Combat College Debt With DormFunder


Each year millions of students leave their family nest bound for college. However, with the rising cost of tuition and interest rates, the excitement of attending college can be clouded by the debt that hits students, only days after they receive their diploma.

However, there is hope for coping with the expenses. Thanks to DormFunder, a video-based crowdfunding platform for students and faculty, there is now a better way to raise funds for school. Thanks to an increase in the use of technology, we can now begin to eliminate loan debt, tedious hours of scholarship essay writing, and unforeseen college expenses by using, Dormfunder. Instead of spending hours of writing scholarship essays, students or faculty can create an interesting video about themselves which will be based on the academic cause that needs to be funded. Next, they can market their campaign on the DormFunder site as well as on all social media sites.

For Atlanta-based founder Ve’Ron Hall, 22, this cause is personal. As a former student at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, Hall was forced to take a year off when his tuition and living expenses became unmanageable. That is when he came up with his own solution: DormFunder.

We spoke to Hall about launching his own platform.

What led you to exit Georgia State?

Initially, I wanted to go on a study abroad trip to Italy but I wasn’t able to go because I couldn’t afford it. To me, it was frustrating because I don’t think students should have to sacrifice a good experience because of cost. Mainly, the expenses of living in downtown Atlanta just got too high, and I wasn’t able to take out any more loans at the time which led to me deciding to take some time off.”

Did you feel like you’d failed?

I was more frustrated than anything. But I’ve always been a natural problem solver so I was immediately looking for a solution to the bigger problem, which was ‘How can students pay for school, decrease loan debt, and have fun while doing it?’ There are hundreds and thousands of students that have the same problem. If the government isn’t going to help we have to find alternative methods to pay for school that don’t lead to mountains of loan debt. DormFunder will ultimately change the way students pay for school.”

What steps did you take to get DormFunder off the ground?

I read a lot of books. I went to Barnes and Nobles almost every day reading and learning more, which is how I ran across crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is basically a group of people all giving toward one cause, and what better cause than education. I remember calling a few friends and asking what they thought of the idea. Some of them had doubts while others were hopeful, but I believed in it so I started doing more research.”

How does DormFunder work?

The first step is to identify your cause. The second step is the fun part, creating a video that promotes yourself or the cause you represent. It can be a professional video or it can be a video created off your phone. At DormFunder your video is only limited by your own creativity, and we encourage thinking outside the box. The third step is to promote your video campaign by reaching out to your family or friends and then expanding to your social media network. A campaign can currently run for 30-60 days, but in the near future we are changing it to year round.”

How have people reacted to the site?

They really like it, and they think it’s a great tool for high school students, college students, and faculty.”

Do you think DormFunder is the way of the future?

Yes, DormFunder will ultimately change the way students pay for school. Getting into college isn’t the hard part, but everyone seems to forget about the unforeseen expenses that come along with college. However at DormFunder we understand first hand that college is an expensive experience. I always ask students, why write 20 essays when you can create just 1 video and have fun doing it?”

Where does your education stand now?

“Currently, I am not in school due to the importance of my DormFunder mission. I strongly believe that school is not designed to ruin student’s lives with debt, or to bore them to death with scholarship essay writing. It’s designed to help build for a stronger future. I believe that it would be extremely selfish of me to get back into school full time right now, when I have the opportunity to help thousands of students. However, I am looking to start night classes next semester.”

For more information on DormFunder check out the site and create your campaign today: “Change the way you pay for school”


by Elizabeth A.P. Whitmore