Cool Companies: Team Epiphany

Ideate. Execute. Amplify. These are the tenets in which NYC-based influencer marketing and communications agency Team Epiphany is built upon. On a daily basis, the team executes innovative and effective strategies for Fortune 500 brands such as Timberland, Heineken, Hennessy, Moët & Chandon and Universal Music Group. Not only does their client roster speak for itself, but they have received acclaim from industry peers for their award winning work and remain a consistent presence on the Inc 500|5000.

Team Epiphany recently moved offices, to accommodate their ever-growing team of young talent. The office atmosphere is productive but comfortable. The team works in an open space so that everyone can easily communicate with each other. We recently got to stop by their office and sit down with a few team members to ask them what it is like to be a part of the team.

Coltrane Curtis, Team Epiphany Founder & Capo

Coltrane and his team believe in an undying work ethic, and trust each other to carry their own responsibilities as well as to lend a hand to a teammate without question. The atmosphere in the office and the interaction between everyone is what makes merely coming to work his favorite part of the job. He strives to give every employee the opportunities they deserve to succeed by allowing them to utilize their skill sets and by providing them with whatever they need to complete a task. Coltrane strives to give his employees work that inspires them.

Jarrett Cobbs, Director of Strategy

In the past 6 years, Jarrett has seen Team Epiphany expand and has witnessed each employee grow as an individual. The office is one big family and the agency benefits from what every team member brings to the table. At Team Epiphany, Jarrett uses his focus to build bridges; he takes credible trends from the streets and, with that influence, creates something palpable for the brands on their client roster. He works hard to ensure that his clients are given options that accomplish the goal at hand. Jarrett has been a leading force in the growth of Team Epiphany and will continue to be.

Jan Dizdarevic, Head of Timberland Account

Jan is a problem solver. His focus is in engaging the influencer in a way that meets the client’s needs. Jan commutes from Long Island into Manhattan every day for work –  a journey well worth taking. The team is well balanced with varied, valuable skill sets. Jan feels fortunate to have a team that provides the support needed to regularly exceed client expectations.

Jane Kim, Digital PR Manager

Jane gets to do what she loves. She came from a corporate setting to Team Epiphany a year ago.  As part of the team, now her hobbies and passions have become her work. She gets to work with cool clients while building relationships and connecting bloggers with big brands. Everyone in the office is both empowered and empowering. She and everyone else “work like they are fighting for their lives. ” While the stress at work is good stress, she would still like each day to have a few more hours in it.