Finding My Lane: Greg Egbuogu of Twitter

Name: Greg Egbuogu Hustle: IT Endpoint Engineer Website: Follow: @ITbawse Finding your lane can be a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be. What comes to you naturally? What do you love to do? Listen to your skills, align it with purpose and the right opportunity will come. With the growing impact of […]

Julian Mitchell

Finding My Lane: Julian Mitchell

Name: Julian Mitchell Hustle: Multimedia Content Creator Website: Follow: @AllThingsMitch  “Get paid to be yourself.” It’s the mantra Julian Mitchell lives. From creating and developing award-winning campaigns in advertising, then spearheading the digital blueprint of Revolt Media & TV, to now producing thoughtful cultural pieces for Forbes and Huffington Post — Julian Mitchell is […]


Finding My Lane: Liane V

Name: Liane Valenzuela Hustle: Recording Artist + Social Media Maven Website: Follow: @LoveLianeV When something speaks to your soul, choose to listen. For Liane V, music spoke to her and she listened and acted on it. In high school, her parents owned a DJ company which allowed her the opportunity to join them in […]

competitive advantage

3 Ways To Gain Your Competitive Advantage

For both young and experienced entrepreneurs, gaining a competitive advantage in today’s crowded and distracted marketplace can at times seem extremely daunting. We all know how difficult it can be to keep up with the competition. What if you were told that your best competitive advantage is to be more of…who you already are? In […]


Finding My Lane: Phoebe Lovatt of The WW Club

Name: Phoebe Lovatt Hustle: Writer | Moderator | Brand Consultant Website: Follow: @PhoebeLovatt | @TheWWClub From London to Los Angeles, Phoebe Lovatt makes sure that anything she puts her energy into is worth talking about. What’s your passion and is it worth talking about? Born and raised in London but now living in Los […]


Finding My Lane: Alero Akuya of Nike

Name: Alero Akuya Hustle: Nike Women Brand Marketing Director Website: Follow: @missharmony Behind every great brand is an amazing group of great people, and with Nike, one of the most innovating brand in sportswear, it’s no surprise that every one in the team is committed to living the mantra, “Just do it.” Meet Alero, the […]


Finding My Lane: Jolie Nguyen of Atrium

Name: Jolie Nguyen Hustle: Marketing Manager at Atrium Website: Follow: @jolieknguyen From starting off as an intern at URB Magazine to coordinating fashion trade show events, Jolie learned on a daily basis that you need to show your worth. In finding her lane, she’s learned that there’s no “secret” to success, it just takes lots […]


Finding My Lane: Ryan Perrings of XS Las Vegas

Name: Ryan Perrings Hustle: Nightlife & Entertainment Programming Website: Follow: @ryanperrings Bright lights and an illustrious nightlife are some of the notable traits that make Vegas an international destination for many people. But beyond the velvet rope of the most notable nightclubs on The Strip, there’s a behind the scenes hustle that ensures you have […]