Daily Habits of Successful People


Work harder. We have all heard that countless times from parents, teachers, employers, friends and more. Yes, hard work pays off, but what do you consider hard work? 50 hours weeks? 80 hours a week? More? Putting a number on it won’t do it. It depends how you feel at the end of the day: are you proud of what you have done today and have you accomplished everything you set out to? That’s the kind of hard work that separates successful people, and financially successful, from the rest. These people get their work done (and then some), take care of themselves (mentally & physically), and cut out the BS. Tom Corely, author of Rich Habits, has done his research and can describe what kind of habits distinguish these successful folks from the rest.

Early Risers

Corley found that rich folks often take advantage of those wee morning hours. Specifically, 44% wake up three hours before their 9-to-5 job. In those hours they focus on self improvement, reading educational material, like trade journals or industry blogs. They’ll squeeze in a workout, too, which Corley says leads to a more productive day at work.

Keep a Running List of Tasks

Once they reach their offices, the wealthy don’t waste time. Most maintain a daily to-do list and check off 70% of their tasks each day. And they’re not just obsessed with short-term plans. Seventy percent of the wealthy surveyed set long-term goals, as well.

No Long Lunches

Taking a long, leisurely lunch isn’t a wealthy habit, either.  Instead, 55% network, wheel and deal between bites.

Calorie Counting

Speaking of eating, rich folks are big calorie counters. Corley found most wealthy people limit alcoholic consumption and keep junk food snacks to just 300 calories per day, not just so that they can fit into their skinny jeans. “Wealthy people are healthy people. To wealthy people being healthy is about making more money,” says Corley.  “If they’re healthy they have fewer sick days, they’re exercising, they have more energy, they maintain health their entire lives so they can work longer careers.”

No Gossiping

Consider this before spreading the latest workplace rumors: 79% of low-income people admit to gossiping, compared with just 6% of wealthy individuals.

Limited Internet

Finally, when it’s time to punch out at the end of the day, how do you unwind? Head to the bar? Veg out in front of the TV? While most wealthy folks reported activities such as networking, volunteering and socializing, Corley found a majority of those struggling with their finances spent more than an hour on recreational Internet use, and were twice as likely to hop on Facebook every day.

(via Yahoo Finance | image via Consider This Quote)