Learn Anything From Anyone, Anywhere With Skillshare

When you aren’t in school anymore, you don’t readily have the opportunity to sit, watch, learn and absorb knowledge. TED talks are probably the closest thing we have to a classroom lecture but those are more inspirational and mind-opening videos. When you are pursuing your dream career, a career that utilizes your key skills and interests, you are absorbing and applying what you directly learn on the job and/or from your mentor. However, some folks don’t have that opportunity yet. Some folks have that opportunity but still want to learn more. Why not have an easily accessible classroom for these people that want to learn something?

Taught by individuals who want to share their knowledge in-person and online, Skillshare gives you the opportunity to learn everything from knitting to bartending to project management. Classes range from around $10 to upwards of $60 (the highest we saw), but most one-time classes seem to be under $20. There are some classes that are even multi-class and week. Skillshare provides you with an place where you can develop a new skill set or better the ones you already have.

It’s free to browse classes, class descriptions, teacher reviews and student testimonials so why not just give it a look. Maybe you have some knowledge you want to drop of your own. It’s even free to post a class, share it and teach it. You can even make a few bucks off of it.

The future belongs to the curious. That’s you. Skillshare caters to that curiosity. Here is their manifesto:

At Skillshare, we are on a mission to reawaken the slumbering curiosity and that rampant drive in everyone. To act as an enticing reminder that we are all natural-born learners and teachers — from day one to twenty thousand and one. We want to push everyone to discover their passions and be brave enough to chase them. Skillshare exists to make everyone the greatest possible version of themselves.

Our vision is to democratize learning by empowering teaching. To build a world where you can learn anything from anyone. Powered by an endless cycle of learning and sharing passions. We will turn every community into a campus. Every address into a classroom. And every inhabitant into a student and teacher. Skillshare is for the doers, not the academics or the theorists.

We are building the new world of education. From now on, there will be no passion left undiscovered, no personal potential left unfulfilled and no skill left unshared. In short, we’re here to change the world by increasing the global passion index.

The future belongs to the curious. The ones who are not afraid to try it, explore it, poke at it, question it and turn it inside out.