How To Find and Do Work You Love

A lot of people hate their jobs. Apparently, 80% of people hate their job. That’s a lot of people dreading going to work every day. Obviously bills have to be paid and families need to be taken care of. What about the other 20% though? They’re paying their bill and lively happily. It isn’t an unattainable life. You need to identify what that group is doing differently so you can do it yourself.

Scott Dinsmore started Live Your Legend because he wants 80% to love their jobs, if not more. Clearly, we are onboard with his endeavor. His 3 step process for you to find and do the work you love is to become a self expert, do the impossible (push your limits), and surround yourself with passionate people. Ask yourself, what is the work you can’t not do? Watch the inspirational video to learn more about how you can dictate your career path.