Cool Offices: Birchbox’s New York Offices by design 3

Cubicles are boring. Check out Birchbox‘s New York offices by design 3 who created a space that reflected the company’s logo, brand and presence. The predominantly grey and wood office is accented with pops of color in varying areas. With a workout space, common areas with couches for those impromptu meetings, and a conference room with a view, […]


Houzz Content Marketing Researcher & Writer

Posted on 09.25.14 Company: Houzz Location: Palo Alto, CA Position: Content Marketing Researcher & Writer Description Houzz is looking for a smart, top-notch writer and researcher to join our Palo Alto, CA team. You should be very web savvy, with a good understanding of how search engines work. You have experience in research, comparative analysis and […]


Master Your Elevator Pitch

Just because you know plenty of people through all your networking doesn’t mean you will be able to instantaneously utilize them on a whim. If working with one of your connections will want to benefit your company or business, you are still gonna need to reel them in with an elevator pitch. Practice and master it […]

silo mesh card

Silo Mesh Card Is the Modern Portable Multi-Tool

The less stuff in your pockets the better. It isn’t really necessary to have more than your wallet, phone, keys and maybe some chapstick. Silo Mesh Card is a thin, lightweight & durable multi-tool accessory that you can store in your wallet or even replace it. With a removable band, Mesh Card can hold your credit cards, business […]


Nike Director Flyknit R&D

Posted on 09.24.14 Company: Nike Location: Beaverton, OR Position: Director Flyknit R&D Description Plan, analyze, and implement design solutions in support of NIKE’s business objectives. Design and perform computer software programming duties for application in computer controlled flat knitting machines to direct interpolation of machines’ tools and alter parameters of programs. Develop software programs for […]


7 Common Negotiation Mistakes to Avoid

Negotiating is like a game of chess. You don’t want to start overly aggressive but you know what you want and you need to make the moves that get you there. What you say and how you say it depends on who you are negotiating with. When it comes to salary and/or retainers, go in with […]


Next Level Mobile Photography with Relonch Camera

Unless you’re a photographer out on a job, it doesn’t make as much sense to carry around another camera when your phone can do a fine job of capturing the moment. While the cameras on smartphones are getting better and better, you wouldn’t hate it if the photo quality on your Instagram feed was better. The Relonch Camera is taking mobile […]

bbooth tv logo 2

bBooth TV Graphic & Online Designer

Posted on 09.23.14 Company: bBooth TV Location: Hollywood, CA Position: Graphic & Online Designer Description Our ideal candidate possesses a strong work ethic and an exceptional attention to creative concepts for both print and digital design. The Graphic and Online Designer is responsible for the production of original design including branded graphics, HTML design, e-mail newsletter design, […]


7 Simple Ways To Say No

At some point or another, we all experience the difficulty of learning how to say no. It takes a very diplomatic and tactful approach to learn the skill of saying no without compromising face, coming off as rude, or diminishing your relationship with others. More importantly, it’s how you go about saying no rather than […]


Finding My Lane: Ashley Outrageous

Name: Ashley Outrageous Hustle: Founder & Editor-in-Chief of | Director of Digital Media for Top Dawg Entertainment Website: Follow: @aoutrageous In the hip-hop game it’s rare for a woman to reign supreme but for Ashley Outrageous, it’s not rare, it’s earned. From living on the pulse of hip-hop music as a blogger in Miami to […]

813 x Frank & Oak

Work Mix of the Week: The New Classic Playlist Pt. II by 813

DJ: 813 Title: The New Classic Playlist Pt. II Released: August 2014 Moscow based DJ & producer 813 wastes no time with this mix for Frank & Oak. When you have 30 minutes before you need to leave for lunch or next meeting, get some things done and don’t just sit around scrolling down your Instagram feed. […]

skillshare 3d printing shapeways

Online Class of the Month: Introduction to 3D Printing

3D printing is becoming more popular and accessible everyday. Product design is forever changed because of it. If you’re interested this new and intriguing field, this Skillshare class is for you. Taught by New York based 3D printing marketplace Shapeway‘s Designer Evangelist, Lauren Slowik, Introduction to 3D Printing: From Concept to Product will teach you about materials, processes and design workflow. […]

behind the hustle swiftkey

SwiftKey Is a Smarter Keyboard for iOS 8

iOS 8 just got released for your Apple devices. Along with a variety of functional and design updates, there is a predictive text option for your digital keyboard. It learns the way you text and email so it will provide words and short phrases to choose from instead of having to type them out. However, there is […]

toms logo 2

TOMS Special Projects Designer

Posted on 09.18.14 Company: TOMS Location: Los Angeles, CA Position: Designer – Special Projects Description TOMS is looking for a Designer – Special Projects who is responsible for creating innovative, unique women’s designs true to TOMS aesthetics and creative differentiation in product in the women’s footwear marketplace. Responsibilities Market Trending – use analysis of fashion […]


GOOD Magazine Marketing and Outreach Internship

Posted on 09.17.14 Company: GOOD Magazine Location: Los Angeles, CA Position: Marketing and Outreach Internship Description GOOD Magazine, a division of GOOD Worldwide Inc, is looking for a Magazine Marketing and Outreach Intern.  The goal and responsibility for this position is simple: help grow our brand recognition and readership. We are looking for a cheerful, energetic […]

asap science social media brain

5 Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain

From posting a selfie to scrolling down your feed to checking for likes, you are more likely than not spending too much time on social media. With so many platforms and multiple devices, decreased productivity due to multitasking and distractions is basically inevitable. What draws you to keep those notifications on even though you probably know […]


Manage Your Cable Clutter with Bluelounge Soba

Our desks can become a mess with the variety of cables we need throughout the workday. Various charging, USB, HDMI and miscellaneous cables go every which way while getting cluttered and tangled. Consolidate all of them by zipping them up into a Bluelounge Soba. Utilizing a vortex technology, Soba lets you bundle up to 3 cables […]

publish brand logo

Publish Brand Social Media Manager

Posted on 09.16.14 Company: Publish Brand Location: Fountain Valley, CA Position: Social Media Manager Description We are looking for 1 social media savvy individual to add to our growing team of #Publishers. Before applying, here are some things you must know: 1. You must be willing to commute to our office in Fountain Valley, California […]


10 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Must Learn

Everyone wants to come up with the next big thing. We see all these startups popping up everywhere so it’s easy to think success is within reach once the right idea is thought up. Nope. According to Mashable, 75% of all startups fail. There are plenty of factors that contribute to those unsuccessful businesses. You don’t have to […] chill trap grmm

Work Mix of the Week: Chill Trap Volume 1 by GRMM

DJ: GRMM Title: Chill Trap Volume 1 Released: June 2014 Chill trap just may be our go-to genre for working music, especially if Sydney DJ/Producer GRMM has had his hands on it. It gives you just the right amount of turn-up to grind through the day at a good pace. We’ve got this one on rotation […]