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5 Ways Market Your Startup on a Dime

You had a great idea so you moved forward with it and now have a startup. Now what? Now people need to know about it. What’s your marketing plan? If your product or service spreads like wild fire across social media than that’s amazing, but don’t rely on word of mouth. There are other ways […]

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5 Prominent Habits of A Successful Entrepreneur

Not everyone can start a company and make it successful. Actually, very few people can. That doesn’t mean you won’t be one of them though. Entrepreneurship is a journey taken by those with true ambition but only finished by those with grit. So what do the individuals that have attained great success have in common? Here are […]

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6 Simple Ways to Avoid Wasting Time

You need to learn to say no. In order for you to get the things done that you should and need to get done, you need to say no to many, if not most, things. Greg McKeown, author of New York Times bestseller Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, uses Apple as an example. At one point, Apple […]


Advice for First-Time Leaders

Many, if not all of you, will be put into a leadership position at some point. It may be for a project or just a meeting, but you are gonna need to alter your mindset to take advantage of the situation. Not necessarily an easy position to to manage but it is doable. It isn’t […]


Entrepreneur’s Club: James Starr & Jason Bernstein

What do pizza, coffee, gelato and barbecue all have in common? In four words: James Starr, Jason Bernstein. Both Los Angeles natives, this dynamic duo teamed together to shake up the neighborhood and fill the missing pieces. With the Fairfax District undergoing a cultural shift from its deep-rooted Jewish identity, they have taken their marketing […]


7 Things Really Persuasive People Do

Sometimes you just know your way is the right way and you need to convince someone else to believe the same. From next steps on a project to pitching your business plan, you want to be able to persuade whoever is on the other side. It isn’t always easy but it is possible if you go […]


22 Signs You Are Already Successful

Most people have different definitions of success. Whether it’s one particular thing or an accumulation of many, what you call success is unique to you. However, you may have reached certain levels of success already. Chances are that what success is to you will change as you move along on your career path, but it’s important […]


Effective Networking Tips

You need to build your network before you need it. Surround yourself with like minded, intelligent people who are doing and/or will do great things. If you’re ambitious and genuine, your network will naturally grow. Coming to our career panels is a perfect networking event too! Look out for details on our next one coming […]

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When to Drink Coffee During the Work Day

If you’re like us, you need some coffee to get through the day. However, if you’re one of those people that drinks a cup as soon as they get up, that caffeine isn’t having as much as effect on you as you think. Since our bodies goes through waves of alertness throughout the day, you need to know […]


11 Steps to Insane Focus

We are constantly surrounded by far too many distractions: social media feeds, news feeds, smart phone notifications, flash sales and much more. Like any normal person, we succumb to most of them on a daily basis, throughout the day. Tuning out the nonsense won’t be easy but do it enough and it’ll become a habit. We all […]


Legal Advice For Your Small Business

As an entrepreneur, you must learn to be well-versed in several areas. From researching finances to understanding your audience and exploring the logistics of legal, being knowledgeable and doing your research in various faucets of the business is one of the major responsibilities you have if you want to thrive as an entrepreneur. Here are […]


5 Crucial Words To Use In Every Meeting

About 11 million meetings take place daily. A majority of the business day is typically spent in meetings, and many companies are looking for ways to make their meetings more productive. Some researchers have conducted studies of meetings, as it requires an understanding of many social signals and complex interpersonal dynamics. From an individualistic point […]


Listen to “Climbing the Corporate Ladder” from Yes Ma’am

On April 25th 2015, we held Yes Ma’am, a one day women’s career symposium focused on entrepreneurship, corporate success and trailblazing. Moderator Chris Denson of Innovation Crush led the conversations of the 3 panels, including “Climbing the Corporate Ladder” with Talitha Watkins (VP of Multicultural Marketing for Universal Pictures), Alero Akuya (Nike Women Brand Marketing Director) & Courtni Asbury (Senior Director of Media & Artist Relations at […]


Things for Your Not To-Do List

You can maximize your productivity simply with a to-do list. Knowing what tasks you need to get done and what goals you are working to accomplish keep you on track. Still, there are plenty of things that keep you distracted from your to-do list. This includes co-workers, clients, social media and, most importantly, yourself. Your […]


Signs You’re Meant To Be an Entrepreneur

Many of you want to start your own business. Who of you are actually gonna take the actions to get there? We’re hoping all of you if it’s something you really have a passion to do it. Whatever your idea is, it’s gonna take some hard work to execute. A proper team will need to […]

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Tolleson Offices by Huntsman Architectural Group

Cubicles are boring. Check out brand & creative agency Tolleson‘s offices in San Francisco by Huntsman Architectural Group. Gotta love a space with the combination of exposed brick and reclaimed wood. Probably the coolest part of the office is the conference room with four pivoting doors that open it up to the rest of the space. […]


How to Work Harder & Worry Less

Who said achieving your goals had to be stressful? Hopefully everyone. Nothing worth achieving comes without hard work, struggles, failures and harder work. However, things don’t necessarily have to be as stressful as you make them out to be. If you have a plan, stick to it and don’t procrastinate as much, you can have […]

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TOMS Handbags, Accessories & Backpacks Designer

Posted on 05.19.15 Company: TOMS Location: Los Angeles, CA Position: Designer – Handbags, Accessories & Backpacks Description Essential Functions Market Trending – identify market and fashion trends relevant for TOMS and create seasonal mood boards and themes; Product design – create/sketch new silhouettes and execute updates/CAD’s of existing silhouettes with new colors, materials and graphics; in […]


What The Schedules Of Successful People Are Like

You only have some much time each day so it’s pivotal to use it all wisely. That not only involves getting your work done efficiently but making the most of the parts of the day you aren’t working so you can get back at it when you need to. It’s time to take some notes […]

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The Modern Marketer Is Part Artist, Part Scientist

Most, usually all, marketing for startups and modern companies happens via the internet. The best way to reach the desired audience is to utilize the existing and growing social media platforms. However, properly and effectively utilizing these platforms for marketing efforts isn’t as easy as it may sound. It’s not only a matter of curating […]