How To Build Your Start-Up Dream Team


Building the ideal team of players for your start-up is no easy task. We all have our particular sets of strengths and weaknesses. In an effort to alleviate potential downfalls and obstacles your ideal team must consist of players who compensate for weak links and play complementary roles in helping to increase the overall strength of your company.

Here’s how to lay the foundation for your dream team:

1. Identify talent

Learning how to discover and identify talent is a task within itself. We often connect with those who are a reflection of some part of our inner-selves. Encountering people with the consummate amount of ability, desire, and discipline to win may be difficult at times. However, they are out there. Pinpoint those with the right amount of drive, determination and will.

1. Set a goal

The ultimate purpose of a team should be to execute a plan. Some of the best examples of successful team efforts are often what seen in the movies and on television. For examples see: Avengers, Fast 6, Scandal and Oceans 11, 12, and 13. The ultimate goal essentially determines the caliber of players you may be interested in commissioning.

It is usually best to seek out those with the most expertise in their particular field. However, never underestimate the power of potential. Investing in the dreams and talents of others can result in rewarding returns three to five years down the line

3. Assign roles 

When it comes to structuring a team aimed at achieving a particular goal, it is very important that everyone clearly understands what their role is. What kind of roles should a full roster consist of?

Here are some examples:

a. The Visionary (The Leader) – Sets out the vision that is to be achieved. Although this may not always be true, this person typically tends to be the captain and leader of the team.

b. The Executor – Knows how to properly implement and execute an effective and efficient strategy. This strategy should allow the ultimate vision to come to life.

c. The Financier – Has the innate ability of knowing how to procure and manage funds. They should know where the money is and exactly what it takes to get it. Raising funds, writing grants…they have you covered.

d. The Business Savvy – Understands the framework and landscape for what it takes to make a business to thrive. This person should be familiar with how to navigate through a variety of facets regarding business. Legal knowledge is also  a necessity.

e. The Creative – Possesses an acute aesthetic sensor and technical acumen for the construction, development and perception of creativity.

f. The Techie – Excellent in the field of technology. If you ever need something fixed or insight on the latest tech trends, this is the person that you should be scheduling an appointment with.

g. The Researcher – Someone who understand the process of seeking out both old and new information. This person should have exceptional analytical skills. They should also possess the ability to collect and arrange pertinent data that can be stored away for future use.

h. The Organized Mind – Always has a method to the madness. Also helps to keep everyone on track and on time. 

i. The People Person – Great with building, maintaining and leveraging relationships. Always cordial, emotionally balanced and highly intuitive. Negotiation and persuasive skills are always a plus.

(Note: Many of these roles can be interchangeable and grouped together to consolidate job functions.)

4. Educate and encourage

Once all of the right players are in place, the best way to sustain momentum is through continued education and encouragement. People are less likely to leave a team when they play an instrumental role in its success. By continuing to raise the bar, while also preparing your team with the necessary skills and training to attain higher goals, everyone becomes a valued player. A high level of value yields great results.

Now go out there and win!

(via Harvard Business Review | image via Tech Cocktail


by Aquaus Kelley