How to Create the Life You Deserve


What is it that you feel you deserve? What is preventing you from getting there? No matter where the destination is that you are trying to reach, there are always multiple points of arrival. Some people drive, some people ride and some people fly. Some people follow a given path while others create their own. The only thing that ever remains the same is the first step: choosing to take action. Without a start, there is no finish…period.

Here are some pointers from Coach Jennie on how to create the life you have always yearned for.

1. Stop wondering what you want and figure it out right now

You may not know what you want out of your life. When is the last time you sat down and did some heavy soul-searching to figure out what you want? That soul-searching is the one-way ticket to understanding what you want out of your life—so get to it, immediately. Understanding what you really want will help to make you happier and more fulfilled.

Tip: Call up your best friend and ask them to help you articulate what you really want. Then write up your vision for an ideal life. Leave nothing out.

2. Create bold, out-of-your-comfort-zone goals

What’s the point of being on this journey if you’re not going to be bold? You don’t have to do anything irresponsible or dangerous, but you should be daring and ambitious, and you should feel scared. Your goals should feel audacious, and you should know that you achieved more out of life.

Tip: Start small. If your goal is to be the president, you don’t throw yourself into a political campaign, do you? You outline how you’re going to get yourself to that level and take the steps necessary to get there. Pick one thing you can do today and do it, then choose the next one and keep going.

3. Muster up some confidence

Confidence is a key element to flipping your system. You’ll find that when you muster the confidence to move ahead with your bold goals, you’ll let go of your fears and your vulnerabilities. Plus, when you start having more conviction in yourself, you’ll discover strategies to fill in any confidence gaps that have kept you in the passenger seat of your own life.

Tip: If your confidence is faltering, find out why. Is it because your goals are bold and you’re scared? Is it because you don’t know where to start? Perhaps you just need someone to help push you in the right direction. Whatever the reason, raising your awareness is half the battle. Taking action to correct it is the other half.

4. Take charge and do the work

When you’re making major life transformations, taking action is key. Any good design takes more than a couple practice rounds—and so does creating the big, exciting, amazing life you deserve. In the end, you are responsible for finding and creating your own happiness in this life. Don’t lose that momentum! Take charge, be your own driver, and move forward with the confidence of knowing you can be great.

Tip: If you procrastinate, you’ll find yourself in the same position as you were when you started this journey. And, quite clearly, that’s not where you wanted to be.

You deserve an extraordinary life. You just have to take the right steps in order to get there. Figure out what you want, set specific goals, muster up some confidence, and take charge of your life. You’ve got this!

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by Aquaus Kelley