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Creative Advice from Industry Innovators at Agenda Emerge

“You have to wake up everyday and have that aggression toward your goal, go out there and push towards it at any cost, and be willing to get told no 100 times before you get that yes.”—Aaron Levant It’s with this commitment and vision that Aaron Levant created Agenda Show, the world’s largest most diverse […]

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Add To Calendar: Agenda Emerge

Are you interested in connecting with the industry’s top creatives, innovators and artists in the marketplace? Are you passionate about the streetwear industry and want to learn how brands and entrepreneurs interact with one another? Look no further. The upcoming Agenda Emerge Conference will be happening January 8, 2016 at 7-10PM at the Long Beach Convention […]


Foot Work: Basics of Sneaker Design at Agenda Emerge Recap

On January 6th, we held Foot Work at Agenda Emerge in Long Beach during a series of workshops presented by Project Cobalt. Our workshop was instructed by Jason Mayden, former Senior Global Design Director for Jordan Brand. He is now Vice President of Design for MarkOne (makers of Vessyl) as well as a fellow at Stanford’s Bringing his vast knowledge on design […]


Creative Advice from Industry Innovators at Agenda Emerge

On January 6, 2015, Agenda Show hosted their fourth installment of Agenda Emerge, an event featuring industry innovators. From the surfboard you’re riding on to the sneakers you’re rocking, these industry innovators created their brands through vision, dedication, and hustle. Powered by Group Y and Project Cobalt, Agenda Emerge featured speakers including Shepard Fairey, Founder of Obey; […]


Foot Work: Basics of Sneaker Design

Designing your own sneaker all begins with the proper guidance and tools. Behind The Hustle & Project Cobalt present Foot Work at Agenda Emerge in Long Beach on January 6th, 2015. Led by former Senior Global Design Director of Jordan Brand, Jason Mayden, this workshop will teach you the fundamentals of sneaker design. To put that […]

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Advice for the Next Generation of Creative Entrepreneurs

On Janurary 8th, 2014, the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center had streetwear folks and knowledge seekers in full attendance for Agenda Emerge, the learning platform for the next generation of creative pursuers and entrepreneurs. Powered by Group Y, a leading collective of those focused on youth marketing and progressive and expressive cultures, the roster of […]


10 Business Tips From Marc Ecko

On July 26th, 2013, several hundreds of eager young adults with notepads, laptops, and cameras in hand filled up an auditorium for Agenda Emerge. This creative and brand building conference featured some of today’s most iconic creative directors, industry leaders and entrepreneurs in the youth marketplace. Moderated by Jon Buscemi, industry insights and business intricacies were shared by […]