Street Etiquette Audio Visual 004

Work Mix of the Week: Street Etiquette Audio Visual 004

DJ: Song Selection by Joshua Kissi of Street Etiquette | Mixing by Soft Glas Title: Street Etiquette Audio Visual 004 Released: March 2014 Maybe the day is coming to an end or maybe you just need to zone out for a little, but sometimes you just need to be on your chill tip while you work. […]


3 Lessons Learned: jeffstaple of Staple Design

Name: jeffstaple Hustle: Founder of Staple Design Website: Follow: @jeffstaple | @staplepigeon jeffstaple is the definition of hustle. As one of the early influencers in New York City’s streetwear culture scene, Jeff is the Founder and Creative Director of Staple Design, a visual communications agency which also houses his clothing brand, Staple Pigeon and boutique clothing […]


How to Land an Internship

Before you think about what kind of internship you want to pursue, you must realize that work makes up most of your life after college and you have to find out what kind of career makes you click, now – not in 10 years when you have kids and you have a dog and a […]

droga5 logo

Droga5 Studio Artist

Posted on 1.08.15 Company: Droga5 Location: New York, NY Position: Studio Artist Description One of Fast Company’s 2013 Most Innovative Companies, Droga5 is a creative and strategic agency headquartered in New York with offices in London and Sydney. Founded in 2006, Droga5 now counts as its clients Prudential, American Express, The Coca-Cola Company, Motorola, Mondelez International, Chobani, Under […]


Common Traits Of The Most Successful People

It should be no surprise that successful did things differently to get to where they did. Their attitude, decisions and actions determined their future. Will you be one of them? We know you can be. You just gotta stay focused. Author and speaker Robert Greene lists of common traits that make certain people successful. They Are Emotionally […]


ibattz ASAP Charges Your Phone in 15 Minutes

The faster your phone charges the better so you can go about your day. Portable chargers are ways to work on the go without losing juice but you need to stay plugged into the device. ibattz announced their ASAP Charger can fully charge an iPhone 6 in just 15 minutes with its 20-volt, 2-amp power pack that will […]


How to Accomplish Big Things

We all want to leave a lasting footprint on society. Therefore, it has to be big. In order to do that, you need to think big. Think about the things you wish to accomplish if all the money and every resource was at your disposal. Now go for it. Why wait until tomorrow what you wish […]


Seagate Seven Is the World’s Thinnest 500GB Portable Drive

It’s pivotal that you back up all your important files. You never know what’s gonna happen to your computer and you don’t want to be left with nothing if something does. Especially if you’re a videographer or photographer, you probably have stacks of portable hard drives with back ups for your back ups. The Seagate Seven will […]


Habits Of Strategic Thinkers

Think before you act. It’s a simple, yet commonly overlooked principle. Apply to projects at hand as well as to your long term goals. Figure out the necessary steps and avoid all foreseeable mistakes when possible to receive the best results. Have an open mind, get help when need it and learn. Be strategic in your methods […]

miami mais turban radio wave mix

Work Mix of the Week: Miami Mais Turban Radio Wave Mix

DJ: Miami Mais  Title: Miami Mais Turban Radio Wave Mix Released: November 2014 Italian DJ & producer Miami Mais is just putting us in a good mood with this mix. Throw it on in the morning to start your day off right with the proper tone. Tracklist: Mc Miker G & Deejay Sven- Holiday rap Kidd Video […]


Turning a Startup Idea into a Plan That Works

Almost everyone seems to have some form of a business idea. Few people take actions to make it happen. Fewer people succeed. You can be one of those people. Have a purpose and solve a problem. Map things out and adjust accordingly with a business plan. The Happy Startup School has put together this slideshow to help […]


8 Lessons We Learned in 2014

It’s that time of year when everyone reflects on both the good and the not so good events of the current year. Here at Behind The Hustle, we will be reflecting on the lessons that we learned courtesy of our 3 Lessons Learned series that we launched back in June of this year. No matter […]


Foot Work: Basics of Sneaker Design

Designing your own sneaker all begins with the proper guidance and tools. Behind The Hustle & Project Cobalt present Foot Work at Agenda Emerge in Long Beach on January 6th, 2015. Led by former Senior Global Design Director of Jordan Brand, Jason Mayden, this workshop will teach you the fundamentals of sneaker design. To put that […]


Foot Work: Palette Studio

Meline Katchi and Mesrop Megrabyan of Palette Studio Co. to shed light on the many dimensions that make their hustle successful. Reigning as Los Angeles natives, Katchi and Megrabyan, came together and founded their company, Palette Studio Co. Both having backgrounds in design, the founders are creative professionals with a focused niche in producing traditional […]


Top 10 Posts of 2014

Another year down. How was it for you? Did you accomplish the goals you set for yourself? We hope we were able to keep you motivated and inspired to do so with daily tips and advice. As long as you are at least one step closer to your dream job, we’re happy and we will […]


How to Think Big In Business

If you want to succeed, you got to think big. Set big goals so you have something to work towards and reach for. Your future accomplishments will be earned and well deserved with the proper steps. Learn from those who have already succeeded so you can follow in their footsteps until you veer off onto […]


Things to Avoid if You Don’t Want to Fail

With our videos and events, we showcase professionals in non-traditional industries who talk about what they do, how they got there and what kind of advice they have others aspiring to have a similar career. When offering up advice for success, this not includes things you must do but things you must not do. While failure is generally an ingredient […]


How to Connect with Influencers in 4 Steps

Have you ever asked someone, “How do I go about getting a foot in the door of the entertainment industry?” Are you lacking the proper relationships or contacts that you feel are necessary to advance in your career? If so, today is your lucky day! We address many similar questions on a daily basis. With […]

Workplace, Man working on the laptop

6 Tips to Stay Productive During the Holidays

The holidays are here and it’s time to ease up on the work so you can get some rest. The refresh will help you end the year strong and give you momentum into the new year. However, chances are there are still things you need to get done even though most people are taking the […]


Work Mix of the Week: The Rap Monument

Instead of a regular mix this week, we had to put you onto The Rap Monument put together by Noisey. A 40 minute “track” with 36 artists laying down a few bars each, including Pusha T, Danny Brown, Raekwon, Prodigy, Action Bronson, Kilo Kish and more. You can see the full line-up in order below. […]