3 Ways Mark Parker Keeps Nike in the Lead

As one of Wall Street Journal magazine’s Brand Innovators in 2015, Nike’s CEO and President, Mark Parker knows a few things about staying in the lead. Having served as Nike’s CEO since 2006, Parker is responsible for helping to double Nike’s annual revenue from $15 billion to $30.6 billion over the course of 9 years. […]

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A Day in the Life of Nike CEO Mark Parker

Mark Parker is a hustler. He began as a Nike footwear designer in 1979. The currently 58 year old Nike President & CEO is in charge of a company that has an annual revenue of $24 billion which is up 60% since he was appointed in 2006. Impressive doesn’t even come close to describing that. Let’s see what […]


The 4 A’s of Strategic Leaders

In order to climb the ladder of success for your career, you are going to need to show signs of leadership. This doesn’t necessarily have to do with being in charge of team. Your skills and potential can shine through when you take charge of yourself and your work. Remember, being the loudest and standing […]