Best Advice from the Revolt Music Conference 2014

“You have a one of one dream, but when you wake up in the morning, you need to realize the work that it takes to get there.” Diddy said to crowd of entrepreneurs, students, executives, writers and, most importantly, passion pursuers during the #AskDiddy panel at the Revolt Music Conference. As the co-founder of Revolt TV, Diddy wanted to celebrate the one year anniversary of Revolt TV in a big way with the first inaugural Revolt Music Conference, a three day event where influencers, music executives songwriters, publicists, music artists learned how to navigate the evolution of the music industry.

From morning meditations with Russell Simmons to talking about the importance of waking up early with Diddy, each day was a moment of learning, understanding and connecting with the future game-changers of the industry. Here’s some of the best lessons from the panel speakers to help you learn from those who created their own success so that you can use their advice as a guide for fulfilling your own vision.

“Find success through stillness.”
-Russell Simmons, co-founder of Def Jam Records and All Def Digital

Russell began his keynote speech with a five minute meditation, reminding us that our minds get cluttered and distracted from our goals. Sometimes, it’s good to pause and reflect on what’s important to help elevate and strategize your hustle. From co-founding Def Jam Records to revolutionizing hip-hop into fashion with Phat Farm, and now creating an online network for comedy and music with All Def Digital, Russell Simmons is the ultimate hip-hop business mogul. Russell Simmons admitted that he wanted to “share the idea of abundance,” and encouraged us to “be more than someone with just a dope record.” From Youtube to other social media platforms, we have the ability to create without their approval. Admittingly, the stars on Youtube and Vine are becoming bigger than the ones you see in traditional media. Russell encourages up and coming artists to “create your own way, build out through social media and meet with others that compliment your style then build your own buzz.”

“It’s not about who you can meet at the top, it’s also about who you can grow with.”
-Guy O’Seary, manager of Madonna and U2

Sometimes people forget who’s sitting next to them. They’re too focused on reaching someone at the top that they fail to recognize who they can grow with. Guy O’Seary admits that he knew Russell Simmons and Diddy back in the day, and they grew and learned from each other. As a young entrepreneur or upcoming music artist, who are you looking to grow with? Surround yourself with people who share the same enthusiasm and hunger as yourself and build a community to grow, learn and progress with. Additionally, Guy admitted, “everyone on this panel has failed at something,” encouraging others to think of failing as a “pivot.” Don’t fear it, it’s part of the process.

“Be relentless. You have a one of one dream.”
-Diddy, CEO of Revolt TV

What’s one of your biggest dreams? Chances are, that dream you mentioned can only be made a reality through your relentlessness. In the words of Diddy, “Can’t stop, won’t stop!” Passion and persistence are two of the major things that turn dreams into a reality. As Diddy advised, “Don’t be afraid to close your eyes and dream and open your eyes and see.” Everything you’ve dreamed of has already been done: #1 New-York Times best-sellers have been written, platinum records have been made. Dream big, do big. Anything is possible for those who are relentless.


by Mary Elainne Dizon  | |  Read more articles by Mary here  | |  Follow her at @DizonDreams