3 Lessons Learned: Myleik Teele of curlBOX

myleik teele

Name: Myleik Teele
Hustle: Founder + CEO at curlBOX
Website: curlbox.com
Social Handles: @Myleik | @curlBOX

Myleik Teele once asked herself the question, “How can I do something that makes women feel good about who  they are?” Her call to action in helping to find a solution to that very question would come soon.

Born and raised in California, Myleik graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Consumer and Family Science. After graduation, Myleik worked at Distinctive Assets and BWR Public Relations with a handful of notable clients. Among those clients were Travis Barker. After leaving BWR, Myleik worked closely with Travis for about a year prior to moving to the east coast.

In 2008, Myleik made a decision to move to Atlanta, GA. It was then that she realized there was a void in the marketplace for something that she has always been passionate about, hair products. In 2011, Myleik wanted to find a way to box an experience to make women of color feel glamorous. Six weeks later, Myleik decided to launch curlBOX, an affordable subscription service aimed at women who are looking to explore new hair care products every month.

In this segment of 3 Lessons Learned, Myleik shares with us the importance of finding your niche, failing forward, and how she went about identifying her true purpose on her path towards building the curlBOX brand.

Lesson 1: Find Your Niche

Myleik once sought advice from veteran Hollywood publicist and founder of Forefront Media, Matt Labov. Matt shared with Myleik the importance of finding your niche. He mentioned to Myleik not to be afraid or ashamed to do what you like. Don’t do the thing that you want people to think is cool, do the thing that you really enjoy and own that.

Matt also lended Myleik a second piece of advice, “Don’t try to make relationships with the CEO and VP of all of these companies because what will happen is you’re going to grow. You need to be making relationships with other assistants and other people on your level because you guys will all grow to become CEO’s and VP’s together.”

From then, Myleik started to build relationships with other women on her level. One prime example is one of her good friends, Amy Elisa Keith. Amy once interned at People Magazine and also wrote a few pieces for us here at Behind The Hustle. Today, she has a very successful role working at Facebook.

Lesson 2: Fail Forward

You don’t know, what you don’t know. We’re all going to fail at sometime or another. When Myleik was developing her website for curlBOX, she spent several thousand dollars on website layouts before deciding to go with a trusted partner. Most of this was because she was not aware of where to go, what to ask for, and how much money she should be investing in a professional website. Through this, Myleik realized that mistakes are a part of the process. There is no such thing as skipping steps. Without her having to go through the difficult process of spending a lot of money, she would have never learned the right way to go about receiving exactly what she envisioned.

Also, financial success does not equate to happiness. There was a point in Myleik’s career where although she succeeded at her lifetime goal, she was still unhappy. As a result, Myleik started to visit a Psychotherapist who helped her to understand why she has the desire to become an entrepreneur with the need for financial freedom.

Lesson 3: Identify Your True Purpose

It’s important to always identify why you are doing something. If you’re doing something for money, shine, popularity, or validation it’s important not to get lost in those desires. curlBOX validated everything that Myleik believed to be true about herself. She believed that she could do something as big as launch her own company and she did it.

Myleik also has a passion for sharing advice and insight to the younger generation of women. “Don’t try to be like someone else because that someone else is going to do a better job at being themselves than you are at trying to be them.”

Last Words From Myleik

“Learning how to maintain yourself and succeed while still remaining happy is a process. It’s important to find the things that keep you happy amidst all of your day to day tasks towards your journey to fulfilling your bigger goals.” – Myleik Teele


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