Quiet The Lizard Brain & Finish

You don’t need to be more creative, you are plenty creative. You just need to quiet the instinct that prevents you from finishing. That voice inside your head that you need to make some last minute changes right before the deadline of a project. You make those changes and now you feel like you need to make some more and now it’s time to turn it in. You end up turning in something with partial changes or maybe even turn it in late.

This resistance gets worse and worse as we get closer to having to finish. Force yourself to make all the foreseeable changes in the beginning. Once you pass that initial thrashing-of-your-project stage, just worry about finishing. You’re talented and competent  so don’t hastily make those last minute changes. It’s not about starting, it’s about finishing. Sure, an on-going project will continue to evolve and change, but make sure to be overly critical and doubtful at the beginning of each stage, not the end.

Check out this talk in which Seth Godin tells us that successful people got to where they are because they quieted their “lizard brains”: