Cool Offices: Grind

Don’t have an office to work out of? Tired of going to the nearest Starbucks and hopefully finding a seat to work uncomfortably from all day? We have been there too, don’t worry. Well, Grind in New York wants to change all that for you by providing a collaborative space with wi-fi, plenty of plugs, premium coffee, and an aura that just seems to fuel creativity. Could you ask for more? Regardless of your answer, they got more. They are providing a new way of working.

The 2nd floor of 419 Park Ave South has everything you could ask for in a working environment. There are large tables to share with others, couches for lounging and those laptop on lap users, and even a cafe area for those casual meetings or for enjoying your coffee away from your laptop. Find a seat but move around as much as you need. No need to check in with a receptionist either because once your laptop recognizes the wi-fi network, you are logged in. Now your membership card is activated which can do a handful of tricks, including opening up your locker with merely the wave of your card.

You even have a choice with the coffee which is provided by the connoisseurs at Intellgentsia Coffee. Grab a mug and fill up from the pre-brew, or follow instructions on how to single brew your coffee fresh from whole beans. Conversation with others is inevitable since the coffee beans change daily and the single brew may become a team effort.

You can even rent 1 of 2 private rooms by the hour for presentations, meetings or even just some alone time. It is fully equipped with a screen, cords and all your presentation needs.

One of the coolest parts of the space is the digital gallery created by one of the space collaborators, Breakfast. Work is curated by Grind members. Members upload their work to the online database which is pulled from randomly to be displayed on one of the digital canvas. If you like a piece, you can physically like it by pressing a button and informing your fellow Grindist. If you really like a piece, you can press a button to print a small version for yourself that includes all the artist’s information. With the wave of your card, you can have you portfolio instantly displayed in all the frames to easily show off to friends and clients.

Cool, huh? We got to work out of the space for the day and we loved it. Grind promotes collaborative work and efforts, as you can see with the space lay out and descriptions. Very few individuals sit and wear headphones while they are there. People do great work together.

If you are in New York, you can use the space as daily or monthly member which both include all space amenities. If you aren’t in New York, Grind is growing so look out for a space to come to a city near you. We could use on in LA immediately.

(photos by don kang)