Prevent Your Dreams From Turning Into Nightmares


There are two types of people who live in the entertainment focused city of Hollywood: the creators and the consumers. The ones who carve their dreams in Los Angeles often create more than they consume. They are up writing while others are busy turnt up. They are practicing their craft, daily. They do not have time to judge others because they are too busy focused on their lane. They realize there is no simple secret to success but that the secret is hard work. But the millenial generation wants things quickly, but are not taught the value of loving the process. Millenials see a glossy picture and think the journey is simple. But the hours spent designing, creating and collaborating are overlooked. The sacrifice is brushed over, but the result is prized.

As Tupac Shakur once advised, “Reality is fake, dreams are for real.” He had it right when he painted this poignant picture. When was the last time you created something out of love? Are you constantly painting your dream? Maybe the reasons why you feel anxious are because the grand thoughts you have are not translating to real life. If anything, brush off that anxiety because truly creative individuals translate their dreams into realities. Here are some tips inspired by Michael Lazerow’s “The Dreamer’s Dilemma” on what you need to do in order to help you dream like a winner:

1. Create something out of love. Every day. So maybe you have a 9 to 5 job, and by the end of that day you’re exhausted. There are always bills that need to be paid, but as soon as you clock out, you have no excuse not to do something you are truly passionate about. 30 minutes of writing. 30 minutes of creating a meal in the kitchen. 30 minutes of dancing. Do it out of love and learn to get in the habit of it. Setting aside 30 minutes everyday creating something out of love will make it easier to build toward larger steps.

2. Consume less, create more. Review how you spend your day. How much of that time did you use to look at social media? How much time you take to watch NetFlix? How much time were you scrolling through Instagram? Did any of that contribute to your vision? Did it teach you something? Did you progress closer to your vision? If the answer is no, learn to eliminate it from your daily routine.

3. Focus on your vision. Nothing else. Compare your reality with your vision. What do you want out of life and why don’t you have it? These are the questions you must ask yourself. You must learn to be honest with yourself. What are some simple steps you can take today that would allow you to be one step closer to that vision? Answer this question then act on it.

4. Know your competitors. Don’t let someone work harder for you for your dream. That means they want it more than you, which translates into them getting it. If you are aware of your competitors you will begin to understand that you must always be busy.

5. Create your own platform. If you are a writer, have your own blog. If you are an aspiring fashion designer, showcase your photo shoots on your own website and have an Etsy store. Important: Remember to build your content daily. How will people know you’re talented if you don’t showcase it?

If no one’s told you today, I’m telling you now – you are built for greatness. Mediocrity doesn’t fit your dynamic spirit. Let the disparity between your dream and reality inspire you to elevate, to create, and to learn to fall in love with the process. There is still so much more to go. You can afford to live passionately.

(image via Michele Knight)


by Mary Elainne Dizon