The Journey to 10,000 Hours

You gotta remember why you’re doing this… it’s gonna hurt… you gotta keep pushin’…

We’re always moved when we find inspirational videos about normal people like you & me pushing themselves to their limits to achieve a goal. In this video series, two hard-working young ballers Kyle and Matty from the Bay Area have dreams of going to the NBA one day despite not being well recognized in the basketball world. With the help of their trainer, Devin Williams, they put themselves through the “10,000 hours” test of training and practicing basketball to become stronger and better at every level of the game.

We’re certain that after watching this video, you’ll want to go out and do better.

Watch Episode 2 right here.
Watch Episode 3 right here.
Watch Episode 3.5 (Interlude) right here.
Episode 4 coming soon.

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