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SwiftKey Is a Smarter Keyboard for iOS 8

iOS 8 just got released for your Apple devices. Along with a variety of functional and design updates, there is a predictive text option for your digital keyboard. It learns the way you text and email so it will provide words and short phrases to choose from instead of having to type them out. However, there is […]

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TOMS Special Projects Designer

Posted on 09.18.14 Company: TOMS Location: Los Angeles, CA Position: Designer – Special Projects Description TOMS is looking for a Designer – Special Projects who is responsible for creating innovative, unique women’s designs true to TOMS aesthetics and creative differentiation in product in the women’s footwear marketplace. Responsibilities Market Trending – use analysis of fashion […]


GOOD Magazine Marketing and Outreach Internship

Posted on 09.17.14 Company: GOOD Magazine Location: Los Angeles, CA Position: Marketing and Outreach Internship Description GOOD Magazine, a division of GOOD Worldwide Inc, is looking for a Magazine Marketing and Outreach Intern.  The goal and responsibility for this position is simple: help grow our brand recognition and readership. We are looking for a cheerful, energetic […]

asap science social media brain

5 Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain

From posting a selfie to scrolling down your feed to checking for likes, you are more likely than not spending too much time on social media. With so many platforms and multiple devices, decreased productivity due to multitasking and distractions is basically inevitable. What draws you to keep those notifications on even though you probably know […]


Manage Your Cable Clutter with Bluelounge Soba

Our desks can become a mess with the variety of cables we need throughout the workday. Various charging, USB, HDMI and miscellaneous cables go every which way while getting cluttered and tangled. Consolidate all of them by zipping them up into a Bluelounge Soba. Utilizing a vortex technology, Soba lets you bundle up to 3 cables […]

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Publish Brand Social Media Manager

Posted on 09.16.14 Company: Publish Brand Location: Fountain Valley, CA Position: Social Media Manager Description We are looking for 1 social media savvy individual to add to our growing team of #Publishers. Before applying, here are some things you must know: 1. You must be willing to commute to our office in Fountain Valley, California […]


10 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Must Learn

Everyone wants to come up with the next big thing. We see all these startups popping up everywhere so it’s easy to think success is within reach once the right idea is thought up. Nope. According to Mashable, 75% of all startups fail. There are plenty of factors that contribute to those unsuccessful businesses. You don’t have to […] chill trap grmm

Work Mix of the Week: Chill Trap Volume 1 by GRMM

DJ: GRMM Title: Chill Trap Volume 1 Released: June 2014 Chill trap just may be our go-to genre for working music, especially if Sydney DJ/Producer GRMM has had his hands on it. It gives you just the right amount of turn-up to grind through the day at a good pace. We’ve got this one on rotation […]


Kenny Mac’s 3 Things You Need to Know: Creating a Presentation

Often times, we think of presentations in matters of business. Kenny Mac believes presentations can serve many different purposes whether it’s to inform, persuade, or build good will. Here are “Kenny Mac’s 3 Things You Need to Know” to create an effective presentation: 1. Build and use case studies. Kenny Mac explains including case studies […]


Stay Hydrated On-The-Go with Memobottle

It’s important to stay hydrated while working, especially when you are away from the desk. When going from meeting to meeting all day, it’s easy to forget to drink some water. You carry a bottle around but it’s inconvenient to keep a hold onto. And unless you always wear a big backpack, it doesn’t doesn’t […]


Wieden + Kennedy Media Planner

Posted on 09.11.14 Company: Wieden + Kennedy Location: Portland, OR Position: Media Planner Description Wieden+Kennedy believes that each team member makes a significant contribution to our success. That contribution should not be limited by the assigned responsibilities outlined in a job description. Therefore, this job description is designed to outline primary duties, qualifications and job […]


Cool Offices: Langland’s Windsor HQ by Jump Studios

Cubicles are boring, Check out Langland‘s headquarters in Windsor, England by Jump Studios. With a main workspace, a library, boardroom, games room, dining area and more, this office has plenty to offer its employees and visiting clients. We probably wouldn’t work at our desks too often. Although Langland specializes in healthcare advertising campaigns, they prefer […]

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Complex Product Design Intern

Posted on 09.10.14 Company: Complex Media Location: New York. NY Position: Product Design Intern Description Complex Media is looking for an extremely organized and talented Product Design Intern to join the Product & Business Development team this fall. Complex Media is the leading provider of style, entertainment, lifestyle and product content dedicated to emerging trends for young male tastemakers. […]

guy kawasaki

Career & Life Advice from Guy Kawasaki

It wouldn’t hurt to take some advice from Guy Kawasaki. He’s had a tad of experience from quite a career. Former chief evangelist of Apple, founder of several startups, author of a dozen books and more; Guy is now the  chief evangelist of Canva.  You life and career could definitely benefit with some advice from him. This […]

goal board by linear calendar

Keep Your Career on Track with Goal Board

It’s important to write out your goals and put them in plain sight of your desk. You have to keep reminding yourself of what you need to accomplish in the long term so you know what you have to do today. You can get a big calendar, throw it up on the wall, use it, […]

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HD Buttercup Design Consultant

Posted on 09.09.14 Company: HD Buttercup Location: San Francisco, CA Position: Design Consultant Description Working in partnership with the Store Team, the Design Consultant will display a genuine and enthusiastic attitude that ensures a positive shopping experience and exceeds sales expectations. Passionate about furniture and design, the Design Consultant will act as a guide and […]

Chiara Vitellozzi

Bad Excuses That Are Holding You Back

Just because things become difficult doesn’t mean you should let them be obstacles on your career path. Do what you must to push through to get to your goals. What you should never do is make excuses. Don’t be lazy. Stop blaming other people. Excuses aren’t helping anyone, especially you and your career. Here are […]

made you look

Made You Look: A Film About Creativity In The Digital Age

In today’s digital age, where do you stand on print media? As times change, it’s clear that newspapers, magazines, printed art, etc don’t have the same impact as they used to. However, they still serve a purpose and offer something special. Produced by Look and Yes, Made You Look is a documentary that explores creativity and art in […]

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Work Mix of the Week: Nest HQ MiniMix by Bobby Tank

DJ: Bobby Tank Title: Nest HQ MiniMix Released: June 2014 Self-proclaimed as a “mad maximalist,” Bobby Tank’s unique brand of glitched-up electro/funk/Jersey Club provides a diverse and refreshing sonic palette. This mix by the UK producer and DJ is perfect for the end of your work day when you got just a couple more important things […]

logitech  k480 multi device keyboard

Logitech K480 Multi-Device Keyboard

Work requires multiple screens these days so multitasking is pretty much inevitable. It takes time to go between devices and it breaks up your work flow. Time to boost that productivity and minimize your keyboards. With the Logitech K480 Multi-Device Keyboard you can use the same one keyboard for all your devices, well up to 3. With the […]