Keep Track of Your Stuff with Pixie

We definitely don’t have a shortage of stuff that we need to go about our work days. Whether it’s at home, at the office, in the car or who knows where, we leave something behind more often that we’d like. Unfortunately, we don’t always know exactly where. With Pixie, you can accurately locate and organize your things. […]


Schedule Your Day For Peak Creative Performance

From time to time we all need a push to increase our efficiency and maximize outcome. Carving out time and space for more creative and inspiring endeavors can be a challenge. As Founder & CEO of The Bold Academy, a 10-day life accelerator program, Amber Rae knows a few things about trading in a life […]

behind the hustle foot work

Foot Work with Jason Mayden

On Saturday February 21st, we will be hosting Behind The Hustle Initiations: Foot Work in Los Angeles. Come explore the art of sneaker design with the former Senior Global Design Director of Jordan, Jason Mayden. Set to take place in the contemporary Herman Miller showroom, this all day event will feature an insightful Q+A, lecture & innovative design workshop. Registration […]

julian treasure ted talk

TED Talk of the Month: How To Speak So That People Want To Listen

“What would the world be like if we were speaking powerfully to people who were listening consciously in environments which were actually fit for purpose?” -Julian Treasure From talking to your co-worker to getting to know a new contact to making a presentation, how you speak affects how people take in whatever you’re saying. Hopefully that […]

equil smartmarker

Whiteboard Beyond the Surface with Equil Smartmarker

Whiteboards are pretty much essential for team brainstorming sessions. It’s a way to get ideas out, worked on and ready for the next step. The best way to continue the momentum from that meeting is by having the notes on hand. Instead of having to manually transcribe everything or snap a fuzzy photo of the board, […]


10 Ways Motivate Yourself in 10 Minutes

The only way you are going to be able to make it all the way down your career path and beyond is by staying positive and focused. However, there are those days when your head just isn’t in the game for whatever reason. It’s time to give yourself a jolt of motivation to push forward. […]


SwagSyndicate Social Media Intern

Posted on 02.11.15 Company: SwagSyndicate Location: Remote Position: Social Media Intern Description Here’s your chance to test your social media prowess. Do you think you have what it takes to make an impact online? If so apply to get hands on experience in various platforms and learn the best practices. Requirements Must have 1-2 years of social […]


15 Simple Rules for Making It in the Music Industry

In an interview with News One back in December of 2014, L.A. Reid, Chairman and CEO of Epic Records mentioned, “I don’t think that the greatest talent on earth, in music anyway — are the people we hear on the radio and the people we see on TV. Those are the people that work the […]

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YOUth Social Media & Creative Marketing Internship

Posted on 02.10.15 Company: YOUth Location: Los Angeles, CA Position: Social Media & Creative Marketing Internship (Spring) The YOUth Store & gallery serves as a incubator and platform for the next generation of iconic artists, the next Keith Haring, Alexander Wang, or Kanye West. Our mission is to invest in the future through promoting and collaborating […]


Foot Work Intructor: Jason Mayden

Behind The Hustle brings instructor Jason Mayden of MarkOne to provide tools for success in the sneaker and design industry. Formerly the Senior Global Design Director for Jordan Brand, a division of Nike Inc., Mayden is now the Vice President of Design for MarkOne, the makers of the Vessyl, a cup that automatically knows and tracks everything you […]

Noise Cans

Work Mix of the Week: Nosie Cans Mix for Block.FM

DJ: Nosie Cans Title: Block.FM Exclusive Radio Mix Released: January 2015 Nosie Cans is from Bermuda so he obviously knows whats up with the reggae and dancehall vibes then mashing them up with some EDM. This mix for Japan’s Block.fm will make sure things get going on your work day.


Steps to Branding Your Company

When you are so involved with getting your startup off the ground with all of its many inner working components, you really see it for what it is and its true potential. However, how do other people perceive it? You want everyone else to see and feel how great your start-up is but it may […]


Essential Career Success Strategies

To accomplish anything, you are not only gonna have to work your ass off, but you need a strategy to go along with it. Plan the steps and plan the execution. Mistakes are inevitable and you need to roll with the punches but you can minimize mistakes if you go about things the right way. […]

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Behind The Hustle Initiations: Foot Work on Feb 21

On Saturday February 21st, we will be hosting Behind The Hustle Initiations: Foot Work in Los Angeles. Come explore the art of sneaker design with the former Senior Global Design Director of Jordan, Jason Mayden. Set to take place in the contemporary Herman Miller showroom, this all day event will feature an insightful Q+A, lecture & innovative design workshop. Registration […]

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Dim Mak Records Publishing and A&R Interns

Posted on 02.04.15 Company: Dim Mak Record Location: Los Angeles, CA Position: A&R Intern Description Dim Mak Records is seeking Publishing and A&R interns. Applicants should be available to work out of our Downtown LA office 2-3 days for at least 16 hours per week. Publishing and A&R candidate should have knowledge of the Dim Mak […]


5 Easy Ways to Accomplish All of Your Goals

What are your career goals? When did you set them? When do you plan on accomplishing them? It’s important to you set goals for yourself, but you gotta know that part is only step one. Instead of procrastinating and making bad excuses, start planning, analyzing and taking action. Here are 5 easy ways to accomplish all your goals. 1. Write […]


10 Things You Need to Drop to Stay Motivated

You know life has its ups and downs, however you can’t let those downs deter you from reaching your goals. Do what you have to in order to stay motivated. That is how you are going to continue to get what you need to get done. Much of the time, the only thing holding you […]


How to Have the Perfect Work Day

Career goals don’t come without more than enough hard work, so you need to make the most of each day as possible. Obviously you need to get your work done but doing it productively requires you to keep your mind and body at its peak. Take breaks, move around, reflect and sleep so your work […]


5 Qualities Of Successful People

Successful people have accomplished great things because they were interested in something, saw a problem, found a way to solve it and did something about it. They took a few risks on that road too. You are gonna have to if you want to succeed. Attitude and action will take you to your career goals. Here are 5 […]

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sbe Group Special Event Manager

Posted on 01.29.15 Company: sbe Location: Los Angeles, CA Position: Special Event Manager Description Provides business development and event sales to the Special Events Department through targeted market outreach for specific venue, as well as develops and maintains community and client relations; performs special projects as delegated. Candidates with Restaurant, Hotel or Off-Site Catering experience […]