jeffstaple’s Tips For Launching Your Label


So you want to start your own design company. Whether you are on the brink of garment greatness or in search of ways to turn your small idea into a grand one, design guru jeffstaple of Staple Design is here to offer guidance on all of your clothing brand needs through his Skillshare project A Staple of Branding: How to Start Your Fashion Company, which kicks off today.

We caught up with the Staple Design founder to get his top three tips for launching a successful line and to find out what he’s looking for when choosing the three finalists for an exclusive one-on-one workshop at the Staple studio in New York.

Read his gems below:

1.    Originality

“There are a lot of clothing lines out there and a lot of brands. How are you able to bring something that is different and unique to the fold? The first way you have to do that is you have to be a student of the game. You don’t know what’s new unless you know what’s out there. If it comes from you specifically it is going to automatically be original.”

2.    Authenticity

“Be true to yourself. Just because you have surveyed the entire world of fashion and figured out that there is this one thing that no one is doing, it doesn’t mean you should do it. There might be a reason no one is doing that. If you are able to balance what you are passionately into and what is different with what’s out there, then you’ve got something. But don’t just think, ‘Oh, no one’s doing gothic cathedral leather with neon stripes.’ No one is going to buy that.”

3.    Scalability

“Does your brand have the ability to go beyond one T-shirt or six T-shirts? Can it become a collection? Can Vogue write an article about your brand and put it on the cover and make it scale? If the Barneys buyer walks in, can they make a purchase that they can represent in a store? Can different age groups and different demographics wear your brand? It’s really easy to create a hot T-shirt line that everyone is talking about for three months. But how do you do it for ten years? That intention has to start from the very beginning. Can I scale this company? Can I scale this idea?”

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