Creative Advice from West Coast Innovators at Beats and Brunch LA

beats and brunch la

Tupac Shakur said it best, “Ain’t no coast like the West Coast, let’s show them how we do.” From the weather to the music, the West Coast has it’s own signature style and sound and behind every movement is a group of people committed to the art. This past weekend on Saturday August 8, 2015, Dizon Dreams hosted the first Beats and Brunch LA at the beautiful Gramercy LA. The celebration of the best of West Coast sounds and those who create it featured a curator panel moderated by Musicology’s Brittany Boston and a specially crafted hip-hop themed brunch from celebrity chef, Chef Lovely including dishes “Eggs Gonna Give It To Ya” and “Craig Mack N’ Cheese”. Drinks were provided by Handsome Rob of Harold and Belle’s and included cocktail specials such as “Wu-Tang Forever”, “Thug Passion, and “RUM D.M.C.”.

The West Coast curator panel featured an all-star line-up including producers Curtiss King (Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar), Ervin “EP” Pope (Snoop Dogg), Free The Robots (Alpha Pup Records) and Revolt TV’s Besidone. The event also featured violinist Miracle who paid a homage to West Coast classics including Ice Cube’s “Today Was A Good Day” and Tupac’s “California Love”. After all, you need to appreciate and learn from your history before you create your own. Be inspired by those progressing the West Coast culture and learn from their words to create your own style:

“If you are true to what you’re doing and you’re authentic, it’s going to spread.”
- Besidone (Marketing Director, Revolt TV)

Besidone of REVOLT TV talked about the importance of staying authentic to your art. From her work at REVOLT TV she mentions that consistency and recognizing an artist’s authentic voice within their music separates them from the crowd. When hearts speak, hearts listen. Don’t water down your story to fit a cookie-cutter image, be real and your message will spread.

“Diversify your catalog and style of production so that when the current fad of production dies, your career doesn’t as well.”
– Ervin “EP” Pope (Producer, Snoop Dogg)

Raised in California, Ervin “EP” Pope was a church-boy who was a student of a variety of different genres. “I take a little bit from each genre and blend it like gumbo.” The self-made producer recognizes that developing the passion and understanding of music production allows you to create your own sound and legacy. Don’t ever dim or question your passion, it will never change. Learn to diversify your catalog and style and you’ll be prepared to offer your unique perspective. ny genres of music throughout his life, EP says: “I take a little bit from each of those genres, blend it in like gumbo, and I just make good music.

“Your personal reaction to what’s happening in your own world is the fuel for creativity.”
- Free The Robots (Producer/Musician, Alpha Pup Records)

Musician and producer Chris Alfaro also known as Free The Robots encouraged attendees to understand the power of collaboration and use world experiences to inspire creativity. He explained that “Expression comes naturally and you don’t need an agenda to guide you. If you really want to make waves in the evolution of art, do it from a place that’s pure, honest and tell your own story.” Let your art speak for itself. Your story is yet to be heard so don’t be afraid to represent it.

“Respect and be knowledgeable of the history of your region but don’t let it limit your growth and inspiration.”
Curtiss King (Producer/Artist, Top Dawg Entertainment)

Based out of Inland Empire, California, hip-hop artist and producer Curtiss King grew up learning every aspect of music he could. From a young age he learned that being well-versed in different areas including music production and engineering allowed him to offer a dynamic perspective that couldn’t be duplicated. Curtiss advises that the future generation of West Coast music-makers need to focus on being “knowledgeable of the history”. Learn from those before you but create your own path and sound.

A special thank you to all who contributed their passions to the event and sponsor Hashtag Points for keeping attendees refreshed. Shout out to the future generation of creative thinkers who shared their art including George Briseno Photography who showcased a collection of his photography featuring Los Angeles portraits and Rachel Gomez of Kulture LA for debuting the best of West Coast fashion with the “Bonita Por Vida” Fall 2015 collection.


by Mary Elainne Dizon  | |  Read more articles by Mary here  | |  Follow her at @DizonDreams