Tips From Sneaker YouTubers For Successful Videos

behind the swoosh-2

YouTube allowed the average individual to make a name for him or herself. Someone could play a cover of a song, do a funny bit or provide make-up tutorials. Some are obviously better than others, and this can be seen by the number of video views and subscribers they have. Certain YouTubers even make a living off of their video.

Another niche in the YouTube world is product reviews, specifically for our purposes and interests, sneaker reviews. On our most recent career panel, Behind The Swoosh, we had, along with Jason Markk, two sneaker review YouTubers on the stage: Jacques Slade and Franalations. It was interesting to hear about how they got into it and started it all. We were inspired by and learned from them that day. They’ve both had their successes with their video reviews and built their own fan bases and they want to share some words of advice for those who have a desire to make sneaker review videos as well:

Jacques says: “Be who you are. Not everyone has a huge sneaker collection, so don’t worry about not having what everyone else has. Fronting like you have a huge collection will only get you caught up and have people see through you. You don’t have to know everything about a sneaker, but you should at least know more than what the box reads. With site like SneakerNews, KicksOnFire, Sole Collector, and others, you have plenty of access to information about sneakers. Research so when you are talking about the sneaker you can say more than “Its Dope”.

Franalations says: “Things I feel make my sneaker page stand out – first I knew my page needed a logo, so I hit up none other then @dsicle to go in and create that for me. Another key thing is posting video that don’t just have to do with sneaker. Now these type of videos come in many forms. Whether it’s a vlog of my day, or a new video game/comic book pick up. I try to switch it up every now and then. At the same time I make sure the videos are true to me. I would post something that didn’t really matter to me or that I don’t care about. Lastly even though I do read almost all the comments… It’s not like I can reply to everyone, but I do try to respond every chance I get. Doesn’t matter to me if it’s a rude comment or someone who’s support me since day one. I feel if my viewers make the time to watch a five minute video, the least I can do is respond to a quick question.”

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