4 Reasons You Should Be at the Revolt Music Conference

revolt music conference

In the words of hip-hop mogul Diddy, “What’s the point of being average?” If you have extravagant dreams, you need to be prepared to follow-up with over the top action. Ready to put in work and learn from industry legends? Want to take your career to the next level and network with professionals as passionate and driven as yourself? If you’re a future mogul, executive or an ambitious young mind, learn from the industry’s best Revolt TV’s first annual Revolt Music Conference (RMC). Hosted at Miami Beach’s Fontainebleu theRMC will take place October 16-19 to provide a one of a kind environment where industry leaders, influencers, bloggers, songwriters, producers, music executives and music artists connect to discuss and understand the evolution of the music business.

Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be is a contagious energy. Turn that energy into action, and check out some of the major reasons why you need to be in attendance onceRMC begins October 16th:

1. Your favorite songs were most likely created by some of RMC’s speakers.

Outkast, Madonna, TLC, Mary J. Blige, Brandy, Destiny’s Child, and Jennifer Lopez. What do these iconic artists all have in common? They’ve worked with producers Dallas Austin and Rodney Jerkins, keynote speakers at theRMC. In order to become the best at your craft, you need to learn from the best. With panels including discussions of “How To Start Your Own Independent Label” and “The Business of Music Publishing” you’ll be taught from experts on how play the game and understand the current waves within the music industry; whether it be building your brand independently or understanding the new rules for the future of music publishing.

2. Be at the forefront of rising artists with nighttime showcases.

Diddy may be one of the best businessman in the industry, but he’s also known for throwing the best parties. Work hard, play hard, right? At the RMC, you’ll do more than learn from the best, you’ll experience new music from the best rising artists. The conference will combine education with entertainment for 500 industry executives and students. Performers will include G-Eazy, DJ Khalad, Jhene Aiko, DJ Cassidy, DJ Funk Flex and previous Behind The Hustle career panelist DJ Vice, among others.

3. Study history to make history.

Starting his career at LA’s Power 106, DJ Vice used that gig to build relationships with Vegas clubs, eventually turning those budding relationships into a residency at Body English in the Hard Rock Hotel and later transitioning into a residency at TAO nightclub, which opened doors for him traveling the world as a DJ. What story are you creating today and what’s the next step for your personal growth? RMC will put you shoulder to shoulder with those who’ve used their hustle to create a legacy. Look at the blueprint of DJ Vice’s success and learn more from the success of music industry game-changers to use your talents to spark innovation.

4. The greatest investment is investing in yourself.

What was the most recent purchase you made? The long-term investment of learning is always something that equals winning. Craig Kallman, CEO of Atlantic Records, will be on the panel to “help people understand the essence of A&R, how to make great records and how to create the most compelling music.” Be more than a consumer of music and understand the process of what goes behind a #1 hit record.

The innovative and inspiring weekend will take place in just a few weeks so be sure to secure your place here. From music showcases to educational opportunities, the RMC is the must-attend conference for every young aspiring business mogul looking to make their mark in the industry. For a limited time Revolt is offering the Revolt Nation package, which offers an exclusive educational opportunity to learn directly from business leaders, managers and artists. Propel your music career forward and check out the full info on event packages at Revolt Music Conference.


by Mary Elainne Dizon  | |  Read more articles by Mary here  | |  Follow her at @DizonDreams