Skillshare Class of the Month: Learn the Ins and Outs of Illustrator


For all you talented graphic designers, fashion designers, artists and more, Adobe Illustrator is definitely a software you need to know your way around. Everything from t-shirt graphics to font manipulation to fashion tech packs can and should be done on Illustrator. Even if you are used to Photoshop, make that transition and thank us later. To get you started, here’s a Skillshare class to teach you all you need to know about the software.

Great news everyone! No longer do you need to struggle making your artwork digital, and forego even a Skillshare course because you have no experience with Adobe Illustrator.

This course is designed to teach you all the ins and outs of Illustrator, so that you can become comfortable and efficient with the program. Whether you have never even opened Illustrator, or have but are still intimidated by the it, you are in the perfect class. With a multitude of short video tutorials, I will help you setup your project and workspace, demonstrate tool functions, and also share some incredibly helpful keyboard shortcuts and other tips that will save you hours on your project.

I am Brad Woodard of Brave the Woods, a design and illustration studio. My schooling and experience in graphic design and illustration has led me to spend quite a bit of time with Adobe Illustrator. My background in the program is rather unique in the fact that the professional work I have done using Illustrator has been vast. I worked on everything from building websites, icons/logos, patterns for textiles, information graphics, lettering, and illustrations. From doing all this I discovered uses and shortcuts for a myriad of tools, that made me quick and efficient in working on a range of different projects.

For this class you will be recreating one of your favorite print ads from history. The point of this project isn’t simply to copy another artist’s work, but rather to help you build something from the knowledge you learn in the course. I want you to focus on the tools rather than design principles, though hopefully you take something away from reconstructing great work and studying why it was successful. Over a two week course I will give you all you need to be able to come away with a finished digital piece of artwork. You will come away more confident and capable with the truly amazing program that is Adobe Illustrator. To ensure this, you have your classmates to help each other, as well as me, who will be sharing resources, answering questions, and giving feedback all along the way.

Software Requirements: Adobe Illustrator (If you don’t the program you can download a 30 day free trial here)

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