Diary Of An Intern: Nate of Hall of Fame

Over the summer we created a social media and lifestyle marketing internship for Hall of Fame to find an intern. After going through the resume and interview processes, we would like to introduce Nate Estrada. A journalism major student with an interest in streetwear, Nate is motivated to do the necessary work to learn and grow. He will be doing an update of his internship every two weeks, so we can not hear only about what it’s like to intern with the guys at Hall of Fame, but to follow the from the start of his journey.

I’m Nate Estrada, 21 years old and simply an average college student. I’m currently not working right now but earlier this year I was open to any opportunity that can help my resume build. With a suggestion from a friend to compete for the intern program from Behind the Hustle, I’ve ended up with Hall of Fame clothing brand company. I realized, if I’m not working this summer then I had to do something productive. That’s when I figured, resume buildup. After learning I got the internship, things were even better because I knew I was going to be around this streetwear culture atmosphere around me, which I’ve always been a fan and consumer of.

Interning at Hall of Fame, I feel I’ll learn a new world in this clothing industry, or at least the fun aspect of it. Meeting the team, other business partners or of the LA community, learn how to maintain a business and keep it pushing, and most important how to be creative. Something I feel I need to around by, creativity, that’ll keep me motivated with my writing skill and style and in general something I need on a daily basis.

Short term goals here: develop a cool relationship with the team, learn something new every day, and to keep up with writing for the blog. Long term goals: Help bring in a larger audience/fan base to the brand with social media or in any way possible, and for me to keep developing and creative mindset with writing for the brand or whatever comes along day to day.