needs to be more than just a display of it all. You need to show a breakdown of the process and the effectiveness. In addition, there are so many tools and platforms available to help you stand out even more by laying it all out properly. Former […]


3 Lessons Learned: Kellen Roland of The NTWRK Agency

Name: Kellen Roland Hustle: President at The NTWRK Agency Website: Social Handles: @KellenRoland | @The_NTWRK As a University of Wisconsin graduate with a degree in Communication and Media Studies, Kellen initially wanted to pursue a career in entertainment as a talent agent. However, while Kellen was away at school, a good friend of his by […]


Things to Avoid on Your Resume

Job recruiters spend a lot less time on your resume than you think, so craft it properly so it get the attention it deserves. That means putting only the important information on and leaving off the unnecessary. It’s time to clean up and refresh your resume. Here are some things to avoid: Get rid of the objective […]


Tips for an Awesome Coffee Meeting

Make a list of the people you would like to meet and network with. Chances are they are all busy people so obviously you don’t want to waste their time. However, you know you could really learn something of value from this person and/or can offer something of value to this person you both can build […]


Signs You’re Going to Be Extraordinarily Successful

The path to accomplishing your goals is a long and winding one, so when you’re on it, success may not always be in view. Don’t let that discourage you though. You need to continue to work hard and stay focused. If you possess certain attitudes and habits, you will reach your goals. Here are 9 signs […]