Kenny Mac’s 3 Things You Need to Know: Case Studies


Helping others along your way in business can help contribute to your success story. Capitalize on what you have done and create a case study. Kenny Mac explains a case study as actual events you’ve played a role in or projects you’ve completed. If the work happens to have strong deliverables, you can use these as case studies in your resume, interview, portfolio, and more. It all comes down to C.A.R. – the Challenge, the Actions & the Results. Here are “Kenny Mac’s 3 Things You Need to Know” to develop a winning case study.

 1. Identify your challenge.

As you brainstorm and address your challenge, it’s key to narrow the focus. Many identify the challenge in a broad sense, but in a case study you must be specific. For example, Kenny Mac wouldn’t say the challenge he faced during Magic Market Week was marketing Magic’s streetwear show.  Rather, he would elaborate on the challenge being the strength of the show’s relevance and the slow movement of traffic on social media platforms. Details are important as it reveals the complexity of the challenge.

 2. Describe the actions to address your challenge.

After the challenge has been identified, itemizing the actions taken to address the matter shows the audience your problem-solving skills. It gives a window into how you were able to manage the challenge step-by-step and your strengths with each action taken. Again, providing descriptive actions are a plus.

In Kenny Mac’s experience, to address the relevance and traffic movement of Magic’s streetwear show, he capitalized on partnerships. Since Magic partners with Hennessy, Kenny took that collaboration and created “The Social Club.” “The Social Club” consisted of eight strong social media voices with a strong group of followers. The aim of “The Social Club” was to provide full live coverage of Magic’s tradeshow in Las Vegas. Flying all eight voices to the tradeshow, Kenny Mac created a hashtag to deliver and share the experience with their audience.

 3. Showcase the results of your actions.

In order to seal the deal, you must be able to provide strong deliverables. Strong deliverables equate to results and a solution to the challenge addressed. Through Kenny Mac’s actions, he was able to create a platform that allowed “The Social Club” and its followers to share an abundance of content. When they quantified the online traffic through the hashtag, it generated over 19 million views and increased the overall relevance and movement of the tradeshow.

Kenny Mac further explains, depending on the hustle, there are different ways to showcase the case study.  For example, a portfolio would include a breakdown and images of the event. In a presentation, you can showcase a variety of snapshots or include any content submitted through the social media platform. In an interview, describe what you were able to accomplish in a very straight to the point manner while showing your effectiveness in the project. However you provide the results, be sure to demonstrate cause and effect through your analysis.

“Whether we know it or not, we are constantly participating in case studies. The help you offer for free can be a case study. For example, if you style a friend for their mixtape and the artist’s fashion sense generates a greater fan base, it’s a case study. Paid or not, case studies are any efforts with results.  Hustle for results.” – Kenny Mac


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