Finding My Lane: Joy Claire of Clairvoyant Agency


Name: Joy Claire
Hustle: Founder of marketing firm Clairvoyant Agency
Follow: @joyfulclaire

For Joy Claire, being nice and working hard is her secret to success. It may sound simple but this mantra has brought Joy from behind the counter at streetwear retail stores to the frontline of her own marketing agency, Clairvoyant Agency. Her energy, enthusiasm and eagerness to help others are undeniable and attractive traits that have caught the attention of brands such as Undefeated, Crooks and Castles, Supra, and Nike. Along the way she’s collaborated and built with industry greats from rappers to CEOs including Lil Wayne and Scooter Braun. Are you eager to create your own greatness? Find your passion and cultivate it daily. Behind The Hustle spoke with Joy to understand what opportunities and failures allowed her to find her own lane. Be inspired by Joy’s lessons and apply her knowledge to elevate your game.

Let your work ethic multiply opportunities.

Joy started her career in the streetwear industry working at Undefeated, a high-end streetwear boutique specializing in sneakers. After graduating from college, she dipped in the music industry thanks to her ability to build connections with clients at Undefeated but learned afterwards that it wasn’t her calling. Joy then set a goal to work with Nike, but upon collaborating with Nike on a couple projects, she realized she didn’t enjoy being behind a machine and wanted to do something more meaningful. From that point on, she took as many opportunities as she could, coming back to streetwear industry at Union, a menswear boutique, while also working several gigs including assisting with events to hosting listening parties.

With her ability to dabble in so many different events, people began to recognize that she was more than just the girl behind the counter and Supra hired her after witnessing her initiative. At first, she was given menial tasks including shipping packages but quickly rose above the work they assigned her and a year later she began doing the lifestyle marketing for Supra and KR3W, launching new business segments for women, kids, and Lil Wayne’s Spectre by Supra. Joy took every opportunity to build new doors. What opportunity do you have right now and how can you expand that into another venture for growth?

Attach yourself to something you love.

“I love pop culture and fashion. I grew up in the Valley and would go to Sportie LA with money I saved up for sneakers.” From that love, she became one of the early employees of Undefeated, an impactful environment that catered to her love for sneakers. Joy’s experience at Undefeated allowed her to be in a position to build relationships with key influencers that she would later develop into work relationships including collaborations with Nike and Converse, helping them coordinate block parties and food drives for fundraising events. “I always got my work done; my bosses never had to ask me because I kept it pushing.” Take the initiative to go the extra mile and look for opportunities to help others. Your attention and commitment to detail won’t go unnoticed. Trust, everyone is watching and taking notes on what you are capable of and how you approach your tasks at hand, so do things that you love and the quality of your work ethic will be reflected.

Engage with people. Be personable.

“I work with people and brands, and I’ve learned that conveying a message through a brand is all about creating a quality experience.” Studying Communications in college Joy learned that a major part of marketing was connecting and building relationships with people. As the marketing manager for Supra and KR3W, Joy built relationships with talent and companies including Justin Bieber and Crooks & Castles. Joy’s advice on engaging people: “Be personable and work with brands you believe in.” People want to be surrounded by pleasant people so always strive to find a way to help others. With the relationships she fostered she was able to secure product placements where celebrities such as Justin Bieber were wearing Supra. Their support of the product was more than a love for the brand; it was also because of their relationship and connection with Joy.

Build your skills then take a leap of faith.

“Anything is possible if you really, really want it. You just need to put that energy out there and have a vision.” Joy advises. Based on her experience with high-end streetwear brands she realized she wanted to do this for other brands and took a leap of faith by creating her own agency, Clairvoyant Agency. Her first client was Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber’s talent manager, who hired her to relaunch British Knights, a New York-based urban shoe company. Within twelve years, she rose from working in retail to building brands and relationships to now being able to do her own thing. Joy learned that hard work and being nice is what makes her memorable. People remember and support her because of it. “I’m paid to be me,” Joy remarks on the best part about Clairvoyant Agency. What are your talents? From building relationships to having enthusiasm for the streetwear industry, learn from Joy’s example and use your skills to create opportunities.

Ultimately, there’s no simple secret to turning your passion into a career, you just need to work very hard continuously and be so great that people can’t afford to not work with you. Shine where you are and learn on the daily because success happens over nights.


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