Finding My Lane: Greg Egbuogu of Twitter


Name: Greg Egbuogu
Hustle: IT Endpoint Engineer
Follow: @ITbawse

Finding your lane can be a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be. What comes to you naturally? What do you love to do? Listen to your skills, align it with purpose and the right opportunity will come. With the growing impact of social media, getting paid to be yourself is becoming more of a reality than a dream. Meet Greg Egbuogu, as the IT Endpoint Engineer at Twitter, he understands the importance of believing in yourself and aligning your passion with purpose. From implementing policies and standards to helping grow the Twitter IT team into a first ­class, global support organization to supporting Twitter’s 3,800 employees around the world, Greg is making an impact globally doing what he loves.

Behind The Hustle talked with Greg to discuss how he prepared for the right opportunity and the importance of leaving your comfort zone to achieve greatness. Be inspired by his story and apply his lessons to your journey to a fulfilling career:

Use your current opportunity to plant seeds for your next level.

Greg began his education at Eastern Michigan University as a football recruit. He played as a freshman and during sophomore season he became ill, having to undergo two open heart surgeries. Following his recovery, Greg was able to return to Eastern Michigan to finish up and get his degree. Greg admits, “When football was snatched away fro me, I immediately switched up my hustle to make the most out of my free education and knew I wanted to get a degree that had to do with computers.”

After graduating with a degree in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration, Greg received his first internship as an IT Administrator at a small construction company. Greg spent a year and half learning the ins and outs of the IT industry. Looking for the next level in his career, he applied and landed a job as a support technician at Google, where he spent two years gaining the best experience in the world of providing support at a world­class IT company. What adversity are you facing? Pivot your hustle and use your current opportunities to help you reach your next level. Greg used his education to get a degree that made an impact and used that opportunity to find a job he loved. Learn, elevate, and when struggles come, pivot to make the most of them.

Growth is outside your comfort zone.

Leaving Michigan wasn’t an easy decision but Greg knew that in order to achieve the next level of success, he’d have to leave his home of 26 years. “I made a tough choice leaving Michigan for an opportunity I couldn’t pass at Twitter. I was ready to challenge myself to go somewhere where I could make a huge impact, which is the most fulfilling part of my job.” Since joining Twitter, he’s taken on more responsibilities and has been promoted twice. Greg admits, “youshould never let your surroundings determine your outcome. I grew up in Ypsilanti, Michigan which is overshadowed by Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan. I’m proud to say I graduated from Eastern Michigan University.”

Don’t let your surroundings dictate how far you can go in your career, what’s important is your mentality and your next move. Greg says that his biggest advice is to believe in yourself, “no one can motivate you like you can motivate yourself.” What comfort zone are you holding onto? Leave it and realize that in order to achieve growth you need to be willing to let go of the comfortable.

Believe you’re the best in the room and the actions will follow.

“I move through life with the same mentality I had when playing football – I believe that I am the best at what I do in any room. However, I’m also very humbled to know that I always have room for growth and that I can learn from others, and I’m always eager to. Always arrive early to any/all meetings, always be willing to help, be a great teammate, be reliable and dependable.” Greg shares that being humble is the best way to continue your growth and learning in your career.

Ultimately, turning your passion into a career is about persistence and hard work. There’s no substitute for hard work and believing in yourself is half of story. Learn from Greg’s journey and apply his lessons to find your own lane in doing what you love.


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