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Lyft Creative Copywriter

Posted 07.02.14 Company: Lyft Location: San Francisco, CA Position: Creative Copywriter Description You’re a seasoned writer with serious marketing copy chops and strong opinions about the Oxford comma. Could you be our next Creative Copywriter? We’re looking for an experienced writer to join our brand team, and help define the voice of our growing community […]


Hustle + Sew: Jerry Lorenzo of Fear of God

The concept of starting a clothing brand seems simple, but the actual truth of starting a brand is far from easy. Most of the time, very few know what they’re getting themselves into, while the industry whirlwinds the rest. With the “Launching a Brand” panel at Hustle + Sew, get advice from the experts to avoid […]

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Pinterest Pinner Operations Specialist

Posted on 07.01.14 Company: Pinterest Location: San Francisco, CA Position: Pinner Operations Specialist (New Graduate) Description We’re looking for a motivated self-starter to join our pinner operations team and help make Pinterest the best discovery experience on the web. You’ll communicate directly with pinners to answer questions and solve their problems. You’ll analyze the insights you […]

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Essentials: Tile

When’s the last time you were late to work because you couldn’t find your keys in the apartment or your wallet in the car? With Tile, you easily keep track of all your stuff. Attach Tile to whatever you need and use the app to track it down when you misplace it. Within a 50-150 ft range, […]

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Work Mix of the Week: The Future Beats Show 045

DJ: Complexion + Amplicity + Grumby Title: The Future Beats Show 045 + Amplicity & Grumby Guest Mixes Released: May 2014 Like most people, we can’t enough of the future R&B sound these days, especially because it’s perfect to get some work done to. Day or night, it puts us in the right headspace to stay in the zone. UK’s […]


Kenny Mac’s 3 Things You Need to Know: Job Interviews

The interview process can be daunting. After getting your foot through the door, the challenge comes when you have both feet in the room. You only get one take to make a good first impression, so before any interview, have all your bases covered. Behind The Hustle founder Kenny Mac has been both an interviewee and […]

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Where Good Ideas Come From

Ideas take a time to evolve. Sometimes, your good idea can become an extraordinary idea when combined with a similar evolving idea. Every day, the world is increasingly more connected, which means more and more new ideas are being shared. You are able to find that missing puzzle piece to your idea; whether it be […]

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Vimeo Curation Intern

Posted on 06.26.14 Company: Vimeo Location: New York, NY Position: Intern, Curation Description You are a total geek for short form content. You watch online videos insatiably and you hang out at film festivals and screenings for fun. You have some background in curating content, even if just for your own social network. You love […]


What Successful People Do Before Breakfast

Before you prop open your laptop with one hand and scroll through a newsfood with your other, you should really utilize the part of your day when you use minimal technology. If you have the choice (and you probably do), don’t rush your mornings. Read a newspaper, workout, eat breakfast and/or reflect. You’re setting the […]


Hustle + Sew: Matt George of United Front

July 12th’s Hustle + Sew, we bring a Keynote speaker to highlight fashion tips for today’s industry. From the point of view of the expert, you will be given the tools needed to succeed in the fashion world. Opening the day will be Canadian creative and industry veteran, Matt George of United Front to provide insight on different aspects of fashion. Named one […]


Boost Your Daily Productivity

Sometimes we wish boosting productivity was as easy as pushing a button. If you enjoy what you are doing and working on, distractions are likely less of an issue. However, if you have emails to send and meetings to have along with a plethora of other tasks, trying to complete all of them can be […]

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Sundance Institute #ArtistServices Intern

Posted on 06.24.14 Company: Sundance Institute Location: Los Angeles, CA Position: #ArtistServices Intern Description The #ArtistServices intern will learn how current and past Sundance Institute Alumni have distributed, funded, and released their independent film with the help of the latest digital community funding resources. May be required to assist with after hour events in Los […]


Manage Your Procrastination

We all procrastinate. We always have and we probably always will to some degree. Let’s work together to minimize it so we can accomplish more tasks and goals. Procrastination happens because the satisfaction of checking to see if someone liked your Facebook status is more immediate than finishing your task. However, by doing that, we […]

uz ball trap ukf podcast 25

Work Mix of the Week: ƱZ presents: UKF Podcast #25

DJ: ƱZ Title: UKF Podcast #25 Released: September 2012 With support from the likes of Diplo, Skrillex, Flosstradamus, and more, the mysterious and masked DJ that is ƱZ is killing it the trap music scene, to say the least. This mix only strengthens that statement. Turn this up while you work to get you going and to make you […]


7 Things Really Persuasive People Do

Sometimes you just know your way is the right way and you need to convince someone else to believe the same. From next steps on a project to pitching your business plan, you want to be able to persuade whoever is on the other side. It isn’t always easy but it is possible if you go […]


XLARGE Marketing & PR Director

Posted on 06.20.14 Company: XLARGE Location: Costa Mesa, CA Position: Marketing & PR Director Description X-LARGE is looking for a Marketing & PR Director to join the team in Costa Mesa, CA. You will be responsible but not limited to the following: Creation and execution of the annual Brand Marketing Plans Responsible to develop and effectively […]


Overcoming the Learning Plateau to Succeed

Along your career path, you will continue to hone in and improve your skills while learning new ones as you do more and more work. To get better, you will have to continue to challenge yourself. The downside to this is that it’s gonna get difficult. You will feel as though the skills you posses […]

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Klickly Internship

Posted on 06.19.14 Company: Klickly Location: Santa Monica, CAPosition: Internship Description Klickly is a social payments technology for brands, charities, and political campaigns that enables consumers to make donations with a single touch, directly in Twitter & Facebook streams. Seeking highly-motivated, focused interns for the Summer/Fall terms. Responsibilities Working directly with CEO and Operations Director Assisting in […]

Wieden+Kennedy New York Office by WORKac-10

Cool Offices: Wieden+Kennedy New York Office by WORKac

Cubicles are boring. Check out everyone’s favorite ad agency Wieden+Kennedy‘s New York office designed by WORKac. The plethora of open office, meeting, communal and private office spaces cater to the amount and quality of work done here through collaborative efforts. The agency’s 50,000 sq ft office embraces urban density as its motto: a minimal compression of individual work spaces that opens […]


7 Important Things to Do Before Quitting Your Job to Freelance

Quiting your job for something completely new can be both exciting and frightening. This is especially true if you’re trying to go the route of freelance. Yes, you get to be your own boss and pretty much work whenever and wherever  you want/need. However, you need to stay even more on top of your work […]