Finding My Lane: Kristen Fraser of Beats by Dre

behind_the_hustle_kristen_fraser_beats_by_dre-2 Name: Kristen Fraser
Hustle: Entertainment Marketing

They say that if you find a job you love you won’t have to work a day in your life. Sounds like the ultimate goal everyone should set out for themselves. Behind The Hustle spoke with Kristen Fraser, Entertainment Marketing extraordinaire for Beats by Dre to discuss the importance of keeping yourself as close to your passions as possible and understanding the value of partnerships with like-minded creatives. Here are some major lessons Kristen’s learned while finding success in the music industry. Understand her journey and process and be inspired to apply the same work ethic and drive to earn yourself your dream job.

Stay as close as possible to your passion.

Growing up in South Florida, Kristen knew that music and the energy around it was her passion. As a result, in high school she says that she “would literally find out who was throwing the shows of my favorite artists and call to volunteer in any way.” Kristen’s innovative thinking and eagerness to be as close as possible to the music brought her shoulder to shoulder to those in the music industry. From her outreach she met someone from Cornerstone Promotion (now known as The Fader), a music marketing and promotion company in New York, who asked for her to be their Miami Representative. As a Miami Rep, Kristen tells us “I did everything from passing out flyers for upcoming album releases to hosting music listening events for their clients. That rep position got me my first job in New York at Cornerstone. I’ve had several jobs between then and now but staying in touch and staying grateful and passionate is what people remember…I always worked really hard in order to stay in the field i’m passionate about-which is why I believe 10+ years later, I am still engulfed in the entertainment world.” What do you find yourself working towards? Build towards that goal and it will be yours in due time.

Challenge yourself.

Kristen’s job roles have included working at Cornerstone Agency to Def Jam Records to her current role in Entertainment Marketing for Beats by Dre. A constant theme in each role was her determination to follow the music, whether through marketing or strategic partnerships, Kristen never lost sight of what ignited her passion. Kristen mentions that each job role prepared her to succeed in the next job. She advises that “If you are taking a new role make sure it is giving you a new challenge and showing you how to think differently in the career you have chosen while still utilizing the skills you’ve learned in all your roles leading into it. Transitions are about growth and challenging yourself.”

Fish and pitch for opportunities.

In her role in Entertainment Marketing at Beats by Dre, Kristen is in charge of aligning the right talent with Beats. Kristen mentions that “the beauty of Beats by Dre is that it is not only an electronic brand but it is a brand founded on music and entertainment. The talent that you choose to align with such a recognizable brand has to really embody what the Beats brand embodies. Luckily, we like to work with not only the well known and established by artists that are up and coming – being that relationship early!” On a daily basis, Kristen actively seeks out opportunities for collaboration with like-minded creatives. When was the last time you reached outside your network of friends to work together on a project? The best brands and the best people understand the value of a creative collaboration and partnership. Fish and pitch. Then repeat until that opportunity becomes a reality.

Hustle and be proactive.

When asked what it takes to work at Beats, Kristen advises that Beats is a company about “hustle and being proactive.” With that said, “while we all have titles in departments that we are ‘assigned’ to — we all interact and wear many hats. An entertainment person can have a great idea for social/digital marketing that has nothing to do with entertainers, a design guy can have a great idea of product partnership or collaboration — nobody is constrained to sticking in their job description– it’s a very open and growing atmosphere and the energy is proof of that. Be creative, be open and be down to keep rolling as things move.”

Be inquisitive and passionate.

Always ask questions and be curious about the environment and players around you. When you look at some of your role models, study their behaviors. Most likely, what’s separating their success with your own is your actions. They are doing something that you aren’t. Kristen explains that “naturally being inquisitive and passionate” has always been a consistent theme in her work ethic that has allowed her to have several mentors in her career. Show your enthusiasm and it will be rewarded.


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