4 Ways to Deal with Negative People

Regardless of the amount of success that we achieve in life, there always comes a time when we have to face challenges, critics, and negativity. We have no control over what comes our way. However, we can control how we choose to react. When it comes to negativity, knowing how to properly handle negative personalities […]


How to Connect with Influencers in 4 Steps

Have you ever asked someone, “How do I go about getting a foot in the door of the entertainment industry?” Are you lacking the proper relationships or contacts that you feel are necessary to advance in your career? If so, today is your lucky day! We address many similar questions on a daily basis. With […]


14 Critical Things Ridiculously Successful People Do Every Day

Author and speaker Kevin Kruse has had the wonderful opportunity of personally interviewing over 200 super successful people across the globe. These people included 7 billionaires, 13 Olympians, and many accomplished entrepreneurs. One of the questions he liked to ask was, “What is your number one secret to productivity?” From those answers, here are 14 critical things […]

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NBC Self-Starters with Lanie Alabanza-Barcena of HLZBLZ

It’s been 4 years since our homegirl Lanie Alabanza-Barcena of HLZBLZ initially shared her hustle with us in our “Cool People With Cool Jobs” video series. Since then, Lanie has done even more amazing work and has recently gotten the attention of NBC Asian America for some deserved recognition. “Self-Starters” is a five-episode series which explores the stories […]


5 Tips We Learned from Troy Carter on Innovation Crush

As the founder of Atom Factory, Troy has an A-1 resume. Not only was he responsible for managing Lady Gaga throughout the height of her career, he is also an investor in superstar companies such as Spotify, Warby Parker, and Uber, just to name a few. Read along as Chris chats with Troy about the importance […]


3 Ways Mark Parker Keeps Nike in the Lead

As one of Wall Street Journal magazine’s Brand Innovators in 2015, Nike’s CEO and President, Mark Parker knows a few things about staying in the lead. Having served as Nike’s CEO since 2006, Parker is responsible for helping to double Nike’s annual revenue from $15 billion to $30.6 billion over the course of 9 years. […]


7 Habits of People with Great Mental Toughness

Successful results usually stem from successful habits. Since success doesn’t usually come easy, metal toughness is something that we should all learn to develop. It’s important to always focus on the things that we have control over as opposed to wasting valuable time and energy on things we do not. Metal toughness is all about action, attitude […]


5 Ways Reading Makes You a Better Leader

As many great pioneers, titans, and captains of industry might say, “Readers are leaders.” There are many different ways in which reading helps to equip us with the skills necessary to become leaders. Some of which may include: improving our judgement, increasing our level of empathy for those around us, and sharpening our mind. With […]