Zwipe Is a Credit Card With a Fingerprint Scanner

Whether you’re paying for the meal after a lunch meeting or buying some new tech to make your work day better, you want the transaction to go as quickly and smoothly as possible, without compromising security. Meet Zwipe. It’s the world’s first credit card with a fingerprint scanner. Partnering with MasterCard, Zwipe eliminates the entering of your PIN. You […]

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Infatuation Freelance Writers

 Posted on 10.21.14 Company: Infatuation Location: San Francisco | Los Angeles | Chicago | Boston | Nashville Position: Freelance Writer Description The Infatuation is looking for a talented individual to write about food and dining in the area. The ideal candidate has is incredibly passionate about restaurants and dining, has a finger on the pulse of […]


Finding My Lane: Ryan Perrings of XS Las Vegas

Name: Ryan Perrings Hustle: Nightlife & Entertainment Programming Website: Follow: @ryanperrings Bright lights and an illustrious nightlife are some of the notable traits that make Vegas an international destination for many people. But beyond the velvet rope of the most notable nightclubs on The Strip, there’s a behind the scenes hustle that ensures you have […]

shash'u fall 2014 european tour mix

Work Mix of the Week: Fall 2014 European Tour Mix by Shash’U

DJ: Shash’U Title: Fall 2014 European Tour Mix Released: October 2014 Montreal’s Shash’U from the Fool’s Gold camp puts his signature future funk sound on the spotlight for his current tour. Comprised solely of his remixes and a couple of his original tracks, this mix will keep you going anytime during your work day. Tracklist: Shash’U […]

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Habits of Great Leaders

There is a leader in all of us. The best leaders make sure everyone on his or her team is works to the best of its abilities with its best skills. Leaders guide the team through both good and bad times. A great leader should be a role model while also being a peer. A […]

how to learn anything josh kaufman

TED Talk of the Month: How to Learn Anything

We’ll all heard the 10,000 hour rule for mastering a skill. It takes dedication and arduous work to be the best of best. What if you just want to learn something though, just because? Maybe you want to learn a new language before you travel or you want to learn how to use a new program for your […]

ampy phone charger

Charge Your Phone by Walking Around with AMPY

It’s not healthy to just sit at your desk all day every day. Get up and move around. Take stretch breaks, walk to get coffee and work out. If the health push isn’t enough, what if we said moving around could charge your phone? AMPY is a portable battery charger that captures kinetic energy from your movements […]

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Shinola Internship

Posted on 10.16.14 Company: Shinola Location: Detroit, MI, Dallas, TX, and New York, NY Position: Internship Description We are excited to partner with the College for Creative Studies, where we collaborate with students in the design department, offering real-world experience and opening a two-way dialogue between Shinola and the young creative minds at CCS. Through this […]

david fincher and the other way is wrong

What Director David Fincher Doesn’t Do

Constantly learn in order to better your own craft. If there is someone that inspires you or you aspire to be like, analyze what makes that person great at what he or she does. From there you can mimic and build upon it until you find what works for you. Filmmakers, it wouldn’t hurt to […]

killspencer iphone 6 card holder

Ditch Your Wallet for the KILLSPENCER iPhone 6 Collection

The less things in your pockets the better. You really only need to carry around your phone, ID, a couple debit/credit cards, some cash and a couple business cards. Why not just keep them all together? KILLSPENCER just released their accessory collection for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to let you do just that. […]

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Farfetch Styling Manager

Posted on 10.15.14 Company: Farfetch Location: Los Angeles, CA Position: Styling Manager Description Farfetch is enterprising in its vast and unique fashion proposition. It is therefore essential that the product imagery is reflective of our USP and is a key driver in raising the fashion credibility of the site. In order to achieve this the […]


5 Management Lessons From Pixar

Getting it done and getting it done well is a team effort. The success of these efforts depends greatly on the management of the team. Someone needs to keep people on task and motivated. Someone needs to manage expectations and meet deadlines. Pixar director Dan Scanlon and producer Kori Rae have experience managing creative teams. Here’s some of the […]

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Nap Anywhere with Ostrich Pillow Mini

As much coffee as you drink, you still get tired in the middle of the day. Maybe it’s because you didn’t get enough sleep, or you just didn’t sleep well, but either way you need something to boost your energy because productivity is at a low. Take a nap. Studies show that napping improves workday […]

one kings lane

One Kings Lane Content Specialist

Posted on 10.14.14 Company: One Kings Lane Location: New York, NY Position: Content Specialist Description Launched in 2009, One Kings Lane is a leading online destination for the home, connecting daily design inspiration with top-brand, designer, and vintage items you won’t find anywhere else. We’re revolutionizing the home decor market by bringing shoppers a fresh […]


9 Things Successful People Won’t Do

Success takes a certain attitude. You need to be able to move past failures and navigate through a bunch of nonsense. You need to be able to work on short terms goals always with the long term goals in mind. You need to have a high emotional intelligence. Still think you have what it takes to be […]

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Work Mix of the Week: Sound by KIDDKITT

DJ: KIDDKITT Title: Sound Released: September 2014 Sometimes you just need to relax and ease out. Maybe the day is coming to an end or you just want to lie on the couch to take a break. LA based KIDDKITT got that mix for you. It’ll help you get your mind right when your productivity is […]

how to self publish a book guy kawasaki

How to Self-Publish a Book

Getting your ideas to the public are easier than ever. It can virtually be no cost to you when utilizing certain digital platforms and you can even get your idea funded with platforms like Kickstarter. For you writers out there that want to get a book published, do it. You can distribute it as an eBook […]

thomas leuthard

How to Stand Out in the Job Search

It should be no surprise that you need to do something if you want to stand out. You can’t assume you are the most qualified for the job. You always are gonna want that little something extra so that hiring managers don’t forget about you. So pull out your resumes and covers, because it’s time to […]


Cool Offices: MediaXplain Office by i29 Interior Architects and VMX Architects

Cubicles are boring. Check out Amsterdam media agency MediaXplain‘s office by i29 Interior Architects and VMX Architects. This minimal space has an industrial look in the work area while the common area has a modern one. We wouldn’t hate having that view either. The interior refers to the industrial origin of this area. Following the building’s skeleton with it’s […]

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Ariana Rockefeller Sales Associate/ Stylist

Posted on 10.09.14 Company: Ariana Rockefeller Location: New York NY Position: Sales Associate/ Stylist (Temporary, Full-Time) Description Ariana Rockefeller is the namesake brand of American fashion designer Ariana Rockefeller, who launched her eponymous label in 2011. Inspired by Ariana’s heritage, the brand is committed to producing a line of beautifully constructed women’s ready-to-wear dresses and separates […]