Relax And Focus To Do Your Best Work

When do you produce your best work? When you are alert and passionate about what you are doing. However, stresses are inevitable which affect your focus and ability to produce what you need to. So when you need to get stuff done, make sure you are relaxed. Daily motivator, Ralph Marston talks about how relaxation and focus are teammates:

Focus intently on whatever you’re doing, but not in a way that makes you uptight. Keep yourself relaxed about what you’re doing, but not in a way that makes you careless.

Staying focused and staying relaxed do not have to oppose each other. In fact, they work extremely well together.

You can pay very close attention to what you do, while at the same time not letting it get you all wound up. You can truly relax and enjoy the task while also giving your very best to it.

Don’t think of being focused and highly effective as being something you must fight and strive to attain. Think of it as an extremely fulfilling, natural state, because that’s precisely what it is.

Give yourself permission to enjoy and to relax into a powerful, authentic focus. Feel how great it feels to calmly perform at your highest level.

Choose to stay highly focused and peacefully relaxed. And enjoy the experience of being your very best.

— Ralph Marston

(image via Life Hack)