3 Lessons Learned: Kellen Roland of The NTWRK Agency

Name: Kellen Roland Hustle: President at The NTWRK Agency Website: Social Handles: @KellenRoland | @The_NTWRK As a University of Wisconsin graduate with a degree in Communication and Media Studies, Kellen initially wanted to pursue a career in entertainment as a talent agent. However, while Kellen was away at school, a good friend of his by […]


Things to Avoid on Your Resume

Job recruiters spend a lot less time on your resume than you think, so craft it properly so it get the attention it deserves. That means putting only the important information on and leaving off the unnecessary. It’s time to clean up and refresh your resume. Here are some things to avoid: Get rid of the objective […]


Tips for an Awesome Coffee Meeting

Make a list of the people you would like to meet and network with. Chances are they are all busy people so obviously you don’t want to waste their time. However, you know you could really learn something of value from this person and/or can offer something of value to this person you both can build […]


Signs You’re Going to Be Extraordinarily Successful

The path to accomplishing your goals is a long and winding one, so when you’re on it, success may not always be in view. Don’t let that discourage you though. You need to continue to work hard and stay focused. If you possess certain attitudes and habits, you will reach your goals. Here are 9 signs […]


How to Impress When You’re the Youngest on the Team

You always need to show your worth, especially when you’re newest and youngest on the team. You not only have to show your worth but prove it again and again. It may get discouraging on times when you are looked at as inexperienced, but use it as motivation. You were hired for a reason. These […]


9 Things Successful People Won’t Do

Success takes a certain attitude. You need to be able to move past failures and navigate through a bunch of nonsense. You need to be able to work on short terms goals always with the long term goals in mind. You need to have a high emotional intelligence. Still think you have what it takes to be […]

asana app

Collaborate Better with Asana

A great app for the busy hustler in you, Asana brings your co-workers, business partners and/or underlings together to produce results and keep track of results on one platform. Well, maybe two. There is an Asana web version, but the free iPhone app is the perfect companion to tackle projects and know what your team […]

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Manage Your Day in 18 Minutes

Don’t waste your day. You don’t want to reflect on your day right before you sleep to realize you didn’t do much more than watch random YouTube videos and decide between Instagram filters. At then end of each day, you should be at least one step closer to accomplishing a short and/or long-term goal. It […]

Chiara Vitellozzi

Bad Excuses That Are Holding You Back

Just because things become difficult doesn’t mean you should let them be obstacles on your career path. Do what you must to push through to get to your goals. What you should never do is make excuses. Don’t be lazy. Stop blaming other people. Excuses aren’t helping anyone, especially you and your career. Here are […]

chris bolman skilshare

Online Class of the Month: Creating What Sets You Apart

Never take branding for granted, whether its for your company or simply yourself. It’s something to think about out the gate; and it’s more than just a logo. With Brand Management: Creating What Sets You Apart, you will learn to define your brand, build upon the brand and align a brand strategy with the overall business strategy. […]


10 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Must Learn

Everyone wants to come up with the next big thing. We see all these startups popping up everywhere so it’s easy to think success is within reach once the right idea is thought up. Nope. According to Mashable, 75% of all startups fail. There are plenty of factors that contribute to those unsuccessful businesses. You don’t have to […]

doug morris sony miden 2015

Wise Words With Doug Morris, CEO of Sony Music Entertainment

Doug Morris is a legendary music executive and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment. Doug was invited to speak at Midem 2015 in Cannes, France. In his keynote speech entitled “Visionary Talk,” Doug shares a plethora of insight that he has gained throughout his 50+ years of experience in the music industry. Throughout the interview, he praises […]


30 Career Moves You Should Make by the Time You Are 30

Not everyone has the privilege of working in the career of their dreams in their 20’s. Even if you do, those days may not last forever. It’s important to invest in both yourself and your career in ways that can not only help to increase your earning potential, but also your vitality and resilience during […]


Tips to Get Your Focus Back

When you get caught up with daily distractions while worrying about the future, you lose focus. You become less productive and you don’t complete your best work on a timely manner. You need to get into your zone. Don’t waste your days by not doing something you will be proud of when the day is […]


14 Things Successful People Do on Weekends

Good things come to those who hustle. Your consistent hard work will lead to success. This means you need to be doing the necessary work even when you don’t probably want to be doing it. Your future self will thank you. In addition to your weeknights, you weekends need to be productive. Here are 14 […]


How Not to Introduce Yourself

Networking is an important part of your career path. It’s how you will meet the people that will attribute to your future success. These are people you will be working for and/or with. Making that initial introduction at an event or simply on the street, it’s easy for everyone. Most of the time, you just need […]


5 Music Industry Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Making it any industry entails acquiring the proper knowledge and insight necessary when it comes to finding your own lane. Although it’s important to create a unique path, there are many blueprints and models of success that are just waiting to be found. Whether you are a student in junior high school or a seasoned professional […]


Strategies for Creating Engaging Digital Content

Whether you like it or not, you are gonna need to be able to create content. While your service and/or product offered is pivotal for your success, content will boost it. From blog posts to YouTube videos, content is an extension of your brand. So much of our days are spent finding, looking for and absorbing […]

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4 Fast Ways To Make Your Weeknights More Productive

How do you spend your time between dinner and bedtime? Most likely it’s when you wind down and relax. You spent your day working hard so obviously there is nothing wrong with watching some TV and/or surfing the internet. However, think about what else your life needs and how else you can spend that time. Maybe […]


9 Things You Should Do to Be Successful

Successful people did and do things differently. They kept their eyes on the prize and didn’t let anything stop them. Take notes from how the people admire did it. What’s gonna make you successful? Hard work, smart decisions and checking out this site daily, obviously. Well, we let’s break it down to some more precise […]