Creative Advice from Industry Innovators at Agenda Emerge

On January 6, 2015, Agenda Show hosted their fourth installment of Agenda Emerge, an event featuring industry innovators. From the surfboard you’re riding on to the sneakers you’re rocking, these industry innovators created their brands through vision, dedication, and hustle.

Powered by Group Y and Project Cobalt, Agenda Emerge featured speakers including Shepard Fairey, Founder of Obey; Tinker Hatfield, VP of Innovation & Creative Concepts at Nike; Bob Hurley, Founder of Hurley; and more. Want to learn what helped them create their blueprint to success? Here are major key points we took from the inspiring session:

“Make the greatest product, put them on the greatest athletes, and tell the greatest stories.” -Tinker Hatfield

Tinker Hatfield, known as the designer of Nike’s most popular and innovative athletic shoe designs, lit up the room with enthusiasm and knowledge. He admitted that Nike Founder Phil Knight would start every conversation with Tinker asking, “How much is this conversation going to cost me?” That’s because Tinker didn’t just talk about what he wanted to do, he executed with purpose. From designing the world’s first “cross training” shoes to Air Jordan 3 to the Air Jordan 15, Tinker understands that the foundation for creative excellence is consistency to greatness. What’s next on the horizon for Nike? The release of the ‘Back To The Future 2’ shoes.

“Creating is about sharing ideas, sharing aesthetics, sharing what you believe in with other people. – Shepard Fairey

Street art legend Shepard Fairey admits, “I’ve been arrested 17 times, most recently in New York City for putting up one sticker.” Shepard is fearless in his art, both in creating and sharing his designs. He admits the impact of your graphic design can spark discussion, it can shift thoughts. So what idea are you trying to share with your art? What value can you bring to igniting change within your community? Art isn’t just about creating, it’s about having a responsibility to voice your story and thoughts.

“It’s important to have a point of view than just make products.” -Bob Hurley

Do you own your own business or clothing line? If so, what’s your point of view? Don’t listen to what’s trending and sacrifice the biggest part of what makes you unique. Bob Hurley, the Founder of Hurley emphasizes that the company, “disregarded what everyone thought and that’s when we were successful.” Hurley’s inability to be shaped by the culture allowed them to influence it – creating a surfwear brand that gained recognition internationally. Be more than just a product, share an idea.


by Mary Elainne Dizon  | |  Read more articles by Mary here  | |  Follow her at @DizonDreams