Infatuation Freelance Writers

 infatuation logo 2Posted on 10.21.14

Company: Infatuation
Location: San Francisco | Los Angeles | Chicago | Boston | Nashville
Position: Freelance Writer

The Infatuation is looking for a talented individual to write about food and dining in the area. The ideal candidate has is incredibly passionate about restaurants and dining, has a finger on the pulse of what is new and exciting, and is simply that person in his or her group of friends that has all the best suggestions when it comes to the question of “where should we eat?”

The ideal candidate will not currently work in the restaurant industry in any capacity, does not spend his or her social time with chefs or people with influence in the industry, and does not currently write for another media outlet covering food.


  • Writing features that are relevant to the city and the surrounding area
  • Reviewing restaurants with honesty and integrity
  • Pitching story ideas to editorial staff
  • Working with other Infatuation content creators to set up and execute cross platform projects


  • Excellent taste in food and restaurants
  • Strong awareness of regional restaurant and food trends
  • Ability to write clearly and conversationally
  • Proficient with witty quips
  • Some understanding of WordPress, or ability to quickly learn
  • Willing participation on social media platforms
  • Ability to meet deadlines

How to Apply
If you are interested in this position, please send resume and cover letter to: