14 Things Successful People Do on Weekends

Good things come to those who hustle. Your consistent hard work will lead to success. This means you need to be doing the necessary work even when you don’t probably want to be doing it. Your future self will thank you. In addition to your weeknights, you weekends need to be productive. Here are 14 […]


How Not to Introduce Yourself

Networking is an important part of your career path. It’s how you will meet the people that will attribute to your future success. These are people you will be working for and/or with. Making that initial introduction at an event or simply on the street, it’s easy for everyone. Most of the time, you just need […]


5 Music Industry Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Making it any industry entails acquiring the proper knowledge and insight necessary when it comes to finding your own lane. Although it’s important to create a unique path, there are many blueprints and models of success that are just waiting to be found. Whether you are a student in junior high school or a seasoned professional […]


Strategies for Creating Engaging Digital Content

Whether you like it or not, you are gonna need to be able to create content. While your service and/or product offered is pivotal for your success, content will boost it. From blog posts to YouTube videos, content is an extension of your brand. So much of our days are spent finding, looking for and absorbing […]

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4 Fast Ways To Make Your Weeknights More Productive

How do you spend your time between dinner and bedtime? Most likely it’s when you wind down and relax. You spent your day working hard so obviously there is nothing wrong with watching some TV and/or surfing the internet. However, think about what else your life needs and how else you can spend that time. Maybe […]


9 Things You Should Do to Be Successful

Successful people did and do things differently. They kept their eyes on the prize and didn’t let anything stop them. Take notes from how the people admire did it. What’s gonna make you successful? Hard work, smart decisions and checking out this site daily, obviously. Well, we let’s break it down to some more precise […]


5 Job Search Tactics You Should Stop Immediately

You can spend your time much more effectively than simply applying to as many jobs as you can to hopefully better your chances. The job search is about quality not quantity. Don’t assume the company will automatically know you are right for the job. Submit your resume to openings that cater to you skillset and that […]


10 Tips for Designers from Nike’s Tinker Hatfield & Mark Smith

Standing out as a designer definitely isn’t easy. However, it’s up to you to make yourself successful. It doesn’t hurt to take advice from some the best out there doing it. Keep dreaming big and keep creating. Nike’s Vice President for Design and Special Projects, Tinker Hatfield, and Senior Creative Director of Innovation, Mark Smith, have some knowledge […]


10 Tips to Turn Passion into Career

Do what you love. Love what you do. It’s not gonna be easy but we know you can make it happen. You need to continue to learn and stay inspired while on that path towards your goals. Make the right decisions when you can and learn from your mistakes. So figure out what you love […]

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Important Career Lessons for Millennials

Gen Y a.k.a. millennials are changing the job market. Millennials have a fearless approach to not settling for mediocracy. They want to build their own dreams and love what they do. With or without a clear path, they maneuver their way towards their goals. There are lessons to be learned by this generation a.k.a. your generation: Expect […]


How to Reinvent Your Career

It’s difficult to transition out of a job. It may be the risk involved, ok, it may all be the risk involved, but if you’re trying to work toward a a career goal down the road then why not do it? Now is the time to figure it out. If you know what you want […]

mickey drexler cfda award

A Day in the Life of J. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler

Do you know Millard “Mickey” Drexler? Do you know The Gap, Banana Republic, or Madewell?  Beyond a heavy hand in those brands, the guy created Old Navy and counsels Apple.  He has been a fixture in the fashion industry for 40 plus years and is the current Chairman & CEO of J.Crew. Mickey was recently given […]

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8 Ways To Turn A Lead Into A Job

With some effective networking, you’ll be able to meet people who can get you a job. Sometimes your contact will want to connect you with someone he or she feels you need to talk to. You don’t know this person yet so you must be cautious with how you approach it. Here are 8 ways you can […]


Common Traits Of The Most Successful People

It should be no surprise that successful did things differently to get to where they did. Their attitude, decisions and actions determined their future. Will you be one of them? We know you can be. You just gotta stay focused. Author and speaker Robert Greene lists of common traits that make certain people successful. They Are Emotionally […]


10 Things You Need to Drop to Stay Motivated

You know life has its ups and downs, however you can’t let those downs deter you from reaching your goals. Do what you have to in order to stay motivated. That is how you are going to continue to get what you need to get done. Much of the time, the only thing holding you […]

competitive advantage

3 Ways To Gain Your Competitive Advantage

For both young and experienced entrepreneurs, gaining a competitive advantage in today’s crowded and distracted marketplace can at times seem extremely daunting. We all know how difficult it can be to keep up with the competition. What if you were told that your best competitive advantage is to be more of…who you already are? In […]

marketing on a dime

5 Ways Market Your Startup on a Dime

You had a great idea so you moved forward with it and now have a startup. Now what? Now people need to know about it. What’s your marketing plan? If your product or service spreads like wild fire across social media than that’s amazing, but don’t rely on word of mouth. There are other ways […]

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5 Prominent Habits of A Successful Entrepreneur

Not everyone can start a company and make it successful. Actually, very few people can. That doesn’t mean you won’t be one of them though. Entrepreneurship is a journey taken by those with true ambition but only finished by those with grit. So what do the individuals that have attained great success have in common? Here are […]

avoid wasting time

6 Simple Ways to Avoid Wasting Time

You need to learn to say no. In order for you to get the things done that you should and need to get done, you need to say no to many, if not most, things. Greg McKeown, author of New York Times bestseller Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, uses Apple as an example. At one point, Apple […]


Advice for First-Time Leaders

Many, if not all of you, will be put into a leadership position at some point. It may be for a project or just a meeting, but you are gonna need to alter your mindset to take advantage of the situation. Not necessarily an easy position to to manage but it is doable. It isn’t […]