Sketch On Your iPad With Paper

A pen and Moleskine are part of a creative’s essential tool set. Always inside his or her backpack or back pocket, they are there when taking notes from a meeting, jotting down random thoughts, sketching out ideas, fleshing out some inspiration and more. However, once the notebook is full, onto the next one. What if you want to separate types of ideas into different notebooks? You don’t want to carry around 5 notebooks. Paper by FiftyThree lets you hold all your different ideas and notebooks in one place, your iPad.

Paper lets you easily create and customize “notebooks” for each of your ideas. You can flip through the pages of each, add pages and delete pages. The free app comes with a palate of colors and the Draw function which mimics a fountain pen so you can make thin or thick lines depending on your movements. You can add some more “pens” or tools to app for $1.99 for each. Depending on your needs, get one or all of the tools. You can purchase

  • Sketch which mimics a soft lead pencil
  • Outline which mimics a bold marker
  • Write which mimics an ink pen
  • Color  which mimics a watercolor brush

Slipped up or changed your mind? Instead of erasing, you can simply use the rewind function. If you love a particular page of a notebook, you can instantly share it with your friends and fans via Twitter, Facebook and/or Tumblr. What more could you ask for? Now download the app and get your ideas out. Make sure to share them with us!