4 Productive Habits That Will Build Your Personal Brand


It’s no secret, we all go through our moments of experiencing a surplus of unproductive behavior. In some cases, we may even it experience for few days, weeks, or months (hopefully not). Nonetheless, there are always tested methods of how to go about getting back on track. When it comes to building your personal brand, here are 4 habits that you should certainly apply on your day to day grind.

Get updated on the news each morning.

The commute to work is a perfect time to get briefed on the news and information of the day. Educate yourself on current events, in addition to trends that are emerging in your field and industry. Tools like Networked Blogs, The Skimm Newsletter, and the Linkedin Pulse app, bring the news to you in a quick and easy to read format. You no longer have to log onto multiple websites to get the news. With Networked Blogs and Pulse, you can pull the latest articles into your app or inbox and with the Skimm, you receive a breakdown of the most important news stories you should be aware of.  This is an important habit to develop in order to build your credibility. By remaining on top of the latest happenings, you will show that you are informed and trustworthy, and building trust increases your influence. Being influential both on and offline has massive career benefits if you know how to leverage them properly.

Schedule meetings with four people each month.

Information can come from many places, but one trait many leaders share is constantly surrounding themselves with other successful people or “information brokers.” By now, we all understand the importance of networking and relationships for our success, but many of us fail to consistently step outside of our comfort zone and schedule meetings that will grow our networks and propel us forward in our industry. Being surrounded by other thought leaders who impart their knowledge on you helps develop your influence and makes you a valuable connection and conversation partner. Make it a habit to use breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings as a way to build relationships and receive information in a relaxed way. Take advantage of as many opportunities to dine with others and aim to schedule meetings once a week.

Don’t hide your skills and expertise.

Whether it is finally launching your online portfolio and website or writing that blog post that has been sitting in draft mode for weeks, it is important for you to be able to showcase your skills and expertise. This practice also relates to building your influence in your network and is a form of social proof. This persuasive technique and credibility currency builds your authority and develops your personal brand. If you do not have a personal website or online portfolio, begin by utilizing LinkedIn to archive the work you have done as well as collect recommendations. Social media channels like Twitter and Instagram are also another way to elevate your influence and make others aware of the work that you do. Get in the habit of updating your social channels and online portfolio at least once a week with information that relates the the professional realm. A large part of being influential is not only about what you know, but what you do with what you know.

Reflect on purpose.

Authenticity and grit are two personality traits that take time and effort to develop, but can be difficult if you are unclear on what your personal brand and passion is. Grit is fueled by passion and without that passion, the motivation to achieve a long-term goal or work through a situation is diminished. We all haven’t found our dream job just yet, but we can do a better job of blooming where we are planted and making the best out of the circumstances we live in. It is easy to become discouraged and bitter, but make sure you are being your best self, sharing your story, and letting your personality shine. A career journal is a helpful tool to discover what you are truly passionate about and uncovering this can help you live your best life. Create a habit of reflecting at the end of each day. Being able to unpack the issues, challenges and triumphs, will help you feel better and become more clear about where you are headed and what is your purpose is. Keeping a journal and writing your thoughts down, help to make sense of it all and allow you to see what trends there are. What has been consistently making you unhappy? When have there been times where you have felt at your very best? The answers to these questions are easy if you practice daily reflection.

Creating an influential personal brand that you love and others respect is a deliberate process that happens over time. By developing these four habits, building your brand will become second nature, and you will see the positive effects in your life and career.

(via Levo | image via A Year of Productivity)


by Aquaus Kelley