Around the Web: 5 Stories You Should Care About

behind the hustle around the web oct 14 2013

1. How Aja Brown Is Transforming the City of Compton

Why This Matters:  Straight Out of Compton was the theme song of one of America’s most infamous urban cities. One young woman, Mayor Aja Brown, is trying to change the face Compton. She is tackling a 40 million dollar debt, is focused on improving education, believes in providing access to health-care centers (under her watch two centers have been opened and a third one is on the way), and is bringing businesses into the city. Can Aja Brown lead Compton to prosperity? You must read he remarkable story.

2. The People Vs. NFL Welfare

Why This Matters:  I love doing Around the Web because many times I get to learn great things right along with the columns readers. Before reading this article, I never knew the NFL was a non-profit organization. “Despite the fact that it’s a $9 Billion per year industry, the NFL Commissioner and Owners continue to enjoy status as a non-profit organization.” Is it time for the NFL to lose its non-profit status and pay taxes like a normal corporation?

3. Legendary Graffiti spot, 5 Pointz is coming down

Why This Matters:  A causality of gentrification you might say, the legendary 5 Pointz graffiti spot will be torn down to make way for 1,000 high rise apartments in NYC. It’s sad to see the amazing piece of spontaneous artwork destroyed, but is this cost of progress?

4. Everyone The U.S. Government Owes Money To, In One Graph

Why This Matters: We all hear about the National Debt and many of us have seen what seems to be the never-ending numbers on the US debt clock. We all hear people’s musings about ‘if we did not spend such and such money on foreign aid’ or that ‘China owns us’, but what’s really they truth? How much do we really owe and whom do we owe it to? The answer and amounts might be surprising but it’s all here in this one graph.

5. Orlando Cruz might just become the first openly gay World Champion Boxer

Why This Matters: As an avid boxing fan, while watching the weigh in for this Saturday’s Juan Manuel Marquez and Tim Bradley Pay Per-View fight I was made aware that history might be made and this history has nothing to do with the main event. In what’s now has been dubbed “The Battle of the Orlando’s”, Orlando Cruz has the chance to become the first openly gay World Champion boxer when he squares off for the vacant WBO Featherweight title against former titlist Orlando Salido.  What does a Cruz victory mean for the impressions of LBGT Athletes in such a hyper masculine sport?


by Sean Breeze