Around The Web: 5 Stories You Should Care About

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The Most Popular College Degrees Earned by Millionaires

Why This Matters: So many people say they want to be millionaires, but do they ask the question “where do millionaires come from?”…and “what do they do?”  Society often teaches that college is a waste of money and isn’t for everyone, but maybe that’s not the case; maybe want-to-be-millionaires just aren’t following the blueprint of millionaires who have come before them. Time magazine outlines the most popular degrees that millionaires hold and what schools they went to. Majoring in these degree programs may not make you a millionaire, but they sure will give you a better shot at it. 

China Eases One Child Rule and Abolishes Labor Camps

Why This Matters: This article details major progress for China’s strict and uncommon human rights regulations. The brutal practice of Labor Camps, which forces prisoners, who often have had no trial or formal charges brought against them, to work in subhuman conditions has been abolished. Additionally China also eases it’s One Child Rule by allowing families with one parent who was an only child exempt from the policy; this means these select families can now bare two children. Although this isn’t a complete repeal, it brings China one step closer to reproductive freedom.

Batkid’s heroic, heartwarming, real-life Adventure

Why This Matters: This is just a great feel good story. Every time I read something like this it restores my faith in humanity. Five-year-old Miles Scott, who won his fight leukemia, is a fan of superheroes.  The Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Greater Bay Area created a great experience for the young kid which enabled him to be Batman.  With over 11,000 volunteers and on lookers, the city created scenes from Batman and allowed the child to be the hero and save the city.

Jay Z Issues Statement on Barney’s Racial Profiling Controversy, and ‘Has Agreed To Move Forward’

Why This Matters: After just about 3 weeks of investigation regarding Barney’s recent terrible racial profiling incidents, Jay Z decides to move forward on his collaboration with the company. During the process of deciding to move, he was able to negotiate one heck of a deal.  Jay Z showed that when battling with larges companies, there are different strategic options other than the common boycott, which, in these days, seems to be a less and less effective.

Renisha McBride, 19, Shot To Death On Metro Detroit Porch While Trying To Get Help

Why This Matters: It’s ridiculous that it’s come to the point that I’m reporting a story like this every week or so regarding an unarmed young black person gunned down for being viewed as a potential threat. I will keep reporting these story because I believe we have to continue to shine light on incidents like this until these stories no longer become the norm. Thankfully, in the latest update with this case, the man responsible for the shooting was charged with murder and will stand trial in the future. I’ll keep you updated.


by Sean Breeze