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9 Photo Composition Tips from Steve McCurry

When you see a photo that you like, there is obviously something different about that particular photo that makes it stand out. A photo can have a great subject, lighting and more, but if the composition isn’t right, it’s pretty much a waste. It never hurts to takes some advice from a pro. Renowned editorial photographer Steve McCurry lays […]


8 Scientific Reasons Self-Control Affects Your Success

Self control prevents you from doing something now so you will benefit more in the future. A lot of the time it isn’t easy, we know. You just may need to turn down that job with the higher salary because the other job has more potential to help you accomplish you career goals. Maybe it’s […]


How to Plan for a Productive Week

A successful week begins with a successful strategy. You need to think about all the things you need to get done, organize it all then execute. Stop saying you don’t have enough time and figure out how to make the most of all the time you got. Don’t let another week go by where you […]


Diplo & K-Swiss Are Looking for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Diplo has teamed up with K-Swiss to look for to assemble a group of 100 creative and connected individuals from all around the world to be a part of The Board. They’re looking for aspiring entrepreneurs to work together to help bring the classic brand back to prominence. This group will get guidance from experts to make decisions […]


Ways To Unlock Your Inner Creativity

Inspiration fuels your creativity. Finding inspiration can be difficult though. Sometimes when you need it most, it’s nowhere to be found. However, the good thing is that you can position yourself for creativity. Photographer and entrepreneur, Nick Onken, spoke with some industry leaders about what fuels their creativity, as well as sharing some of his own […]


WonderCube Is the 1 Cubic Inch Mobile Solution

We need too many things to get through our day, so the more a single device can do and the smaller it is, the better. WonderCube is an all-in-one mobile solution for any mobile hustler packed into 1 cubic inch that you can just attach to your keychain. The foldout flexible USB cord lets charge and sync your phone […]


5 Reasons to Consider Changing Your Career

Think about how your career is going. Think about where you’re at and where you ideally want to be. Don’t settle. Loving what you do doesn’t have to be merely a day dream. That desk job you may have doesn’t have to be your life. If you feel a change in your career is necessary, […]


Cool Offices: Heavybit Industries Office by IwamotoScott

Cubicles are boring. Check Heavybit Industries, a members only collaborative 3-floor workspace in San Francisco by IwamotoScott Architecture. This former warehouse is now “a community for developer-focused entrepreneurs.” The first floor alone is a cool enough area to work with its open space, communal seatin, bar-height work counters, kitchen, dining area, meeting room and more. The architects […]


9 Things Very Successful People Never Do

Even with plenty of great habits, a handful of terrible ones can really hold you back from reaching your full potential. Maybe it’s something as simple as etiquette or maybe it’s your attitude, but there definitely certain things that you may need to change. Good habits will help your hard work shine. Here are 9 things successful people […]


Increase Your Productivity with the 10-Minute Rule

It’s everyone’s dream to be able to do more in less time. Our lives would be plenty less stressful. Especially when you’re part of a team, each member needs to be working at similar levels of efficiency so things get done. With the right productivity tips, you can really make this happen. Try the 10 […]


3 Lessons Learned: Maxwell Osborne of Public School

Name: Maxwell Osborne Hustle: Co-Founder at Public School NYC Website: Follow: @maxwellosborne Maxwell Osborne is a New York City native who is inspired by the creative energy of his surroundings on a day to day basis. Growing up as a child, Maxwell was always into art and sports. His first job was at the […]


The 5 Types Of Mentors You Need

Getting mentoring is essential in your pursuit for success. It’ll help you expedite the process by guiding you in the right direction. You will need different kinds of guidance on your journey though. Find those individuals that can help and build your team of mentors. Here are the 5 types you need: The Coach There are […]


Foot Work with Jason Mayden Recap

On February 21st, 2015 we hosted Foot Work in Los Angeles with our instructor Jason Mayden. Hosted at the Herman Miller office & showroom, this career event featured a Q&A, lecture and workshop focused on innovation and design in sneakers. From interning at Jordan to becoming Senior Global Design Director to now VP of Design at Mark […]

iron lyon wild for the night

Work Mix of the Week: Wild For The Night Vol. 3 by Iron Lyon

DJ: Iron Lyon Title: Wild For The Night Vol. 3 Released: November 2014 If you’re like us, the music you listen to when you need to upshift gears during the work day is pretty much the same music you hear at the club going up on a Tuesday. Iron Lyon is here to help you […]

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Hellz Bellz Marketing/E-Commerce Internship

Posted on 02.27.15 Company: Hellz Bellz Location: Los Angeles, CA Position: Marketing/E-Commerce Internship We are looking for an intern to assist with our e commerce/marketing efforts. You will learn the ins and outs of our business and how to make marketing/ecommerce a productive part of our overall marketing efforts. This internship is an unpaid position. Interns […]

job hunt

4 Mistakes Made During the Job Search

Looking for a job? Just because you have a resume doesn’t mean you’re ready. Your mind, attitude, knowledge and resume all need to be tailored for, not only, the position but the company you are applying to. The job search can be stressful but if you’re properly prepared, you’ll end up alright. Avoid the following […]


Uber Product Design Intern

Posted on 02.26.15 Company: Uber Location: San Francisco, CA Position: University Intern – Product Design Description We’re seeking talented and thoughtful design interns to help define and execute against a giant vision that builds upon what Uber has brought to the world so far. If you have the right stuff to join the Uber Design […]


7 Email Habits You Need To Break

Email is generally the method of choice for work communication. As a result, everyone’s mailboxes are virtually overflowing. Therefore, we all need to make every email sent and replied to counts. Knowing how to precisely make the most of each email is important when communicating with coworkers, clients, mentors, new contacts and more. Peggy Duncan, productivity expert […]

ampl smartbackpack

AMPL Smart Backpack Charges All Your Devices On-The-Go

It’s important to have a good work bag for when you’re on-the-go to keep everything organized and together. However, since most of your essentials are electronic, they don’t make your day any better when out of battery. AMPL Smart Backpack that can hold and charge all of your devices at once. The bag itself comes with enough […]


How To Get Paid What You’re Worth

Negotiating is an art. It takes the right attitude and experience. Obviously, some people are better at it than others. Some people making their living as negotiators. Whether you are that type of person or not, there will be times in your life where you gonna have to figure out how to work things in […]