Say Yes To Your Dream Job

Your future is in your hands. Therefore, attaining your dream job is in your hands. No, things won’t always happen as you plan but as long as you adjust properly, you can get back on track. Work hard and strive for more. Listen and learn from mentors and supports while tuning out the discouragers. Say […]


Advice to Aspiring A&Rs from Warner Music Group’s Mike Caren

Wanna get into the music industry? It wouldn’t hurt to take some advice from Mike Caren. He is the president of worldwide A&R for all of Warner Music Group. He was responsible for signing many successful artists including Trey Songz, T.I., Flo Rida, Wiz Khalifa, B.o.B and Ed Sheeran. That’s just a preview of what he […]

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Cool Offices: Yelp! Headquarters by Studio O+A

Cubicles are boring. Check out Yelp!’s headquarters in San Francisco by Studio O+A. This multi floor office space still promotes interactions with their common areas that include a coffee shop, break rooms and semi-private pods. We’re quite the fans of all the wood with color accents. Read more about Studio O+A’s design for the space below. As […]

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Lucasfilm Production Assistant

Posted on 11.06.14 Company: Lucasfilm Location: San Francisco, CA Position: Production Assistant Description Lucasfilm is seeking an eager and energetic Production Assistant to join the Advanced Development Group (ADG). The ADG is focused on authoring film quality imagery within a real time game engine environment. The Production Assistant will work under the supervision of the […]


17 Ways to Know You Were Born to Be an Entrepreneur

Would you risk it all so your idea could succeed? If yes, you’re meant to be a future entrepreneur. It’s a tough road to follow but that doesn’t deter certain individuals. They have the attitude to believe in themselves, their skill sets and their ideas. Some people got it and some people don’t. Do you […]


Type Easier & Anywhere with Logitech Keys-To-Go

Typing on a tablet isn’t as easy as anyone would like it to be. While you may use it more for recreational uses, like reading eBooks or watching Netflix, sometimes you still need to get some work done. Making some changes to a presentation or sending out a few emails. Do it with ease by using […]

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Rent the Runway Visual Designer

 Posted on 11.05.14 Company: Rent the Runway Location: New York, NY Position: Visual Designer Description Rent the Runway is a disruptive eCommerce business that’s making rental culture a significant part of the retail industry. Millions of women now have access to designer dresses and accessories, allowing them to look and feel remarkable. We believe that […]


Charting Your Goals for Success

Having goals are essential. However, they will only be accomplished if you plan and take the steps to get there. Your short-term goals lead to your long-term goals and your long-term-goals influence your short-term goals. It’s important for you to look at the big picture of your career. It’s a time consuming and winding road to success, […]

olloclip iphone 6

olloclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens for iPhone 6/6 Plus

Since you’re always shooting with your phone, why not improve those photos with a lens upgrade? The popular olloclip now has a 4-in-1 lens system for both the front and rear facing camera on your iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus. The fisheye and the wide-angles lenses can be unscrewed to shoot macro 15x and macro 10x, […]

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Karmaloop Production Studio Internship

Posted on 11.04.14 Company: Karmaloop Location: Boston, MA Position: Production Studio Internship Description Karmaloop is the world’s largest retailer for streetwear online. PLNDR.com is Karmaloop.com’s flash sale site, offering streetwear at discounted deals and prices for limited times. We are looking to grow our creative team with individuals passionate about streetwear apparel, lifestyle & culture. Out creative team consists […]


How to Succeed as a Multi-Passionate Careerist

What’s your dream job? What are your goals? Chances are all your goals don’t fit nicely into that one job, unless your job is to be Richard Branson or Pharrell Williams. You will likely end up creating your own job but until then, managing all your passions right now can be tough. It can limit […]

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Work Mix of the Week: Wave Racer FBi Minimix

DJ: Wave Racer Title: Wave Racer FBi Minimix Released: June 2013 Coming out of Australia, Wave Racer definitely knows how to put out some good vibes, making us always want to come back for more. Throw this mix on anytime but it especially pairs well with a late night work flow. We definitely wish this one […]


Entrepreneur’s Club: Juice Served Here

For Los Angeles, setting the trend is not part of the culture; it’s a way of the culture. In a short span of time, juicing has become one of L.A.’s hottest trends. But, what happens when you take the city’s ultimate fad and add some fashion sense? You get the ingenious concept of Juice Served […]


Best Desks That Let You Stand

(image via Herman Miller) Sitting all day, every day isn’t good for you. It’s neither good for your health in the long term nor your productivity in the short term. Obviously many jobs require you to work from your computer at a desk, so it’s good to get up from your chair, get some fresh air, walk around, […]


Why You Need To Develop A Niche

With so many websites, products, services, and more available these days, how is yours gonna stand out from the rest? Along with being consistant and engaging, you need to have your niche. You can’t expect every single person to like what you are providing, unless you are giving away free money (which many people would […]

bluesmart carry on

Travel Smarter with Bluesmart

When traveling, your carry-on baggage is where you try to keep all your most important stuff. You want to make sure it’s close to you and easily accessible. Also, keeping it all secure is an issue. It’s time to upgrade your luggage. Bluesmart is an innovative carry-on that connects to your smartphone with which you can lock, weigh […]

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TASCHEN Design Interns

Posted on 10.29.14 Company: TASCHEN Location: Los Angeles, CA Position: Design Internships (2) Description TASCHEN America is seeking two Design Interns for its office in Los Angeles, beginning February 2nd and 9th, 2015. This is a great opportunity for someone with an interest in design, typography, production for print, and the publishing industry. We require a […]

how not to fail marc hemeon creative mornings

How Not to Fail

We all reach a point when our abilities don’t meet our standards and ambitions. We get discouraged when we should be pushing through this plateau. The only way to do so is by doing. Marc Hemeon, co-founder of North Technologies and Entrepreneur in Residence at Google Ventures, is an advocate of putting in the work in order to accomplish your goals. […]


Turn Your Laptop Into a Desktop with Henge Docks

There is no question that having a laptop is essential. Desktops have lost their purpose for many because people need to take their work on the go. Desktops are better suited for many types of creative work and some people ideally would have the additional setup at home, but can’t afford it. Well, with Henge Docks you can save some […]