Essential Career Success Strategies

To accomplish anything, you are not only gonna have to work your ass off, but you need a strategy to go along with it. Plan the steps and plan the execution. Mistakes are inevitable and you need to roll with the punches but you can minimize mistakes if you go about things the right way. […]

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Behind The Hustle Initiations: Foot Work on Feb 21

On Saturday February 21st, we will be hosting Behind The Hustle Initiations: Foot Work in Los Angeles. Come explore the art of sneaker design with the former Senior Global Design Director of Jordan, Jason Mayden. Set to take place in the contemporary Herman Miller showroom, this all day event will feature an insightful Q+A, lecture & innovative design workshop. Registration […]

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Dim Mak Records Publishing and A&R Interns

Posted on 02.04.15 Company: Dim Mak Record Location: Los Angeles, CA Position: A&R Intern Description Dim Mak Records is seeking Publishing and A&R interns. Applicants should be available to work out of our Downtown LA office 2-3 days for at least 16 hours per week. Publishing and A&R candidate should have knowledge of the Dim Mak […]


5 Easy Ways to Accomplish All of Your Goals

What are your career goals? When did you set them? When do you plan on accomplishing them? It’s important to you set goals for yourself, but you gotta know that part is only step one. Instead of procrastinating and making bad excuses, start planning, analyzing and taking action. Here are 5 easy ways to accomplish all your goals. 1. Write […]


10 Things You Need to Drop to Stay Motivated

You know life has its ups and downs, however you can’t let those downs deter you from reaching your goals. Do what you have to in order to stay motivated. That is how you are going to continue to get what you need to get done. Much of the time, the only thing holding you […]


How to Have the Perfect Work Day

Career goals don’t come without more than enough hard work, so you need to make the most of each day as possible. Obviously you need to get your work done but doing it productively requires you to keep your mind and body at its peak. Take breaks, move around, reflect and sleep so your work […]


5 Qualities Of Successful People

Successful people have accomplished great things because they were interested in something, saw a problem, found a way to solve it and did something about it. They took a few risks on that road too. You are gonna have to if you want to succeed. Attitude and action will take you to your career goals. Here are 5 […]

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sbe Group Special Event Manager

Posted on 01.29.15 Company: sbe Location: Los Angeles, CA Position: Special Event Manager Description Provides business development and event sales to the Special Events Department through targeted market outreach for specific venue, as well as develops and maintains community and client relations; performs special projects as delegated. Candidates with Restaurant, Hotel or Off-Site Catering experience […]

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How To Work Better

Even if you are spending your days doing what you love, your productivity and effectiveness can still hit a low. There may be too many distractions and/or your head might not be in the right place. Evaluate the situation and make the proper adjustments, then you can get back to doing what you do best, […]

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Moment Is a Case Made for Mobile Photographers

Since we use our phones as our primary cameras, why not make some upgrades for capturing all those moments? To better utilize their available wide or telephoto lenses, Moment now has a case that is made for mobile photographers. By providing a multi-state button that enables half press and full press feature, you can easily lock focus and snap […]


Revolt Music Curator

Posted on 01.28.15 Company: Revolt Location: Los Angeles, CA Position: Music Curator Description Support the music curation initiatives for REVOLT TV’s music centric daily, live show, REVOLT Live. Work with music programming to support and secure opportunities to strengthen the REVOLT brand for REVOLT Live. Responsibilites Interface with Music Programming and Talent Departments to identify […]


18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently

It takes a certain type of person to be in a creative line of work. Mindset and attitude need to be on point for the best work to come out. It can be difficult to have those creative juices always flowing, but some people seem to just always have it going and they constantly create […]


Microsoft HoloLens Transforms Your World with Holograms

Microsoft may just change how we all work and go about our days with the announcement of HoloLens, a set of goggles that lets you go beyond the screen with high definition holograms. Digital is no longer be limited to screens. The virtual world can be incorporated into whatever physical space you are in. HoloLens provides new ways to […]

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87AM Social Media Strategist

Posted on 01.27.15 Company: 87AM Location: New York, NY Position: Social Media Strategist Description You read good books. You write a blog that people actually read. You judge advertisements ‘cause you could probably write them better. You are creeped out by how good Facebook is at targeting ads to you …but also secretly impressed. You […]


4 Ways to Deal with Negative People

Regardless of the amount of success that we achieve in life, there always comes a time when we have to face challenges, critics, and negativity. We have no control over what comes our way. However, we can control how we choose to react. When it comes to negativity, knowing how to properly handle negative personalities […]

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Work Mix of the Week: Wantigga x Voyage Mix

DJ: Wantigga Title: Wantigga x Voyage Mix Released: May 2014 Coming from the Netherlands, Wantigga seamlessly fuses house, R&B, hip-hop and more to give us pretty much all that we want to hear when we’re working. Throwing in a few of his own remixes, we’re quite positive you’ll be playing this one a few times over, […]

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adidas Color and Materials Internship

Posted on 01.26.15 Company: adidas Location: Portland, OR Position: Color and Materials Internship (Summer 2015) – 6-month internship Description Very few internships will provide the foundation for your career like this one: Work alongside talented designers who are passionate about helping you become a better color and materials designer Opportunities to work with the Global Color […]


Preparing To Launch Your Startup

We know you have that entrepreneurial spirit. We just want to make sure you are ready. Start-ups take a lot of work and effort to say the least. Whether it is starting a t-shirt company to developing a new social media platform, you need to be prepared to put in the work while utilizing the right tools […]

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How Bad Sitting Too Much Is for You

Does your work require you to sit for extended periods of time day in and day out? If so, you’re probably gonna want to either change up your work routine or get a job that lets you get up from your chair regularly. Sitting too much can have significant negative impacts on your health from […]


Cool Offices: Airbnb’s Portland Office

Cubicles are boring. Check out Airbnb‘s office in Portland for its customer service department by their internal environments designers Aaron Taylor Harvey and Rachael Yu a.k.a. Myriad Harbor. This is the first of a number of Customer Experience (CX) centers that will open around the world. Designed for upwards of 200 employees, they can sit, stand and […]