Scribe Gem: Millennials Revealed by Tru Pettigrew

Think you can change the world? You’re right. But how can you make that happen? As Millennials we have a quest to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. We want more than a job, we want fulfillment and a purpose in our work. For speaker, author, and entrepreneur Tru Pettigrew, he understands the importance of aligning passion with purpose and gifting to others through your service. As the CEO of Tru Access, a company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations identify brand purpose, it’s important that Tru connects brands with the Millennial generation in a meaningful way. His new book, Millennials Revealed, is an empowering guide helping businesses and organizations connect with the millennial generation, while helping Millennials better understand themselves and their life goals.

In celebration of the upcoming release, The Behind the Hustle spoke with Tru on key points you can expect to learn in Millennials Revealed:

Follow your GPS to success and happiness.

In order to find success and happiness you need to follow your Gift, Passion, and Service (G.P.S.). Identify your gifts, be passionate about your work, and provide a service to give back to others. Tru recognized the importance of following your G.P.S. with Tru Access, focusing on helping Millennials and the organizations seeking to connect with them succeed. “When you align your purpose with your passion that’s when you’re the most valuable to yourself and to those around you.” Tru advises. Remember: What you do is just as important as why you do it.

Transparency is the new privacy.

In the new era of expressions and expectations, Millennials value a brand’s commitment to being transparent. Effectively speaking with your audience means keep it real and including them in the conversation. Tru calls transparency the the new privacy and explains that “being transparent is what meaningful and trusting relationships are built on.

Look at your own mirror.

In order to effectively influence the world around you, you need to develop a passion for your own growth. Don’t be distracted with the culture of constant comparison by looking at yourself through someone else’s mirror. Tru highlights that more young people need to be encouraged to “pursue their unique areas of gifting and passion, there’s a need for genius and savvy in areas of creative, design, cultural competence, social media engagement and a host of diverse talents.” Recognize your talents and learn to look at your own mirror.

To learn more about Tru’s enlightening exploration of understanding and connecting with the our generation, order your copy of Millennials Revealed here and be inspired to fulfill a new level of greatness.


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