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10 Pieces Of Career Advice For Millennials

Finding one’s career isn’t how it used to be and the path is generally far from linear. However, no need to be discouraged. As a millennial, you should be excited about the vast amount of opportunities out there. Now is the time to have new experiences and develop new skills to set yourself up for […]

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Fullscreen Talent Management Internship

Company: Fullscreen Location: Culver City, CA Position: Talent Management Intern Description Fullscreen is a global media company that offers innovative technology and premium services for next generation content creators and the world’s leading brands to thrive on YouTube. As the largest YouTube network, Fullscreen generates over 2.5 billion monthly video views and reaches over 150 […]

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VSCO Artist Initiative’s $100,000 Scholarship Fund

As a company “by creatives, for creatives”, VSCO truly supports the art of photography. To take this to to another level, they have begun a program to provide artists the resources to pursue their creative visions. Yes, they want to give some money to help those do what they do best as photographers. Sounds like a dream opportunity. […]


Getting Into Your Zone

Every so often, you just go H.A.M on a project. Sometimes, you find a groove where you produce your best work and refuse to be interrupted.  You are now in your zone.  Unfortunately, most can’t just pop in and out of a zone. Many factors have to work together to find your zone and usually, […]


7 Rules of Successful Branding

You want your company to have longevity. Unless you have the proper branding, it’s gonna be tough. Your product or service needs to be represented in the market in a way that is both authentic and shareable. Just think about all the brands that you love and why you still are a customer. Follow trends […]

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TOMS Summer Internship 2014

Company: TOMS Location: Los Angeles, CA Position: Summer Internship 2014 (8 openings) Description Are you interested in social entrepreneurship? Do you have a passion for giving? Do you want to join the TOMS movement in a meaningful way? We want to hear from you! As an intern at TOMS, you’ll have the opportunity to add […]


Things for Your Not To-Do List

You can maximize your productivity simply with a to-do list. Knowing what tasks you need to get done and what goals you are working to accomplish keep you on track. Still, there are plenty of things that keep you distracted from your to-do list. This includes co-workers, clients, social media and, most importantly, yourself. Your […]

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Skillshare Class of the Month: Launch Your Startup Idea for Less than 1k

Now is the time to turn your idea for a business into reality. The best part is, you don’t need a ton of money out the gate. There are plenty of free and/or affordable tools available to get you to a point when you not on;y have the attention of your audience but potential investors. […]


Creative Contraband Marketing/Proposal Design Internship

Company: Creative Contraband Location: Los Angeles, CA Position: Marketing/Proposal Design Intern Description Designing a winning proposal is the key to earning new business. Creative Contraband is looking for motivated Marketing/Proposal Design Intern to assist in doing just that. Our ideal candidate must be a quick self-starter, who team-oriented and doesn’t require tons of oversight and […]


Turning Business Ideas Into Reality

All of you have some form of a business idea that you may or may not take seriously. Some of you have a great idea that has some  serious potential. While we do hope it’s all of you, but likely less of you will actually act upon it. How are you gonna make sure your […]

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BlackboardEats Restaurant Partnerships Manager

Company: Blackboard Eats Location: New York, NY Position: NY Restaurant Partnerships Manager Description Are you a huge foodie who knows the NYC restaurant scene like the back of your hand? If so this may be your dream gig. BlackboardEats, the high-end foodie editorial + perk site is seeking a super hard-working Partnerships Manager to meet with […]

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BTH’s Favorite Mix of the Week: Keep Watch Mix by Dirty South Joe

DJ: Dirty South Joe Title: Mishka presentsKeep Watch Mix XXXVII Released: September 2013 Coming out of the Mad Decent camp, Dirty South Joe obviously knows how to turn things up. This 2 hour mix fills all of your trap needs and doesn’t let off the throttle, just like how you should approach your work this […]


How to Plan for a Productive Week

A successful week begins with a successful strategy. You need to think about all the things you need to get done, organize it all then execute. Stop saying you don’t have enough time and figure out how to make the most of all the time you got. Don’t let another week go by where you […]


GoPro Visual Design and Production Intern

Company: GoPro Location: San Mateo, CA Position: Visual Design and Production Intern Description Provide assistance to our designers and general creative support. Intern will work closely with product managers, engineers, and the UX Design team to create an amazing experience for our customers. Responsibilities Ability to visualize and execute the creation of an experience from initial […]


Learn To Speed Way Faster With Spritz

Reading regularly probably isn’t as common as it should be. We read tweets, status updates, captions, blurbs and whatever else is less than a short paragraph. There is so much content out there that taking the time to read and focus on anything longer doesn’t happen for a lot of us. Well, if you were […]

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Warner Music Group Coordinator of Artist Development

Company: Warner Music Group Location: Burbank, CA Position: Coordinator of Artist Development Description With its broad roster of new stars and legendary artists, Warner Music Group is home to a collection of the best-known record labels in the music industry including Asylum, Atlantic, Cordless, East West, Elektra, Nonesuch, Reprise, Rhino, Roadrunner, Rykodisc, Sire, Warner Bros. and […]


BICOM Office by Jean de Lessard

Cubicles are boring. Check out Canadian public relations agency BICOM‘s village inspired Montreal office by Jean de Lessard. This space won us over with faux campfire area. Jean de Lessard chose the archetype of the small house, because it brings out emotions that trigger, for many, happy memories at the summer cottage by the lake and campfires […]


22 Tips For Best Utilizing LinkedIn

We’ve told you before and we’ll tell you again, update your LinkedIn profile and use it to boost your career. You can find jobs, connect with clients, get advice and more with the professional social network. Your talents should not go ignored so use it get on people’s radars. Spend half the time you spend on […]

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Add To Your Calendar: A Conversation With Young Guru

Tomorrow night on March 6th at 7 pm, Young Guru will be in Washington DC at his alma mater Howard University for a Red Bull Music Academy Session. As Jay Z’s longstanding sound consultant and having had his hands on hits on top of hits, he knows a thing or two about music. Learn from one of […]