Health & The Hustle: Antonio Key & Mila Becker

In addition to keen business strategies and strong track records of success, one of the most important tools of entrepreneurial success is energy. Just ask LA-professionals Antonio Key and Mila Becker.

As the co-founder of a boutique digital marketing and design company, Antonio logs countless hours formulating social media strategies for the music, film, fashion and sports industries.

Mila is a freelance publicist and marketing strategist who is constantly builds campaigns to expose and expand the brands she works for like The Beer Chicks, Teleflora, and home furnishing store HD Buttercup.

Both Mila and Antonio know that maintaining their energy and tenacity are the keys to securing the next major deal and delivering successfully. Here is the inside scoop to their respective workout and healthy lifestyle regimens.

Crank up your iPod and get moving.

Antonio Key- Founder of (LinkedIn @AntonioKey)

What do you do every week to stay healthy?

Crossfit, Yoga, Bike, Jog

Do you take any supplements or vitamins that you swear by?

Carlson Fish Oil

As a busy entrepreneur, how do you keep up your energy throughout long days and nights?

Eating clean (no processed foods, lean meats, veggies, and fruits) really helps with energy & mood, but it is hard to maintain because of the time it takes to cook and eat all my food.  My go-to energy source is coffee, coffee, and more coffee. LOL.  Grind your own beans & use a French press pot.


Mila Becker- freelance marketing and public relations expert (LinkedIn)

What do you do every week to stay healthy?

I love the stairs in Santa Monica: great cardio, fresh air, a wonderful view of ocean and occasionally some hot fire fighters as well.

Do you take any supplements or vitamins that you swear by?

A friend turned me on to Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega as a source of Omega 3 with DHA and EPA. All the advantages of fish oil without the aftertaste. They flavor theirs with natural lemon.

As a busy workingwoman and mom-to-be, how do you keep your energy high during long days of endless meetings?

Abolish the heavy lunches. I keep myself going with ice teas and protein snacks. Starting the day with a breakfast meeting ensures I will get the day started right.

(Photo Credit: Antonio Key, Mila Becker)