Why Gen Y Needs to Build Something That Lasts Forever


Living as part of Gen Y, we have been conditioned to be extravagant dreamers who embrace the mantra, “Sky’s the limit.” But with well qualified college-degree candidates struggling financially to find a job they enjoy, many young people find themselves chasing money rather than chasing their dreams. Trail blazers are one in a million because many people are terrified of what it would mean to their parents or their bank account if they pursued their passion. Gen Y needs to understand that we are here to build something that lasts forever. And building something that lasts forever can only be built if we labor in passion. If we are the most qualified and educated generation, why do we find ourselves being the least employed?

Gen Y has resources that our past generations didn’t have, with the ability to create our own jobs and path, and multiple platforms that our voices can be heard from. In order to accomplish living this legacy, Gen Y must first believe and act upon their potential. Here are some tips provide by Under30CEO on how Gen Y can build a legacy that lasts:

Focus on creating something special. Be an explorer, a great leader, and a captain of industry.
Benjamin Franklin said it best, “Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.” Turn off the TV and stop tweeting for a moment to lock in on this reality. There is a broader sense of impact we can make when we focus on creating something special. When was the last time you did something worth writing? Ask yourself this question and explore the possibilities you have to create a legacy. The revolution is not on Youtube, it is within the people.

Be your authentic self, because you can’t afford to be an empty suit.
Living as the next generation of game-changers, you’d be a fool not to have your voice heard. As Matt Wilson, Co-founder of Under30CEO advises, “Start creating, keep building, pour yourself into your writing, and do something that matters.” Money may be important, but being authentic to your skills and passions will ultimately create a better environment for you to thrive and inspire others with.

Focus energy on constant fulfillment.
The Co-founder of Under30CEO continues his argument of personal fulfillment by noting that “what you do every day when you wake up, is who you are, whether you like it or not.  If you go to a job you hate, you’re going to start to hate your life.”  Don’t bask in mediocrity when you have the ability to have self-fulfillment on a daily basis. In the words of  Notorious B.I.G., “Stay far from timid, and only make moves if your heart’s in it.” Energy is never created or destroyed, it is only transferred. Transfer your energy in creating a legacy that is worth writing.

(via Under30CEO | image via Virtual Office SNJ)


by Mary Elainne Dizon