Essentials: Logitech Case [+]

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Everyone has their preference of phone cases. Some people want the extra minimal, others want the extra battery and others want the extra holding. Even though you prefer one, you wouldn’t mind having the others at times. With Logitech Case [+], you can have it all: case, tilt, drive, wallet & energy. The Case [+] system starts with a slim, protective case for your everyday needs. The key to this case is that you can magnetically attach the rest of the system to the back. There is the [+] tilt leather which folds into a kickstand and earbud wrap. Then there is  the [+] wallet which lets you hold up to three cards. There is also the [+] energy which is your extra battery pack. Lastly, there is the [+] drive which is a mount for your car.

Unless you want to go snorkeling with your phone, the Logitech Case [+] is basically the only case you’ll ever need. Made for the iPhone 5/5S, get yours here.