hwls triple j mix up exclusives with nina las vegas

Work Mix of the Week: Mix Up Exclusives by HWLS

DJ: HWLS Title: triple j Mix Up Exclusives with Nina Las Vegas Released: December 2014 Australian duo HWLS, comprised of DJ/producers Ta-ku and Kit Pop, mixes up just what we need with this one. From Jersey club to blending some hip-hop and future R&B, this has been in heavy rotation for us. The middle of your […]

Man on top of mountain

12 Things Successful People Do Differently

It should be no surprise that successful people had to do things differently to get to where they got. They worked hard, made good decisions, stayed motivated and focused on what was important to them. That can be you. That will be you if you believe in yourself. Here are some things successful people did […]

skillshare van styles

Online Class of the Month: The Art of Model Photography with Van Styles

Once you choose photography as a career, you then need to narrow your focus. Do you want to shoot events or for magazines or something else? If you want to work with models, it wouldn’t hurt to learn some lessons from Van Styles. For this class, he will take you through his whole process by taking you along one […]


7 Attributes of CEOs Who Get Social Media

Social media is a microphone and no one knows your voice better than you. So if you are leading a company driven by your vision, you should be utilizing social channels to speak of and for it. Doing so gives the company a face, makes it more personable and provides another reason for your customer to pay […]

ideo automobility

Daily Inspiration: A Future of Automobility by IDEO

The way we work is changing. We aren’t necessarily confined to an office for a finite amount of hours each weekday. We can be mobile hustlers, doing our work wherever and whenever we need to. With a not so far future of self-driving cars ahead, design and innovation consulting firm IDEO envisions how we could incorporate them […]


YotaPhone 2 Gives You Two Screens

The back of your phone is the side you probably couldn’t care less about. It’s the side you don’t have to worry about getting fingerprints on or cracking. Most people just cover it up with a case to protect the front. Yeah, there is the camera you use often, but the case has an opening for that. Yotaphone […]


Ways To Boost Your Confidence

Confidence takes you long way with your career. Not a cocky confidence but a level at which you believe your skills and goals through and through. Keeping up that attitude isn’t always easy. Haters, mistakes, failures & new challenges can get you down. Here’s how you get past those obstacles with confidence and continue on towards […]

keewifi router

Connect Faster with the Keewifi Router

So much of the time, our lives revolve around Wifi connection. Even when we find it, connecting can become an issue when finding the network and typing in a complicated password. Even when connected, the signal can be poor and unreliable. Then who knows who else is using the same network. These are not things ou want […]

mixify logo

Mixify Marketing & Communications Manager

Posted on 12.09.14 Company: Mixify Location: Brooklyn, NY Position: Marketing & Communications Manager Description Mixify is a Series A funded, leading technology player in the growing live streaming and live events space.  Our primary product, Clubcast, is the first ever two-way live streaming service for DJs to play sets into distant and secondary markets, and […]

day planning

5 Steps for Structuring an Ideal Work Day

Having a productive not only takes the right environment, the right distractions and music to get you into your zone, but it takes planning. You need to put your to-do list together, schedule out your day and prioritize tasks ahead of time. With enough preparation, you will no longer complain about not having enough hours in the day. […]

dj ruckus we'll do it live volumer 9

Work Mix of the Week: F*** It, We’ll Do It Live Vol 9 by DJ Ruckus

DJ: Ruckus Title: F*** It, We’ll Do It Live – Mercedes-Benz Evolution Tour (Volume 9) Released: November 2014 Previous BTH subject of Cool People with Cool Jobs, Ruckus shows off his talents as a leading open format DJ with a special rock & indie set for his live mix series. Seemlessly transitioning  from song to song, […]


Guide to Finding Your Passion

We always tell you to find what you are passionate about and turn it into a career, but we never said it was gonna be easy. Your patience and dedication will take you there. Use every experience as a learning opportunity. You’ll work on things you love and likely work on things you don’t every […]


Beliefs Of Successful People

In order to accomplish things, you need to be in the proper mindset to do so. You need to have the right attitude, goals and beliefs. Have those along with your skills, interest and perseverance, you’ll be unstoppable. Here’s 9 beliefs of remarkably successful people (like you in the future). 1. Time doesn’t fill me. I […]


You and Me Table Is a for Work & Play

It’s healthy to take breaks during work. Both your productivity and sanity thank you in advance. Usually there is only so much you can do in your space when you need some down time. Well things could get better if you could use your table for ping-pong too. Designed by Antoni Pallejà Office for RS Barcelona, […]

wanderlust festival logo

Wanderlust Digital Media Sales Director

Posted on 12.04.14 Company: Wanderlust Location: New York, NY Position: Digital Media Sales Director Description Wanderlust is seeking a Digital Media Sales Director to secure and manage revenue, and generate partnerships across broad and diverse categories, with a focus on branded content and digital partnerships. This position requires an established of network national brands and agencies, […]


How Not to Introduce Yourself

Networking is an important part of your career path. It’s how you will meet the people that will attribute to your future success. These are people you will be working for and/or with. Making that initial introduction at an event or simply on the street, it’s easy for everyone. Most of the time, you just need […]


The House of Marley Liberate BT Portable Audio System

Whether you’re having a conference call or listening to our work mix of the week, it’s nice to have quality sound on-the-go. The House of Marley Liberate BT  is a portable Bluetooth audio system that gives you just that.This speaker has 8 hours of rechargeable battery and is more than durable enough for your everyday needs. There is even […]


Finding My Lane: Jolie Nguyen of Atrium

Name: Jolie Nguyen Hustle: Marketing Manager at Atrium Website: atriumnyc.com Follow: @jolieknguyen From starting off as an intern at URB Magazine to coordinating fashion trade show events, Jolie learned on a daily basis that you need to show your worth. In finding her lane, she’s learned that there’s no “secret” to success, it just takes lots […]

scenic flow wireless controller

Control All Your Devices Seemlessly with Flow

Our lives these days are controlled my remotes, mouses, trackpads, keyboards and touchscreens. That doesn’t mean we simply have to accept that those are the best devices to go about our days. Why not condense and use something better? Senic Flow is a wireless controller is designed with today’s creatives in mind is made to be precise […]


TBWA\Chiat\Day Product Strategy Specialist

Posted on 12.02.14 Company: TBWA\Chiat\Day Location: Los Angeles, CA Position: Product Strategy Specialist Description WHAT WE NEED FROM EVERYONE: “EMBRACE A CONVERGED WORLD” We must do the things we think we cannot do. Adapt to change. Don’t be afraid to fail. Learn from mistakes. We work best when we’re united. Collaborate across teams and departments. Build and […]