The Top 10 Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success


Entrepreneurs seize opportunity. They not only do what is necessary, but beyond what is necessary to get what they need to get done. Is that the type of attitude you have towards your future business and company? If so, there are many adversities and unexpected obstacles to still face. We know you have it in you, so here are some tips and secrets you should know to attain to that entrepreneurial success:

1. Self-help. Successful entrepreneurs continually gather information, they show resourcefulness, they refuse to accept “no”, “cant” and “impossible”. Versus – waiting for others, waiting for resources, waiting on circumstances to change.

2. Superiority. Successful entrepreneurs have an air of superiority about them – not to be confused with arrogance or complacency.

3. Speed. Successful entrepreneurs have a sense of urgency, they are decisive. Many people are slowed down by the belief that things need to be in order of 1, 2, 3, and 4. This is precisely how not to get big things done. Successful entrepreneurs learn to juggle. They work fast and smart… not just fast.

4. Change. Successful entrepreneurs expect, anticipate and create change. Woolworth didn’t embrace change! Successful entrepreneurs are always thinking what’s next? What opportunities exist to…“sell to someone different”, “sell something different” or “sell differently”?

5. Intellectual curiosity. Successful entrepreneurs always want to know more and so they read the right books. They listen and they learn. They attend useful meetings and seminars; they do everything they can to gain a slight edge and competitive advantage.

6. Intolerance. Successful entrepreneurs are tough on themselves and others. They will not tolerate a negative attitude that could sabotage success.

7. Work. Contrary to popular belief successful entrepreneurs work hard to get things done. The difference is… they work on the right things. They will often do the work others refuse to do. They turn up their sleeves and get on with things where other’s turn up their nose at the task or worse – don’t turn up at all.

8. Selling. Successful entrepreneurs have learnt to become masters of sales and marketing.

9. Pragmatism. Successful entrepreneurs firmly believe that good enough is not good enough. Yet perfection is never worth the effort. They are focused on results rather than theories and principles.

10. Follow-up. Successful entrepreneurs, always follow-up and follow-through. This alone could increase your sales success by 98%!

(via EBA)