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Shinola Visual Merchandiser

Posted on 01.21.15 Company: Shinola Location: New York, NY Position: Visual Merchandiser Description The Visual Merchandiser maintains the retail store appearance to the highest company standard. The Visual Merchandiser is responsible for displaying new product on the floor as soon as it is received, freshening up the floor set and window display on a regular […]


Foot Work: Basics of Sneaker Design at Agenda Emerge Recap

On January 6th, we held Foot Work at Agenda Emerge in Long Beach during a series of workshops presented by Project Cobalt. Our workshop was instructed by Jason Mayden, former Senior Global Design Director for Jordan Brand. He is now Vice President of Design for MarkOne (makers of Vessyl) as well as a fellow at Stanford’s Bringing his vast knowledge on design […]

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Dwell Digital Fellow

Posted on 01.20.15 Company: Dwell Location: New York, NY Positon: Digital Fellow Description We are looking for a talented individual to contribute editorial digital content for the Spring 2015 semester at Dwell’s offices in New York City. The ideal candidate will possess excellent writing, editing, and photo-editing skills; and will have a genuine interest in learning about […]


Finding My Lane: Alero Akuya of Nike

Name: Alero Akuya Hustle: Nike Women Brand Marketing Director Website: Follow: @missharmony Behind every great brand is an amazing group of great people, and with Nike, one of the most innovating brand in sportswear, it’s no surprise that every one in the team is committed to living the mantra, “Just do it.” Meet Alero, the […]

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Online Class of the Month: Share Ideas That Inspire Action

It’s important to learn how to share your idea. The success of your idea depends on it. You need to be concise and convincing when presenting. The more passionate you are about the idea the better. Instructed by speaker and author Simon Sinek, this online class will teach you how to best present and share ideas that inspire […]


SanDisk iXpand Is a Flash Drive for Your Phone

More likely than not, there has been a time when you’ve tried to take a photo on your phone but it wouldn’t save because you didn’t have enough memory available. Then you gotta figure out how to make some space by deleting apps, photos, videos and more. SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive lets you not have to […]

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SB Projects Design Internship

Posted on 01.15.15 Company: SB Projects Location: New York, NY Position: Design Internship Spring 2015 Description SB Projects is looking for a badass design intern who is looking to sharpen his or her skills in design for the Spring 2015 semester, starting January 20. We are a company that believes in creativity and big ideas. And […]


Creative Advice from Industry Innovators at Agenda Emerge

On January 6, 2015, Agenda Show hosted their fourth installment of Agenda Emerge, an event featuring industry innovators. From the surfboard you’re riding on to the sneakers you’re rocking, these industry innovators created their brands through vision, dedication, and hustle. Powered by Group Y and Project Cobalt, Agenda Emerge featured speakers including Shepard Fairey, Founder of Obey; […]


5 Tips to Turn Your Internship Into a Full-Time Job

Having internships early on in your career is important. They give you the opportunities to test your industry of interest, gain valuable experience, network with like-minded people and eventually get a full-time job. However, not all internships guarantee jobs immediately following them, but if there is a position you have your eye on within the […]

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Zolt is One Charger for All Your Devices

With multiple devices, comes multiple chargers. However, there’s a pretty good chance you left one of those cords or plugs at home before you left for the work day. With Zolt Laptop Charger Plus, you get a smaller laptop charger that can also charge your phone and tablet all at the same time with one outlet. At only 3 […]

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Tomas Maier Design Studio Assistant

Posted on 01.13.15 Company: Tomas Maier Location: New York, NY Position: Design Studio Assisant Description The Design Studio Assistant will support the global Tomas Maier design teams in New York City and Milan, Italy in addition to supporting the Tomas Maier Studio staff with a variety of tasks and projects. Daily responsibilities include but are not […]


The Top 10 Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneurs seize opportunity. They not only do what is necessary, but beyond what is necessary to get what they need to get done. Is that the type of attitude you have towards your future business and company? If so, there are many adversities and unexpected obstacles to still face. We know you have it in […]

Street Etiquette Audio Visual 004

Work Mix of the Week: Street Etiquette Audio Visual 004

DJ: Song Selection by Joshua Kissi of Street Etiquette | Mixing by Soft Glas Title: Street Etiquette Audio Visual 004 Released: March 2014 Maybe the day is coming to an end or maybe you just need to zone out for a little, but sometimes you just need to be on your chill tip while you work. […]


3 Lessons Learned: jeffstaple of Staple Design

Name: jeffstaple Hustle: Founder of Staple Design Website: Follow: @jeffstaple | @staplepigeon jeffstaple is the definition of hustle. As one of the early influencers in New York City’s streetwear culture scene, Jeff is the Founder and Creative Director of Staple Design, a visual communications agency which also houses his clothing brand, Staple Pigeon and boutique clothing […]


How to Land an Internship

Before you think about what kind of internship you want to pursue, you must realize that work makes up most of your life after college and you have to find out what kind of career makes you click, now – not in 10 years when you have kids and you have a dog and a […]

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Droga5 Studio Artist

Posted on 1.08.15 Company: Droga5 Location: New York, NY Position: Studio Artist Description One of Fast Company’s 2013 Most Innovative Companies, Droga5 is a creative and strategic agency headquartered in New York with offices in London and Sydney. Founded in 2006, Droga5 now counts as its clients Prudential, American Express, The Coca-Cola Company, Motorola, Mondelez International, Chobani, Under […]


Common Traits Of The Most Successful People

It should be no surprise that successful did things differently to get to where they did. Their attitude, decisions and actions determined their future. Will you be one of them? We know you can be. You just gotta stay focused. Author and speaker Robert Greene lists of common traits that make certain people successful. They Are Emotionally […]


ibattz ASAP Charges Your Phone in 15 Minutes

The faster your phone charges the better so you can go about your day. Portable chargers are ways to work on the go without losing juice but you need to stay plugged into the device. ibattz announced their ASAP Charger can fully charge an iPhone 6 in just 15 minutes with its 20-volt, 2-amp power pack that will […]


How to Accomplish Big Things

We all want to leave a lasting footprint on society. Therefore, it has to be big. In order to do that, you need to think big. Think about the things you wish to accomplish if all the money and every resource was at your disposal. Now go for it. Why wait until tomorrow what you wish […]


Seagate Seven Is the World’s Thinnest 500GB Portable Drive

It’s pivotal that you back up all your important files. You never know what’s gonna happen to your computer and you don’t want to be left with nothing if something does. Especially if you’re a videographer or photographer, you probably have stacks of portable hard drives with back ups for your back ups. The Seagate Seven will […]