Make The Most Of Your iPad 2 With The Keyboard Case

If you are gonna have a case for you iPad 2, why not have one that serves more purpose? A purpose that helps utilize your tablet to it’s full potential. Get the Keyboard Case. You know exactly what you are getting with that name. Here are some reasons why this case is awesome:

  • + Made of aircraft grade aluminum
  • + Military grade high-density padding for superior drop protection
  • + It only adds about 1/8″ to the iPad 2
  • + Embedded wireless Bluetooth physical keyboard
  • + Holds iPad 2 securely in either profile or landscape orientation
  • + Special function keys for music control, volume control, slideshow, home, search, etc.
  • + Removing your iPad 2 from the case wakes it up like when using a smart cover

Now you can pretty much use your iPad 2 as your on-the-go laptop. Write up some emails, type up a proposal, connect with clients on Twitter, etc. For 100 bucks, you just might have to get it. You can get yours here.

Now listen to this guy, who is a possible robot, show you the Keyboard Case in action.