Share To Make Ideas Happen

How many times have you told yourself you were going to do something and ended up not doing it? Next time, write it down. Better yet, tell someone. Don’t you think you would be more likely to follow through if you told someone what you wanted to do?  You could get some feedback and possibly a partner to help you out. Most importantly, you are now accountable for making your idea happen because someone else knows and likely wants for you to do it. Here are some things to note:

Share your ideas liberally. The benefits from accountability and feedback outweigh the risk that someone steals your idea! Many productive creative professionals and entrepreneurs claim that they become more committed to their ideas after telling people about them! The fact is that great ideas are plentiful, and very few people have the discipline and resources to make them happen. When you feel accountable to others, you are more likely to stay focused.

Broadcast your idea to generate valuable feedback. Great ideas don’t develop in isolation. You can become drunk on your own kool-aid without any candid feedback from others. A critical component of pushing ideas forward is gathering feedback to refine the idea.

Engage a few “partners” in every project. The more people you work with, the more pressure you will feel to provide further updates (and have some progress to report)! Why do publishers insist on offering advances to authors even when the author prefers to put off the advance in favor of a more lenient time schedule? The importance of deadlines has been a common theme across Behance’s profiles of creative professionals. It is no surprise that novels are less likely to end up in a drawer, half-written, when there is an advance cashed and a deadline looming. Use other people and externally-generated deadlines as a way to boost your accountability!

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