Skillshare Class Of The Month: Shoot’n’Style


Photographer Tasha Bleu, is the budding force behind a newly emerging, innovative imagery experience. Founded in January 2010 by Tasha Bleu, Treu Bleu Imagery is an up-and-coming contemporary photography service with a focus on producing pictorial excellence.

Fashion lookbooks are vital for clothing designers to showcase their new creations on a seasonal basis.  This group of images displays the fit and material composition of styles as well as the story of the collection, which are essential elements for retail buyers and consumers alike.

After working with countless companies including Reebok, Hypebeast, and Milkcrate Athletics, I have learned first hand the importance of a lookbook and compelling fashion photographs.  Drawing upon this experience, I have designed this class to give you a better understanding of what it takes to set up and execute an effective lookbook.

This class is for anyone interested in the business and presentation side of the fashion industry, from brand owners to photographers, stylists to bloggers, and everything in between.

In this project-based class, you will be creating lookbooks of your own, either for a personal endeavor or your favorite brand.  This is not a technical photography class; in other words, I am not teaching you how to use your camera!  We will go through the process of shooting an effective lookbook for a clothing designer, which includes:

gathering information + creating an inspiration board preparing the clothing + shooting schedule shot checklist + shooting the lookbook making selections + submitting the lookbook

Regardless of what environment you shoot in, you must aim to create effective, impressionable, structured and timeless imagery.

On top of completing your own lookbook, once you go through this class you will have learned more about product placement, structure and effectiveness. You will leave with a better eye when studying other lookbooks and reviewing your own work.

I’m looking forward to seeing what all of you can bring to the table!

Again, this class is not about the technical side of photography; it’s not the camera, it’s the vision.

Ask as many questions as possible! DON’T MISS OUT!

Class starts on June 15th. Enroll now for $15.