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Cashmere Agency Project Manager

Posted on 08.15.14 Company: Cashmere Agency Location: Los Angeles, CA Position: Project Manager, Client Services Description Project Managers are expected to manage all aspects of the projects that you are assigned. As Project Manager, you are responsible for the day-to-day delivery of client deliverables. As Project Manager you are to guide and execute projects through […]


swivelCard is a Smart Business Card

Business cards have started to lose their touch. Once you get one, you just enter the information in your phone and put the business card aside to likely never be seen again. There are even apps where you can snap a photo of the card and it’ll input the info for you. Why not save the paper and […]


Fail Your Way To Success

Failure is part of the recipe for success. Strive for those learning opportunities of failure so you get to success quicker. Work hard, then work even harder after things don’t work out as planned. Stop viewing failure as something completely bad. Imagine the results if we each committed to do one thing that spikes our […]


Cool Offices: Nuon Office by HEYLIGERS Design+Projects

Cubicles are boring. Check out Nuon‘s office in Amsterdm by HEYLIGERS Design+Projects. You probably wouldn’t think a utility company would have a cool office but this huge space has dope areas, seating, lighting, accommodations and more. If we ever visit the area, we might need to swing through and borrow a workspace for part of the day. The […]

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Farfetch Stylist

Posted on 08.13.14 Company: Farfetch Location: Los Angeles, CA Position: Stylist Description The role of Stylist will report into the Creative Services Manager.  It’s essential the candidate not only has a strong and dynamic creative flair but also the competency and organizational skills to meet daily styling studio targets are met and that the studios […]


5 Tips For Cold-Emailing Your Dream Employer

For job-seekers, it’s easy to feel lost within a sea of applicants. But don’t fret. Instead, understand that in this ocean of competition, there’s key habits you can strengthen in order to acquire your dream job. For those who have established habits in the job search, you have to understand one crucial factor in elevating […]

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Power 106 FM Project Manager

Posted on 08.12.14 Company: Power 106 Location: Burbank, CA Postion: Project Manager Description KPWR-Power 106 FM radio is part of Emmis Communications, the ninth-largest radio broadcaster in the U.S., based on number of listeners. The Emmis culture carries at its heart the belief that, in order to succeed, a company must take risks, treat its […]


How to Be Productive

There always seems to be so much going on that it can become damn near impossible to maximize your productivity. With all of your day-to-day tasks, meetings, exercises, meals, breaks, etc, how can you manage the work day so you stay sane and everything gets done in a timely matter? Anna Vitals put together this great infographic […]


Work Mix of the Week: Faze Miyake Boiler Room Mix

DJ: Faze Miyake Title: Released: January 2014 It’s time to get going and work on those short term goals of yours that help you with your long term goals. Get the motivation you need with this set by Rinse FM‘s Faze Miyake for London’s underground music show Boiler Room. Turn up just enough to get you going this week for […]


4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Day

It is important to take time out of every day to reflect. It doesn’t take long and your future self will thank you greatly. You need to make sure you are making the most of your day and taking steps towards your goals. Do this by planning things out and staying on top of it. […]

Kenny Mac

Online Class of the Month: Create the Perfect Pitch with Kenny Mac

Our Founder & Creative Director has been dropping knowledge for your career regularly on the site with Kenny Mac’s 3 Things You Need to Know. To share more of what he’s learned throughout his career, he’s teamed up with our friends at Fashion Business Accelerator 360 to teach an online class. Getting the meeting is one thing, and […]

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2K Video Editor

Posted on 08.07.14 Company: 2K Location: Novato, CA Position: Video Editor Description The Video Production Department at 2K is seeking a Video Editor to work on-site at our facilities in Novato, CA. The ideal candidate possesses excellent video editing and motion graphics skills, and is also familiar with all aspects of video production. The candidate […]


The Drive: BMW 320i xDrive Sedan

The new BMW 320i xDrive fits the mold for the millennial generation in attitude and flavor. It is technologically savvy, and ambitious. I was set up for a weeklong interview with it. I thought it would look smaller and less impressive being a 3 series, but just as some young job seekers can be underestimated, […]


Essentials: NomadPlus

We never seem to have enough battery life on our devices and we have more than enough accessories for them. Well, now you can upgrade your existing iPhone wall charger and turn it into a backup battery. With the portable NomadPlus, you can charge both your phone and the extra battery when plugged into the wall. When your phone is […]

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White Label Radio Blogging Intern

Posted on 08.05.14 Company: White Label Radio Location: Los Angeles, CA (Anywhere) Position: Blogging Intern Description We are a growing classic hip hop radio show called White Label Radio on Skee 247. We are looking for a great writer that can contribute content and cover events for web component of our brand. Requirements Excellent writing […]

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Intern to Employee in 8 Steps

Having an internship while in or right out of college will likely be pivotal on your career path. During internships you learn the basics and get an idea of how things work, while proving your worth by showing them you are ready for more difficult tasks and opportunities. While interning, no task is too small […]


Finding My Lane: Josh Vides of CLSC

Name: Josh Vides Hustle: Owner of CLSC Website: Follow: @clscjosh  “Can’t live scared of change.” For Josh, founder of CLSC, this statement is more than words of inspiration, it’s the lifestyle he’s created for his clothing brand, CLSC. When was the last time you were scared? If you can’t remember when, you need to […]


Dwell Editorial Internship

Posted on 08.01.14 Company: Dwell Location:  New York, NY Postion: Editorial Internship Description We are looking for a talented individual to contribute for the Fall 2014 semester at Dwell’s editorial offices in New York City. The ideal candidate will possess excellent writing, editing, and proofreading skills; be familiar with Photoshop; and will have a genuine […]

Startup Business

Tips on Creating an Effective Team

With any company, you want everyone to have their roles, support each other, want the same goals for company and more. The leader needs to understand how each member works individually in order for cohesive work. It isn’t easy  to group together the dream team and it’ll likely take some time as you work with what you have […]


Cool Offices: Beats by Dre HQ by Bestor Architecture

Cubicles are boring. Check out the new Beats by Dre headquarters for its 500+ employees in Culver City by Bestor Architects. We’ve seen this space in person and it is awesome. The layout and utilization of natural lighting easily won us over. With communal areas, a coffee shop, whiteboard walls everywhere and more, we definitely wouldn’t minding working […]