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Important Career Lessons for Millennials

Gen Y a.k.a. millennials are changing the job market. Millennials have a fearless approach to not settling for mediocracy. They want to build their own dreams and love what they do. With or without a clear path, they maneuver their way towards their goals. There are lessons to be learned by this generation a.k.a. your generation: Expect […]

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10 Pieces of Career Advice for Millennials

Finding one’s career isn’t how it used to be and the path is generally far from linear. However, no need to be discouraged. As a millennial, you should be excited about the vast amount of opportunities out there. Now is the time to have new experiences and develop new skills to set yourself up for […]


Scribe Gem: Millennials Revealed by Tru Pettigrew

Think you can change the world? You’re right. But how can you make that happen? As Millennials we have a quest to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. We want more than a job, we want fulfillment and a purpose in our work. For speaker, author, and entrepreneur Tru Pettigrew, he understands the importance of […]


Do Millennials Make Better Leaders?

As part of Generation Y a.k.a. Millennial Generation, you want to have the freedom to choose your career and spend your days doing something you love. You want to shake the world up. You refuse to sit obediently and simply follow orders just because you have to. You would rather join a team with similar […]


What Millennials Care About

Generation Y a.k.a. Millennials a.k.a. you have a whole new outlook on life and how to approach it, especially in regards in career. You no longer accept a meaningless number crunching, paper pushing job as a career. You want to be able to use your mind in new ways, collaborate and have fun. You want […]


How to Impress When You’re the Youngest on the Team

You always need to show your worth, especially when you’re newest and youngest on the team. You not only have to show your worth but prove it again and again. It may get discouraging on times when you are looked at as inexperienced, but use it as motivation. You were hired for a reason. These […]


30 Career Moves You Should Make by the Time You Are 30

Not everyone has the privilege of working in the career of their dreams in their 20’s. Even if you do, those days may not last forever. It’s important to invest in both yourself and your career in ways that can not only help to increase your earning potential, but also your vitality and resilience during […]


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Posted on 10.23.14 Company: (RED) Location: New York, NY Position Design Manager Description The Design Manager will be the steward of the brand and oversee the creative process. (RED)’s key asset is the brand. It’s the appeal to consumers, partners, and the creative community (RED) works with. (RED) taps in to people’s passions to connect […]