Finding My Lane: Josh Vides of CLSC


Name: Josh Vides
Hustle: Owner of CLSC
Follow: @clscjosh 

“Can’t live scared of change.” For Josh, founder of CLSC, this statement is more than words of inspiration, it’s the lifestyle he’s created for his clothing brand, CLSC. When was the last time you were scared? If you can’t remember when, you need to start living outside your comfort zone because that’s the place where great things grow. Behind The Hustle recently spoke with Josh to understand what it means to be a tastemaker, going against the norm, and how to turn a vision into a reality. Apply his words of advice to create and build on your own dreams:

Be passionately consistent.

Josh recommends that you believe in yourself “1,000,000 % at all times.” Meaning, if you want to win, there’s no room for doubt. Josh got his first gig at The Hundreds at the age of 19 by being passionately consistent and letting others know what he was all about. He admits that he was “in their face all the time” and allowing The Hundreds staff to get word of his brand. The word kept on spreading for a good three years, and his dedication didn’t waver. Josh was The Hundreds’ van driver, where he did everything from grabbing lunch for everyone to picking up blank tees. No matter the task at hand, Josh absorbed the knowledge around him, he wasn’t there to be cool, he was there to learn. After three years of working for other brands he looked up to, Josh left to work on his own brand, CLSC. The lesson? Learn from the greats than be willing to turn that into your own greatness.

Surround yourself in the industry.

Meet everybody and anybody that you can. Josh admits that the first three times he attended Agenda trade show, he got in by contacting the founder Aaron Levant. Josh understands that interning is just the first step, and it really means nothing if you don’t use it to snowball into bigger opportunities. Use your resources to get what you want. Josh recommends that you should “never ask for free stuff the first time you meet someone and don’t get blacked out at every party. If you’re an intern, you’re an intern, don’t act like you run the place. Know your place and accept it.”

Be an innovator, not an imitator.

Josh admits that the streetwear industry is “going to get bigger and more eyes will be looking on this industry. With people like Nick Diamond it’s just getting started. Areas of concern: Repetition. So many ideas are being recycled and tacky.” With that said, it’s better to be an innovator rather than an imitator. Consumers are getting smarter these days, and no one wants to pay for a duplicate of an original. Be an original and people will recognize what you’re bringing to the table. At the end of the day, you need to forget what everyone else is doing because theirs has nothing to do with yours.

Stop wasting money.

If Josh could give advice to his younger self, it’s this: “stop wasting money on alcohol and weed. Save for a decent apartment and always ask your boss for more money. He’s just being cheap and know you’re young and stupid so you’ll take the minimum he has to offer.” Understand that you need to use your voice to make a difference and don’t be afraid to be smart about building towards your future.


by Mary Elainne Dizon  | |  Read more articles by Mary here  | |  Follow her at @DizonDreams

Photo by Don Kang  | |  Follow him at @donjkang