The HR Department: Morgan Missen of Foursquare

Morgan Missen is the Head of Talent at Foursquare. Morgan has plenty of responsibilities which include hiring the proper talent and making sure all the employees are happy to be working at the Foursquare. How could they not be though, right? With the new office in San Francisco, Morgan has helped develop a close knit group of talent that hang out together and works arduously to help make Foursquare the best service out there by making the world easier to use.

Having received and gone through countless cover letters and resumes, Morgan knows the do’s and don’ts when not only applying to Foursquare, but any job. She tends to see a trend with the applicants that aren’t considered for hire. They use overly formal and professional verbiage, meaning they probably right-clicked and found a synonym that sounds more intelligent for every word. There are also issues with how resumes are formatted, presented, organized, etc. Either they looked at the wrong resources or didn’t look at any resources at all.

When turning in your resume or even just reaching out to a company, you need to seek resources that help you. That’s what Morgan is here to help you do. She recommends the following:

  • Convey value in a cold email
  • Be highly conducive
  • Be authentic
  • Have them picture you at their company
  • Follow up with emails
  • Stay updated and relevant

Make sure to keep all this in mind the next time you apply for a position at your dream company. Let us know how it goes. Also, don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions and need help. That’s what we’re here for.